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Dehaka Hero Synergies and Counters

Last updated on Apr 18, 2016 at 17:30 by Straften 7 comments

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General Information

On this page, we list the heroes you synergise well with, as Dehaka and those you are particularly vulnerable against.

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About the Author

Straften is a Grand Master ranked player in both Hero League and Team League. He has a passion for theorycrafting, and regularly tests new features early on the PTR. He explains his strategy, reasoning, and implementation in these guides.

1. Heroes Dehaka Works Well With

In this section, we will look at the Heroes that work particularly well with Dehaka.

1.1. Falstad

Falstad Portrait

Falstad's Flight Icon Flight gives him similar map mobility to Dehaka. When Dehaka rotates to gank with Brushstalker Icon Brushstalker, Falstad can join in ganking or soak in the lane Dehaka was in. Dehaka and Falstad can soak up an experience lead while enemies are traveling to Map Objectives, and still arrive before those enemies via Flight Icon Flight and Brushstalker Icon Brushstalker. Barrel Roll Icon Barrel Roll and Tailwind Icon Tailwind allow Falstad to quickly reposition. This enables him take quickly respond to Drag Icon Drag and Isolation Icon Isolation, and allows him to back up if Dehaka is forced to Burrow Icon Burrow. If Dehaka is low on Health and in danger of dying when Burrow Icon Burrow ends, Mighty Gust Icon Mighty Gust can save him.

1.2. Thrall

Thrall Portrait

Dehaka excells at isolating enemy Heroes, but often lacks the single target damage necessary to kill them. Thrall's general playstyle is to look for opportunities to safely burst targets at melee range. Drag Icon Drag and Feral Spirit Icon Feral Spirit are good follow up for each other, making it easy for Dehaka and Thrall to lock down lone enemy Heroes together. Windfury Icon Windfury enables Thrall to quickly reposition to respond to Drag and Isolation Icon Isolation hits, and offers considerable burst damage. Chain Lightning Icon Chain Lightning will let Thrall poke in situations where he is unable to get into melee range. Sundering Icon Sundering knocks back and stuns the enemy Heroes, allowing Dehaka to further disrupt them by landing Drag or Isolation Icon Isolation on split Heroes.

1.3. Diablo

Diablo Portrait

Having two Tanks can sometimes cause a team to lack enough damage. Diablo is a relatively high damage Tank, allowing him to pair up with Dehaka without this issue. Diablo has targeted crowd-control with Shadow Charge Icon Shadow Charge and Overpower Icon Overpower, helping Dehaka to land his skillshot based crowd-control more easily. Additionally, the Shadow Charge Icon Shadow Charge and Overpower Icon Overpower combo displaces an enemy Hero toward your team. Following up with Drag Icon Drag can pull the enemy even further out of position, often resulting in thier death.

1.4. Jaina

Jaina Portrait

Jaina's Frostbite Icon Frostbite slows enemies, making it easier for Dehaka to land his skillshots. This slowing effect also helps make up for Dehaka's lack of a gap closer, allowing him to outmaneuver enemies. Jaina can use her long cooldown, high burst damage combos on enemy Heroes Dehaka controls with Drag Icon Drag. Normally Jaina can be bullied off of enemies easily; however, when Dehaka is zoning for her, she can aggressively apply the slow and bonus damage from Frostbite Icon Frostbite.

2. Heroes Dehaka Is Countered By

In this section, we will look at the heroes that counter Dehaka particularly well.

2.1. Falstad

Falstad Portrait

Falstad can always move faster than Dehaka when Tailwind Icon Tailwind is active, and can poke from long range so that Dehaka cannot disable Tailwind's effect. This results in Dehaka being pushed away from Minions, and kited if he tries to do anything about it. When Drag Icon Drag is on cooldown, Dehaka is vulnerable to Falstad's Lightning Rod Icon Lightning Rod and Basic Attacks. Falstad can easily beat Dehaka one on one in lane, and can follow Dehaka with Flight Icon Flight if he tries to switch lanes with Brushstalker Icon Brushstalker. Dehaka tries to separate enemy Heroes during team fights. If this is achieved, Falstad can reset the positions of both teams with Mighty Gust Icon Mighty Gust. Falstad can punish Burrow Icon Burrow in team fights by Mighty Gust Icon Mighty Gusting Dehaka's team away from him while he is underground, likely resulting in his death.

2.1.1. How To Play Against Falstad

Knowing that Falstad can kite you, play passively and gather Essence and Experience from a safe distance. It is best to be with a teammate if against a Falstad. Keep in mind that Flight Icon Flight has a maximum range, where Brushstalker Icon Brushstalker does not. On large Maps, this can allow you to lose Falstad by rotating farther than he can. In team fights, wait for Falstad to Barrel Roll Icon Barrel Roll before attempting to land Drag Icon Drag or Isolation Icon Isolation on him.

