TBC Classic Survival Hunter Phase 1 / Tier 4 Gear and Best in Slot

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On this page, you will find the best Tier 4 PvE gear and best in slot items for your Survival Hunter in TBC Classic Phase 1.


Survival Hunter Phase 1 / Tier 4 Gearing Strategy

While a clear best in slot list is always available, the items contained might be extremely hard or expensive to get. Thus, we will try to give at least one alternative, for most slots in the list, so that you can pick where and how to farm them.

The BiS lists that we present on this page follow the stat priority that can be found on our stats page below.


Other Survival Hunter Best in Slot Lists

As a Hunter, your pre-raid BiS gear is built around two incredibly important sets: the Beastlord set and the crafted Primalstrike set. The Beastlord set will be BiS with its 4-piece bonus until Tier 5, making it the highest priority to farm early on. The Primalstrike set is actually a crafted Leatherworking set, and while it does require some expensive mats early, it is well worth the investment if you want more power early on. If, however, your character is ready to take on the content of Tiers 5 and 6, then please utilize our updated lists instead.


Tier 4 Survival Hunter BiS

This is the best gear that you should try to obtain from the Tier 4 raids of TBC, which includes Karazhan, Gruul's Lair, and Magtheridon's Lair. All of these raids are available from the launch of TBC Classic. As you might notice however, several pieces of gear are identical between the pre-raid BiS and the Tier 4 raid BiS setups. This is mainly because of the power of the 4-piece bonus on the Beastlord gear set, which takes up 4 slots. This set bonus is so powerful that you will not replace it until Tier 5.

Slot Item Source
  • Beast Lord Helm Icon Beast Lord Helm
  • Jagged Bark Pendant Icon Jagged Bark Pendant
  • Beast Lord Mantle Icon Beast Lord Mantle
  • Blood Knight War Cloak Icon Blood Knight War Cloak
  • Justice Vendor (25 Badge of Justice Icon Badge of Justice)
  • Beast Lord Cuirass Icon Beast Lord Cuirass
  • Felstalker Bracers Icon Felstalker Bracers
  • Beast Lord Handguards Icon Beast Lord Handguards
  • Girdle of Treachery Icon Girdle of Treachery
  • Skulker's Greaves Icon Skulker's Greaves
  • Edgewalker Longboots Icon Edgewalker Longboots
  • Ring of the Recalcitrant Icon Ring of the Recalcitrant
  • Garona's Signet Ring Icon Garona's Signet Ring
  • Dragonspine Trophy Icon Dragonspine Trophy
  • Bloodlust Brooch Icon Bloodlust Brooch
Melee Weapon
  • Big Bad Wolf's Paw Icon Big Bad Wolf's Paw
  • Blade of the Unrequited Icon Blade of the Unrequited
Ranged Weapon
  • Sunfury Bow of the Phoenix Icon Sunfury Bow of the Phoenix

Alternative Gear Options for Survival Hunter

While the list above contains the absolute best Tier 4 gear setup, you are unlikely to quickly gather all of it. We provide more options below, some of which are very close to the best and some which are just much easier to get!

