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Dehaka Strategy, Tips, and Tricks

Last updated on Jul 12, 2016 at 16:44 by Straften 7 comments

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General Information

On this page, you will learn how to optimally play Dehaka in a competitive environment in Heroes of the Storm. Everything you need to know is explained, from general gameplay to specific tips and tricks.

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About the Author

Straften is a Grand Master ranked player in both Hero League and Team League. He has a passion for theorycrafting, and regularly tests new features early on the PTR. He explains his strategy, reasoning, and implementation in these guides.

1. General Dehaka Gameplay

Dehaka can apply more Map pressure than any other Warrior. Brushstalker Icon Brushstalker allows him to maneuver around the map to soak lanes as needed. When Objectives are announced, he can push a lane while other Heroes have to mount up and leave. This will secure Experience for his team, and deny his enemies Experience from any Minions that die while they are out of soaking range. Dehaka can still arrive to the Objective on time, thanks to Brushstalker Icon Brushstalker.

Dehaka's ability to avoid unit collision makes him an interesting Hero to play, as he can take paths in battles unavailable to most other Heroes. Dehaka can leverage Dark Swarm Icon Dark Swarm and Brushstalker Icon Brushstalker to gank Heroes that would otherwise be in relatively safe positions. His ability to heal large amounts of damage becomes useful when positioning aggressively to use Drag, or to hit multiple enemies with Dark Swarm Icon Dark Swarm. Dehaka can force out powerful abilities from enemy Heroes, and nullify them with Burrow Icon Burrow.

2. When Not Team Fighting

You should spend your time outside of team fights accumulating Essence, soaking Experience, and ganking enemy Heroes. You want to watch the Mini-map constantly, looking for opportunities to Brushstalker Icon Brushstalker behind enemy Heroes who are pushing. While Brushstalker is on cooldown, you can help clear Minion waves with Dark Swarm Icon Dark Swarm. Position yourself so that Dark Swarm hits as many Minions as possible, without taking too much damage from enemy Heroes. You can avoid many skillshots by walking through friendly minions, so that they block applicable abilities.

When you are forced to soak a lane by yourself, let the enemy Hero(es) push the lane toward you. Stay in range of the Experience and Essence that the enemy Minions produce upon dying. Once the enemy Minions get close to your Structures, you want to quickly clear them (if you can do so without dying). If enemy Heroes are still positioned to damage you or the Structures, use Drag to pull them into Turret range for a lot of damage.

Leave Mercenary camps for an ally to gather, unless your team asks you to help. Dehaka has slow Mercenary clear times, and they do not produce Essence. Dehaka is more valuable soaking Experience between Objectives, as he can collect Essence. He can show up to most Mercenary camps via Brushstalker Icon Brushstalker, if the enemy team decides to contest them.

If you get low on Health before team fights, avoid activating Essence Collection Icon Essence Collection. Drink from a Healing Well or use Hearthstonel, and then use Brushstalker Icon Brushstalker to return to the battle. It is important to have a large store of Essence ready for team fighting.

3. When Team Fighting

When team fighting, Dehaka can make use of his freedom of movement, crowd control abilities, and AoE damage to disrupt the enemy team. Remain in support range of your team, and remember that they can be blocked by Heroes. Use Drag to pull enemy Heroes out of position, to peel for a teammates, or simply to stun an enemy in place. When using Drag Icon Drag to stun (rather than to displace), remember that you can Basic Attack the effected enemy for more damage. Use Isolation on enemy Supports or Assassins, to take them out of the fight for a short time.

The average team fight for Dehaka involves activating Essence Collection Icon Essence Collection at some point in order to out sustain enemy Heroes. You want to make sure that most of the healing will not be wasted, so avoid using it until you are missing about 30% Health. It is ideal to activate a fully stacked Essence Collection Icon Essence Collection more than once per team fight. Doing so will allow you to Tank much more damage, and snowball fights in your teams favour. If you have full stacks of Essence and an enemy Hero is about to die, you can activate Essence Collection Icon Essence Collection in order to free up space for more Essence. If you are out of Essence and about to die, activate Burrow Icon Burrow. If an enemy dies while you are in Stasis, you can collect their Essence and begin healing underground.

4. Summary of Tips and Tricks

  • Use Dark Swarm Icon Dark Swarm to position yourself freely and damage multiple enemies simultaneously.
  • Choose Talents on a match by match basis. Most of Dehaka's Talents are useful with or against the right Heroes.
  • Remember to watch your Mini-map closely. This is especially important when playing Dehaka, in order to maximize the use of Brushstalker Icon Brushstalker.
  • Soak extra Experience by staying in lane when Objectives are announced. Use Brushstalker Icon Brushstalker to get to the Objectives on time.

5. ChangeLog

  • 12 Jul. 2016: Typo fixed.
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