Fire Mage Level 58 Boost Guide

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This guide was designed to help new and returning Fire Mages with getting up to speed on how their class plays at Level 58 with the TBC talents and spells.

It is also an excellent first-read for players using the new TBCC Dark Portal Boost!



The character boost offered by Blizzard allows you to boost one class of your choice to level 58. If you have never played that class before, it can be very hard to find your place in this new environment.

Therefore this guide will help you, covering the basics of playing Fire Mage.


Fire Mage Talents for Level 58 Boosts

Fire Mages rightfully have the nickname "Glass Cannons". Their Fire damage is probably the highest that you can get for leveling, however you lack the defensive and controlling capabilities Frost spec would offer. As special damage tools, the Fire talent tree offers some very strong and versatile abilities and spells, such as Pyroblast IconPyroblast, Blast Wave IconBlast Wave, Ignite IconIgnite, Dragon's Breath IconDragon's Breath, Combustion IconCombustion, and Molten Fury IconMolten Fury.

You will learn more about these spells and talents below in the abilities section.

As you level up, you will get more talent points, which you can spend into the Arcane talent tree for the Arcane Subtlety IconArcane Subtlety, Arcane Focus IconArcane Focus (only 3 points in here), and Arcane Concentration IconArcane Concentration (5 points) talents.



You may open on mobs with Pyroblast IconPyroblast and then cast Fireball IconFireball until the mob is dead, because Pyroblast leaves a nice DoT on the enemy. However, you can also just Fireball. If a mob runs close to you, you can either finish it off with Scorch IconScorch or Fire Blast IconFire Blast, depending on its health. If the health is too high to finish it off with Scorch/Fire Blast, you can also use a Frost Nova IconFrost Nova when the mob is close to you and finish it with Fireball.

Blast Wave IconBlast Wave and Dragon's Breath IconDragon's Breath can also be used to delay enemies from reaching you, and greatly damage them as well. You can learn more about all important Fire Mage spells in the section below.

Use Combustion IconCombustion whenever available and apply 5 stacks of the Scorch IconScorch debuff on mobs that last long enough for you to cast two or more Fireball IconFireballs on them after that.



  • Arcane Intellect IconArcane Intellect is a buff that increases your Intellect. It is generally considered useful, because Intellect increases your chance to score a critical strike and you will gain more Mana and Mana regeneration.
  • Arcane Brilliance IconArcane Brilliance does the same as Arcane Intellect IconArcane Intellect, but for the whole group you are in. This requires Arcane Powder Icon Arcane Powder to be cast, which you can buy from reagent vendors.


If your are fighting enemies on your own level or one level above you, the best offensive stats are

  1. Spell Damage and Healing
  2. Spell Critical Strike Rating
  3. Spell Haste Rating
  4. Spell Hit Rating*

* you want to have 13% Hit Chance from gear for mobs 3 levels higher than you for your Fire spells (so that, with the 3% you get from your tree, you will have the full 16% required). You can see exactly what your Hit Chance is in your character window by pressing "C" in game and looking in the "Spells" section. While leveling, Hit Rating is basically not very relevant; for bosses you want to be hit capped.

While leveling, the following stats are also useful, especially for Mana regeneration:

  1. Spirit
  2. Mana per 5
  3. Intellect
  4. Stamina

However, you do not aim to stack these for leveling, as you want to stack offensive stats.


Important Abilities

If you are new to playing Mage, here is a list of core abilities and how to use them.


