Icy Veins Podcast #9 - esports... esports everywhere!

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Icy Veins Podcast

In this episode:

  • [00:03] Hearthstone: HCT World Championship, Tavern Brawl: Hall of Champions
  • Matches to watch:
    • Surrender vs Shtan Udachi QuarterFinal Game 4
    • All of Sintolo vs Fr0zen Quarterfinal
  • [00:15] WoW: Legion epilogue, world scaling and Recruit-a-friend XP, Uuna
  • [00:26] Overwatch: Overwatch League begins!, new items in regular loot boxes
  • Matches to watch:
    • LA Valiants vs London Spitfire from January 21st
  • [00:38] Heroes: Opening Moves series, meta tier list, Heroes of the Dorm 2018
  • [00:45] Diablo: Druid class rumors, Bone Ringer bug fixed
  • [00:50] General: StarCraft 2 section (almost) live on Icy Veins!

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