TBC Classic Marksmanship Hunter Spec, Builds, and Talents

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On this page, you will find out the best PvE talent choices and builds for your Marksmanship Hunter in TBC Classic.


Marksmanship Hunter Talent Builds for PvE

For Hunters, Marksmanship is the overall worst PvE spec. Beast Mastery and Survival will fair much better, as each raid will want a Survival Hunter for their unique debuff that they place on the target, Expose Weakness IconExpose Weakness, and Beast Mastery Hunters do the most damage out of all Hunter specializations.


Leveling Builds

If you were looking for leveling builds, please refer to our leveling guide for Hunters.


Marksmanship Standard Raiding Talent Build

This is the standard talent build that you should take for raiding and dungeons as a Marksmanship Hunter. It is centered around going deep into the Marksmanship tree for the late-tier damage increases along with Trueshot Aura IconTrueshot Aura. Notably, this build skips over Silencing Shot IconSilencing Shot as it is not generally useful in raids, but you could drop a point in Unleashed Fury IconUnleashed Fury to grab it if you wanted.

Most of the points in this tree are just taking the damage options down the tree. The optional points here are in Improved Hunter's Mark IconImproved Hunter's Mark, as this build is assuming you are the Hunter that will use Hunter's Mark IconHunter's Mark for the group. If you are not, swap them over to Efficiency IconEfficiency instead.

After you take all of the points in the Marksmanship tree, you have some options. 3 points in either Monster Slaying IconMonster Slaying or Humanoid Slaying IconHumanoid Slaying depending on what you are fighting is going to be the best damage increase you can get, so these are certainly advisable. You can choose to pick up Hawk Eye IconHawk Eye for the extra range as well if you desire, but it is not required.

In the Beast Mastery tree, Improved Aspect of the Hawk IconImproved Aspect of the Hawk and Focused Fire IconFocused Fire are the only hard requirements. Generally, the best way to dump the remainder of your points is to drop them into Unleashed Fury IconUnleashed Fury, but that is less set in stone. You could choose to do whatever you want with those final points.



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