TBC Classic Guide to Hunters' Best Addons

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Welcome to our Addons guide for Hunters, where you will find out what the best addons are for your Hunter in The Burning Crusade Classic.


Hunter Addons for Burning Crusade Classic

While it is possible to play perfectly with the default UI, there are many critical things missing that will make your life more difficult. This is where addons can be extremely useful. There are a vast number of addons, including more comprehensive UI packages, but below we have listed some of the basic addons that are highly recommended, both for Hunters and for general use.

For Hunters specifically, the default interface lacks multiple important timers, including an Auto Shot IconAuto Shot timer and a melee swing timer. These are absolute necessities for a Hunter that does any sort of PvE content if you are wanting to maximize your damage, making Addons a must. The single most important thing for new Hunters to do is to get an Auto Shot timer and learn to play around it. Your Auto Shot will dictate how and when you move and do damage, making tracking it a hard requirement for learning to play a Hunter. For this, the Weapon Swing Timer addon is linked below.

Also, note that TBC Classic has a lot of busy work tasks:

  • Accepting and turning in quests;
  • Repairing your gear;
  • Selling gray items.

We list PvE / PvP addons in the next sections that automate these sort of tasks for you, so that you can focus on being as efficient with your playtime as much as possible.


Hunter-Specific Addons

We recommend always using the following addons on your character, as they either bring very useful functionalities, which cannot be easily passed on or represent significant quality of life increases for your WoW Classic life.


Complete UI Replacement: ElvUI Classic

ElvUI Classic, just like its retail counterpart, allows you to replace most elements of the default UI with a customizable, modern set of action bars, unit frames, and most other conveniences you can think of. By using ElvUI, you can avoid using a lot of other, narrower, addons.

Alternatively, TukUI lacks some of ElvUI's functionalities but is even cleaner, if you prefer a minimalistic UI.


Menial Task Automation: Leatrix Plus

Annoyed by the slow scrolling quest text? Struggling to kill enemies of your level due to having red gear because you forgot to repair? Getting carpal tunnel syndrome due to all the spam clicking to sell your gray items? Maybe you simply want to know the value of items on your inventory?

Leatrix Plus Classic automates these tasks for you and more, such as automatically accepting summons or releasing. These are all configurable in case you do not want certain things to be automated.



WeaponSwingTimer creates a bar on your screen that tracks the time left until your next auto-attack and that of your target. Because swing timers can vary immensely depending on your weapon's speed and that of your target, it is often advantageous to run in, get a hit, and run out until your swing timer is ready again! For Hunters specifically, tracking your ranged Auto Shot timer is incredibly important since it controls how and when you should be moving.


WeakAuras 2 for TBC Classic Hunters

Weak Auras 2 allows you to configure all types of warnings for yourself with a simple user interface.

Due to its large user base, there is a huge library of auras already created for you to import at the Wago TBC Classic Hunter section, so make sure to check it out before starting your adventure!


Details Damage/Healing Meter

Details provides a much more detailed combat log that can track damage done, application of debuffs, healing done, deaths, and much more. It is an extremely powerful tool to maximize your understanding of what is happening in each combat encounter.



Questie acts as a greatly improved quest log and quest helper, showing clear indicators on your in-game map of where to go for quests and what your objectives for each quest are.



TomTom is a map plugin that allows you to set waypoints via a chat command or by clicking on your world map and displays coordinates wherever you hover your mouse cursor over the map.



Item Rack provides a quick and easy way to switch between single pieces of gear or entire item sets.



GatherMate will plot the location of every herb you pick and ore you mine on the map, so you will quickly have a database of all of the locations throughout a zone where these nodes can spawn.



AtlasLoot is a master database of item drops from raids, dungeons, and reputation rewards, it allows you easy access to nearly every item in the game that drops from a boss or is able to be purchased from a faction.


Addons for TBC Classic Raiding

While the previous addons dealt with general UI, which is your main priority, when you start raiding you will want to have a few more tricks up your sleeve to make your life easier.


Deadly Boss Mods

Deadly Boss Mods is a great addon that has pre-made timers for boss abilities in nearly every PvE encounter in the game. Deadly Boss Mods is highly customizable so you can configure it however it works best for you.

In addition to DBM's timers, the maker of the addon also has DBM Voicepack VEM, which adds an audio cue to the notifications from Deadly Boss Mods.



ThreatClassic shows the amount of threat you and members of your raid have and is constantly updating using Blizzard's built-in API.



VuhDo is a party/raid frame replacement. VuhDo is highly customizable and allows for you to display things such as Heal over time effects, buffs, targets range, and incoming healing to targets on your frames, so you can better understand what spell you should be using at any given time.


Other Useful Addons and Alternative Addons

While these addons are not quite as impactful as the ones listed previously, they can still be helpful to certain people, especially for those who dislike the setup we presented beforehand.


Auctionator Classic

Auctionator Classic makes it easier to search and post on the Auction House. It also lists the price per item on stacks of items being sold.


Advanced Interface Options Classic

This addon allows you to change a lot of UI options that are normally hidden, such as Floating Combat Text customization options, mouse wheel chat scrolling, the displaying of Lua errors, among other options.


Hunter Macros

Macros simplify many things in The Burning Crusade expansion, allowing you to do more with fewer button presses.

For this reason, we recommend that you also read our Hunter Macros page, in order to improve your gameplay experience!



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