Offensive Abilities

  • Fireball IconFireball is your main nuke spell versus one target.
  • Scorch IconScorch is a bit Mana-friendlier than Fireball, but it also deals slightly less damage. If a mob lives long enough to withstand 3 or more Fireballs, you make use of the Improved Scorch IconImproved Scorch talent, which will put a debuff on the target that increases Fire damage taken by 3% per stack, stacking up to 5 times for a total of 15% more Fire damage taken. This gets better the more Fire Mages are on your target. Scorch is also often used as a finisher in conjunction with Fire Blast IconFire Blast, which is your instant cast Fire spell. You can also use this while moving.
  • Pyroblast IconPyroblast should only be used for pulling mobs. It leaves a DoT on the enemy target, which makes it more Mana-efficient damage than other spells.
  • Blast Wave IconBlast Wave is your first Fire AoE spell from a talent. It slows enemies for 6 seconds and does very high AoE damage.
  • Dragon's Breath IconDragon's Breath is your second Fire AoE spell from a talent. It is, just as Cone of Cold IconCone of Cold, a frontal cone which disorients enemies hit until attacked or for 3 seconds. This also does good damage, however it can be dangerous because you need to be close to hit mobs and they may hit you.
  • Combustion IconCombustion is one of Fire's greatest burst tools. If you activate it, each time you do NOT crit with spells, your Critical Strike Chance gets increased by 10%, up to a maximum of 100% crit. This buff lasts until you have scored three critical strikes. Used right, this can melt enemies down and make hard fights trivial.
  • Ignite IconIgnite is what makes the critical strikes of Fire spells very good. After a critical strike, it puts a DoT on the enemy target and the enemy target will burn for 40% of the damage of the spell that caused it, resulting in your Fire spells not doing 200% damage, but 210%. Consecutive critical strikes, for example a Fireball crit followed by a Fire Blast crit, will increase the ignite tick damage.
  • Molten Fury IconMolten Fury makes you deal 20% more damage to enemies which are on 20% health. Knowing this, you can use more Mana-efficient finishers like Scorch on enemies below 20% health while leveling, farming. On mobs with very high health, such as bosses, you use Fireball for the 20% phase together with all your other cooldowns, such as trinket effects.
  • Flamestrike IconFlamestrike is the Fire AoE spell every Mage can cast. It does direct damage to enemies in an area and leaves a DoT on the ground that burns enemies as well.
  • Frostbolt IconFrostbolt is used when you are locked out from the Fire spell school, which means when a mob silenced or interrupted your Fire cast. Rank 1 of Frostbolt can also be used, if you want to slow an enemy to avoid it reaching you.
  • Frost Nova IconFrost Nova can be used to freeze your enemies in place for 8 seconds. Use rank 1 of this ability, as it does the same as the higher ranks, but costs more Mana.
  • Ice Lance IconIce Lance is a spell you will learn at level 66. Ice Lance can also be used while moving and does more damage to targets frozen by Frost Nova, so you can Frost Nova a low health enemy and Ice Lance it to finish it off.
  • Cone of Cold IconCone of Cold is your a Frost AoE spell and it will deal damage to all mobs in a cone in front of you like Dragon's Breath IconDragon's Breath and slow them for 8 seconds.
  • Blizzard IconBlizzard is another Frost AoE damage spell. It does the least damage and should generally be avoided as a Fire Mage.
  • Arcane Explosion IconArcane Explosion is a very good AoE damage spell. If you choose the two talent points in Arcane Subtlety in the Arcane talent tree, it does less threat and you can cast it safer without having to worry about pulling aggro from a tank in dungeons.
  • Arcane Missiles IconArcane Missiles serves the same purpose as Frostbolt, but it is a channeled spell of the Arcane school.
  • Spellsteal IconSpellsteal can be learned on your way to level 70 and steals one magical buff from enemies with magical buffs. These buffs can be very good or very bad, you have to steal it and read the tooltip of the buff in your buff bar. There are only a few buffs worth being stolen.
  • Mage Armor IconMage Armor is your preferred armor before the Burning Crusade launches. It allows 30% of your Mana regeneration to continue while you are casting. That does not sound like much, but is pretty decent over a long time.
  • Molten Armor IconMolten Armor is introduced while leveling in TBC and adds 3% crit chance to your abilities. If mobs hit you, they will get damaged slightly as well.