Slot Item Source
  • Demon Stalker Greathelm Icon Demon Stalker Greathelm
  • Helm of the Claw Icon Helm of the Claw
  • Stalker's Helmet of Second Sight Icon Stalker's Helmet of Second Sight
  • Mok'Nathal Beast-Mask Icon Mok'Nathal Beast-Mask
  • Storm Helm Icon Storm Helm
  • Worgen Claw Necklace Icon Worgen Claw Necklace
  • Saberclaw Talisman Icon Saberclaw Talisman
  • Earthen Mark of Razing Icon Earthen Mark of Razing
  • Choker of Vile Intent Icon Choker of Vile Intent
  • Natasha's Choker Icon Natasha's Choker
  • Attumen the HuntsmanKarazhan
  • Shade of AranKarazhan
  • Justice Vendor (25 Badge of Justice Icon Badge of Justice)
  • Gurok the UsurperNagrand
  • Justice Vendor (25 Badge of Justice Icon Badge of Justice)
  • The Hound-MasterBlades Edge Mountains
  • Expedition Scout's Epaulets Icon Expedition Scout's Epaulets
  • Mantle of Perenolde Icon Mantle of Perenolde
  • Drape of the Dark Reavers Icon Drape of the Dark Reavers
  • Vengeance Wrap Icon Vengeance Wrap
  • Cloak of the Craft Icon Cloak of the Craft
  • Auchenai Death Shroud Icon Auchenai Death Shroud
  • Cloak of the Inciter Icon Cloak of the Inciter
  • Primalstrike Vest Icon Primalstrike Vest
  • Felstalker Breastplate Icon Felstalker Breastplate
  • Ebon Netherscale Breastplate Icon Ebon Netherscale Breastplate
  • Primalstrike Bracers Icon Primalstrike Bracers
  • Nightfall Wristguards Icon Nightfall Wristguards
  • Ebon Netherscale Bracers Icon Ebon Netherscale Bracers
  • Gloves of Dexterous Manipulation Icon Gloves of Dexterous Manipulation
  • Gauntlets of the Dragonslayer Icon Gauntlets of the Dragonslayer
  • Netherdrake Gloves Icon Netherdrake Gloves
  • Fel Leather Gloves Icon Fel Leather Gloves
  • Gronn-Stitched Girdle Icon Gronn-Stitched Girdle
  • Primalstrike Belt Icon Primalstrike Belt
  • Dunewind Sash Icon Dunewind Sash
  • Girdle of the Deathdealer Icon Girdle of the Deathdealer
  • Ebon Netherscale Belt Icon Ebon Netherscale Belt
  • Scaled Greaves of the Marksman Icon Scaled Greaves of the Marksman
  • Beast Lord Leggings Icon Beast Lord Leggings
  • Midnight Legguards Icon Midnight Legguards
  • Wastewalker Leggings Icon Wastewalker Leggings
  • Fiend Slayer Boots Icon Fiend Slayer Boots
  • Fel Leather Boots Icon Fel Leather Boots
  • Boots of the Endless Hunt Icon Boots of the Endless Hunt
  • Sky-Hunter Swift Boots Icon Sky-Hunter Swift Boots
  • The Master's Treads Icon The Master's Treads
  • Ring of a Thousand Marks Icon Ring of a Thousand Marks
  • Slayer's Mark of the Redemption Icon Slayer's Mark of the Redemption
  • Ravenclaw Band Icon Ravenclaw Band
  • Truestrike Ring Icon Truestrike Ring
  • Band of Anguish Icon Band of Anguish
  • Prince MalchezaarKarazhan
  • Dissension Amongst the Ranks...Shadowmoon Valley
  • Talon King IkissSethekk Halls
  • World Drop
  • News of VictoryShadowmoon Valley
  • Hourglass of the Unraveller Icon Hourglass of the Unraveller
  • Abacus of Violent Odds Icon Abacus of Violent Odds
  • Icon of Unyielding Courage Icon Icon of Unyielding Courage
  • Darkmoon Card: Crusade Icon Darkmoon Card: Crusade
Melee Weapons
  • Claw of the Watcher Icon Claw of the Watcher
  • Void-Talon Icon Void-Talon
  • Stormreaver Warblades Icon Stormreaver Warblades
  • Legacy Icon Legacy
  • Sonic Spear Icon Sonic Spear
  • Stellaris Icon Stellaris
  • Guile of Khoraazi Icon Guile of Khoraazi
Ranged Weapons
  • Barrel-Blade Longrifle Icon Barrel-Blade Longrifle
  • Wolfslayer Sniper Rifle Icon Wolfslayer Sniper Rifle
  • Steelhawk Crossbow Icon Steelhawk Crossbow
  • Marksman's Bow Icon Marksman's Bow or Veteran's Musket Icon Veteran's Musket
  • Wrathtide Longbow Icon Wrathtide Longbow
  • Don Santos' Famous Hunting Rifle Icon Don Santos' Famous Hunting Rifle

Further Enhancements

If you have further questions about gemming and enchanting these items, our Survival Hunter Enchants and Gems page below provides more information.



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