2.2. Lunara

Lunara Portrait

Dryad's Swiftness increases Lunara's Movement Speed by 20% in and out of combat. Lunara can outrange and kite Dehaka, pushing him away from Minions and out of team fights. Nature's Toxin Icon Nature's Toxin can counteract much of the healing Dehaka relies on from Essence Collection Icon Essence Collection, reducing his overall tankiness. Wisp Icon Wisp can be used to grant Lunara vision of a Bush or Vent, reducing the effectiveness of ganking with Brushstalker Icon Brushstalker. Because Dehaka lacks a gap closer, Crippling Spores Icon Crippling Spores' slow can prevent Dehaka from getting away if he is overextended near Lunara.

2.2.1. How To Play Against Lunara

Avoid laning against Lunara if possible. Use Brushstalker Icon Brushstalker to change to an easier lane, and focus on ganking Heroes that are more susceptible to Dehaka's strenghts. Tissue Regeneration Icon Tissue Regeneration can be helpful for mitigating some of Nature's Toxin Icon Nature's Toxin's damage over time. If you have a lot of Nature's Toxin Icon Nature's Toxin stacked on you, Burrow Icon Burrow can be used to remove them. Avoid overextending against Lunara, as you have no way to keep her from damaging you without your teammates.

2.3. Abathur

Abathur Portrait

One of Dehaka's core strengths is that he can rotate quickly and apply pressure to the different areas of the map very quickly. Abathur does this faster and more often than Dehaka with Symbiote Icon Symbiote, and can literally be in two places at once. Dehaka can normally gank isolated enemies very effectively, because Brushstalker Icon Brushstalker is faster than the response time of the enemy team. However, Abathur can instantly support a ganked ally, shielding them and dealing damage to you with Symbiote Icon Symbiote. Brushstalker Icon Brushstalker can also be countered by well placed Toxic Nest Icon Toxic Nests at key locations, which reveal and damage Dehaka upon arrival. Large waves of Locust Strain Icon Locust Strain empowered with Bombard Strain Icon Bombard Strain can be very difficult for Dehaka to clear, as he lacks the range to damage them without taking damage from them. Dehaka relies on Movement Speed buffs to close or create distances, but Adrenaline Boost Icon Adrenaline Boost can counter those buffs by allowing Symbioted allies to run even faster for a short time.

2.3.1. How To Play Against Abathur

While Abathur can apply pressure to the entire map, this pressure will be relatively light in the early game. During this time, try to build as much momentum as possible by ganking the other four Heroes on the enemy team. Pay attention to where Abathur is by observing Locusts. If he body soaks, you can easily kill him by using Brushstalker Icon Brushstalker to enter the Bush or Vent he is in. If he begins casting Deep Tunnel Icon Deep Tunnel, use Drag Icon Drag to stun him.

2.4. Brightwing

Brightwing Portrait

Brightwing can use Phase Shift Icon Phase Shift to assist allies you are trying to gank with Brushstalker Icon Brushstalker. When you stay to soak when Objectives are announced, Brightwing will also stay to ensure you do not soak an Experience advantage. Dehaka needs to position aggressively during team fights (sometimes behind the enemy front line), making him a prime target for Polymorph Icon Polymorph. Polymorph Icon Polymorph can also be used to interupt Drag Icon Drag's channel, releasing her ally from the stun. Brightwing can use Pixie Dust Icon Pixie Dust to help her allies avoid Dehaka's advances, and to lower Basic Attack damage on allies affected by Drag Icon Drag or Isolation Icon Isolation. A lot of Dehaka's damage comes from Dark Swarm Icon Dark Swarm's AoE being applied to multiple enemies at once. Soothing Mist Icon Soothing Mist counters this damage by healing passively in a larger area. Brightwing can punish Burrow Icon Burrow with Arcane Flare Icon Arcane Flare, as Dehaka cannot relocate once in Stasis.

2.4.1. How To Play Against Brightwing

Although Symbiosis Icon Symbiosis is usually a good idea, the kind of positioning it requires can be punished by Polymorph Icon Polymorph. Additionally, Brightwing can counter most of the damage Symbiosis Icon Symbiosis offers, due to her AoE healing. Consider taking Constriction Icon Constriction if you plan to use Drag Icon Drag on Brightwing, or Feeding Frenzy Icon Feeding Frenzy to soften the blow when Drag Icon Drag is interupted by Polymorph Icon Polymorph.

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