TBC Classic Demonology Warlock Stat Priority

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On this page, you will find out the optimal PvE stat priority for your Demonology Warlock in TBC Classic. We first present the stat priority, before delving into more complex explanations.


Stat Priority for Demonology Warlocks

TBC removes % based effects on gear for Hit and Crit and instead uses a system of rating, so a certain amount of rating grants 1%. Any classic gear that had a % amount instead receives an amount of rating that gives that % at 60.

The stat priority for Demonology Warlocks is as follows:

  1. Spell Hit
  2. Spell Haste
  3. Spell Power
  4. Spell Crit
  5. Intellect
  6. Stamina
  7. Spirit

Stat Breakdown and Equivalency Values for Demonology Warlocks

While reaching Spell Hit cap is the most efficient way to increase your DPS, it is important to understand how to make gearing decisions. When making gearing decisions, you should use what is typically referred to as a Spell Power Equivalency Value. These equivalency values vary depending on spec and can change as your gear progresses. Below will be spell power equivalence values using T4/T5 gear.


Felguard Build

This information assumes that there are 3 Demonlogy Warlocks and 1 Affliction Warlock not in the caster group.

  • 1 Spell Power= .784 DPS
  • 1 Crit Rating = .596 Spell Power
  • 1 Hit Rating = 1.596 Spell Power (until cap)
  • 1 Intellect = .220 Spell Power
  • 1 Stamina = .058 Spell Power
  • 1 Spirit = .094 Spell Power (only if you have IDS, otherwise 0)
  • 1 Haste Rating = 1.362 Spell Power

Equivalence System Example

The example below uses the system for Destruction Warlock, simply as an example for you to follow, assuming that you are currently not hit-capped in this situation.

Ring 1: Ring of Recurrence Icon Ring of Recurrence

  • 15 Intellect
  • 15 Stamina
  • 32 Spell Power
  • 19 Crit Rating

Equivalence Value(EV): 32 + 15 * intellect value + 15 * stamina value + 19 * crit rating value = 52.67 EV

Ring 2: Band of Crimson Fury Icon Band of Crimson Fury

  • 22 Stamina
  • 22 Intellect
  • 28 Spell Power
  • 16 Hit Rating

Equivalence Value: 28 + 22 * intellect value + 22 * stamina value + 16 * hit rating value= 65.03 EV

From this, you can see the Band of Crimson Fury Icon Band of Crimson Fury is superior to the Ring of Recurrence Icon Ring of Recurrence IF you need the Spell Hit from Band of Crimson Fury Icon Band of Crimson Fury. This means that the 16 Hit rating does not put you over the 202 Hit rating cap. If it does, simply find the amount it puts you over hit cap and subtract it from the rings Hit rating value to come up with an ‘effective hit rating’ value for the ring.



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