TBC Classic Demonology Warlock Spec, Builds, and Talents

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On this page, you will find out the best PvE talent choices and builds for your Demonology Warlock in TBC Classic.



Warlocks are exceptionally strong in PvE, arguably the best damage in the game. A big change in TBC is the debuff slots have been raised to 40, leaving Warlocks able to use more of their toolkit to add to their already massive damage. Warlocks still have to keep 100% uptime on their Curses, however with Curse of Shadows being removed and baked into Curse of the Elements IconCurse of the Elements, another Warlock is now able to Curse of Doom IconCurse of Doom or Curse of Agony IconCurse of Agony depending on the situation. Warlocks throughout TBC will be dominant in the raiding scene and just get stronger as the expansion goes on, and not just because of the massive damage from these builds, but also the fact that we truly have multiple viable options for builds.


Demonology Warlock Talent Builds

Many Warlocks are very excited about our new demon, Summon Felguard IconSummon Felguard. The Felguard is a very strong demon that can help carry you early game while your stats are still on the lower end and, as you get better gear, your Felguard will also get stronger.

Demonology gets a huge buff in TBC in the way of demons now scaling with the Warlock's stats. For every 1 Spell Power you gain, your demon will gain 0.57 Attack Power and 0.3 Spell Power. Your demon also gains 0.3 Intellect per 1 Intellect you gain and 0.3 Stamina per 1 Stamina you gain. This creates a circular loop with the Demonic Knowledge IconDemonic Knowledge talent. For example, you gaining 10 Stamina gives your pet 3 Stamina. You then get 12% of the Stamina your pet gains as Spell Power ( 0.36 Spell Power.) After that, your pet then gains 0.36 * 0.57 = 0.205 AP or 0.36 * .3 = 0.108 Spell power, making your Felguard quite literally grow stronger with you.

Side Note: An item called Black Book from Classic is a big power spike with this build, allowing you to use it to buff your Felguard up even more and then swap to another trinket before the boss encounter begins. You can mix that up with some Strength and Agility scrolls on your demon.


Felguard Build

This is the only Summon Felguard IconSummon Felguard build that you will need to run in TBC. The new additions to the Demonology tree allow for not only your Felguard to do maximum damage, but new talents like Demonic Knowledge IconDemonic Knowledge, Demonic Tactics IconDemonic Tactics, and the 2% damage increase buff from Soul Link IconSoul Link, bringing it to a 5% damage increase for both you and your Felguard, give you even more damage on your abilities as well.

The one point in Mana Feed IconMana Feed allows for your Felguard to virtually never run out of Mana because everytime you Life Tap IconLife Tap, he will also get Mana back. The single point in Affliction is in Improved Corruption IconImproved Corruption, giving you a slightly faster cast time on your Corruption IconCorruption, while still matching the global cooldown. Some Warlocks choose to put two points into this talent and that is okay as well, however we suggest only one, leaving you that extra point to put into Intensity IconIntensity to help with pushback.

The points into Destruction are just as important, with Improved Shadow Bolt IconImproved Shadow Bolt, Bane IconBane, and Devastation IconDevastation allowing for not only faster Shadow Bolt IconShadow Bolts, but harder hitting ones.



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