Icy Veins Podcast #10 - There's Still Hope

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Icy Veins Podcast

In this episode:

  • [00:03] Hearthstone: balance changes, ranked play changes, year of the Mammoth pack
  • [00:13] WoW: BfA pre purchase and alpha details, player dings 60 killing boars
  • [00:23] Overwatch: Year of the Dog CTF and skins, PTR balance changes
  • [00:29] Diablo: season 13 details and Haedrig's Gift
  • [00:35] Heroes: Maiev available, brawl, opening moves series complete
  • [00:39] StarCraft 2: live on Icy Veins!
  • [00:43] General: Activision Blizzard earnings, Icy Veins recruiting writers, WarCraft III remastered?

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