TBC Classic Guide to Paladins' Best Addons

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Welcome to our Addons guide for Paladins where you will find out what the best addons are for your Paladin in The Burning Crusade Classic.


Paladin Addons for Burning Crusade Classic

Paladin as a class has many abilities that can greatly benefit allies and themselves and addons are a way of simplifying how you get the neccessary information for you to play your character optimally, both from a personal performance perspective, but also in helping people you play with get the most out of the game as well. Below is a list of addons that both increase the quality of your gameplay and the quality of life while playing the game.


Paladin-Specific Addons


Pally Power

Pally Power greatly simplifies the process of assigning Paladins to specific blessings to specific members of the raid by providing a simple overlay for buffing.



WeakAuras is an addon that allows you to track almost anything in-game, from boss abilities to personal buffs and debuffs. As a Paladin, there are many useful WeakAuras that can be found on Wago, which is a place where people can publicly share WeakAuras and a brief description and example of their usages.


Raiding Addons



Details provides a much more detailed combat log that can track damage done, application of debuffs, healing done, deaths, and much more. It is an extremely powerful tool to maximize your understanding of what is happening in each combat encounter.


Deadly Boss Mods

Deadly Boss Mods is a great addon that has pre-made timers for boss abilities in nearly every PvE encounter in the game. Deadly Boss Mods is highly customizable so you can configure it however it works best for you.

in addition to DBM's timers, the maker of the addon also has DBM Voicepack VEM that adds an audio cue to the notifications from Deadly Boss Mods.



ThreatClassic shows the amount of threat you and members of your raid have and is constantly updating using blizzards built-in API.



VuhDo is a party/raid frame replacement. Vuhdo is highly customizable and allows for you to display things such as Heal over time effects, buffs, targets range, and incoming healing to targets on your frames, so you can better understand what spell you should be using at any given time.


Quality Of Life Improvement Addons



Questie acts as a greatly improved quest log and quest helper, showing clear indicators on your in-game map of where to go for quests and what your objectives for each quest are.


Leatrix Plus

Leatrix Plus allows you the ability to automate many functions throughout the game like skipping NPC dialog, accepting a resurrection or summon, repair your gear, sell vendor trash, and much more.



TomTom is a map plugin that allows you to set waypoints via a chat command or by clicking on your world map and displays coordinates wherever you hover your mouse cursor over the map.



Item Rack provides a quick and easy way to switch between single pieces of gear or entire item sets.



GatherMate will plot the location of every herb you pick and ore you mine on the map so you will quickly have a database of all of the locations throughout a zone where these nodes can spawn.



AtlasLoot is a master database of item drops from raids, dungeons, and reputation rewards, it allows you easy access to nearly every item in the game that drops from a boss or is able to be purchased from a faction.


Complete UI replacement



ElvUI is a complete UI overhaul and is extremely customizable. If you are coming from the retail version of the game, this addon offers more modern cast bars, unit frames, and most common conveniences that are baked into later expansion changes.


Paladin Macros

Macros simplify many things in The Burning Crusade expansion allowing you to do more with fewer button presses.

For this reason, we recommend that you also read our Paladin Macros page, in order to improve your gameplay experience!



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