Defensive Abilities

  • Frost Nova IconFrost Nova can also be used defensively if you want to get away from enemy mobs. You typically Frost Nova them and Blink IconBlink 20 yards away from enemies. However, Blink can also be used to move faster or to move towards enemies.
  • Slow IconSlow is a good choice if you need to delay somebody from reaching you while waiting for a Frost Nova IconFrost Nova cooldown. Another good use of this spell is to flee from enemies. Slow them and run!
  • Mana Shield IconMana Shield also absorbs incoming damage, but drains Mana per damage absorbed.
  • Polymorph IconPolymorph can be used to turn Critters, Beasts, and Humanoids into sheep, causing them to wander around for 50 seconds. Be aware that these mobs might not be sheeped for the full 50 seconds, as it can break at any time, with a higher chance towards the end of the duration.
  • Counterspell IconCounterspell will interrupt enemies casting spells either on you or your friends. You can use a macro with "/stopcasting" followed by "/cast Counterspell" (on a new line) to stop your current cast and instantly interrupt enemy casts.
  • Ice Block IconIce Block will freeze you in a block of ice and make you immune to almost all damage in the game. Furthermore, it removes almost all negative effects, also called debuffs, on you. Be aware that Priests in TBC can dispel your Ice Block with their Mass Dispel IconMass Dispel ability.
  • Frost Ward IconFrost Ward absorbs a certain amount of Frost damage. It is best used against mobs that deal Frost damage.
  • Fire Ward IconFire Ward absorbs a certain amount of Fire damage. It is best used against mobs that deal Fire damage.
  • Ice Armor IconIce Armor gives you additional armor points, which is useful against Physical hits from enemies; it also slows attackers.
  • Cone of Cold IconCone of Cold can be used defensively to slow mobs in front of you for 8 seconds, before you run away from them. Rank 1 of this ability costs less Mana and serves the same purpose!
  • Mage Armor IconMage Armor is your preferred armor before the Burning Crusade launches. It allows 30% of your Mana regeneration to continue while you are casting. That does not sound like much, but is pretty decent over a long time.
  • Molten Armor IconMolten Armor also increases the chance you will be critically hit by 5%. However, this is usually not considered, since Ice Armor just adds more survivability.
  • Invisibility IconInvisibility is also a spell introduced in TBC and can be used to get out of combat and run away from enemies, or to just sneak by enemies. It takes 5 seconds to become invisible and each second your threat level versus mobs is being decreased. After those 5 seconds, you will become invisible for 20 seconds and leave combat.
  • Remove Lesser Curse IconRemove Lesser Curse is important if mobs curse you with deadly curses. You can decurse yourself or friendly targets.

Utility Abilities

  • Evocation IconEvocation is your most loved Mana-restoring spell. It can be used every 8 minutes and restores 60% of your whole Mana over a 8 seconds channeling time. Use this as often as you can when you need Mana, as it will save you time!
  • Amplify Magic IconAmplify Magic increases the spell damage and healing taken by the friendly target you cast this on. This can be used when you want to increase healing on your tank who is tanking mobs that do not cast any damaging spells and do only physical damage.
  • Dampen Magic IconDampen Magic is the opposite of Amplify Magic. It can be used to reduce spell damage taken from spells, but it also reduces healing taken. This can be useful if you are solo leveling or farming and mobs do a lot of magic damage.
  • Slow Fall IconSlow Fall requires a Light Feather Icon Light Feather and can be cast on yourself to reduce your falling speed. If you fall from a high ledge and would die otherwise, this spell can save your life! But be aware that any damage taken by you will cancel the effect!
  • Portals are made by Mages for their group members to teleport players to all your faction's major cities. They are taught by the Mage trainers and are very sought after! Creating a portal requires Rune of Portals Icon Rune of Portals to be cast, which you can buy from reagent vendors.
  • Teleport works like Portals, but simply only teleports the casting Mage to one of their faction's major cities. Casting this requires Rune of Teleportation Icon Rune of Teleportation, which you can buy from reagent vendors.
  • Conjure Mana Gem is also a spell used to create an item that restores Mana to you. You can conjure several different Mana gems in advance to restore Mana when needed. At level 68 you will learn to conjure a Mana Gem that has three charges, which restores more Mana than it takes to conjure. Use it often and wisely! Conjured items disappear after 15 minutes of being logged out.
  • Conjure Water IconConjure Water conjures water for yourself and your party and there are different ranks of this spell. The highest rank is learned from a book that drops in high level TBC dungeons. Conjured items disappear after 15 minutes of being logged out.
  • Conjure Food IconConjure Food conjures water for yourself and your party and there are different ranks of this spell. The highest rank is learned from a book that drops in high level TBC dungeons. Conjured items disappear after 15 minutes of being logged out.
  • Ritual of Refreshment IconRitual of Refreshment is a spell you can learn at level 70 from the Mage trainers, after you have learned your highest rank of Conjure Water and Conjure Food, which are both rare drop books from Outland dungeons. Conjured items disappear after 15 minutes of being logged out. This requires Arcane Powder Icon Arcane Powder to be cast, which you can buy from reagent vendors.


  • 21 May 2021: Updated the Ignite info to match TBCC behaviour.
  • 18 May 2021: Guide added.
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