Restoration Druid Healing Buffs, Debuffs, and Useful Abilities (WoD 6.2.2)

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General Information

On this page, we list the buffs, debuffs and useful abilities that a Restoration Druid brings to a raid in World of Warcraft WoD 6.2.2. We also list equivalent buffs and debuffs that other classes provide.

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About Our Reviewer

This guide has been reviewed and approved by Sonie, a Restoration Druid who raids in Method, one of the best guilds in the world. You can follow him on Twitter.

Mark of the Wild Icon Mark of the Wild
Ironbark Icon Ironbark Targetable 20% damage reduction - external defensive cooldown
Rebirth Icon Rebirth Combat resurrection
Nature's Cure Icon Nature's Cure Removes all Magic, Poison, and Curse effect (8-second cooldown)
Tranquility Icon Tranquility Raid-wide healing cooldown
Stampeding Roar Icon Stampeding Roar Raid-wide movement speed burst
Soothe Icon Soothe Dispels enrage effects from the target.
Crowd Control
Cyclone Icon Cyclone 6-second incapacitate
Entangling Roots Icon Entangling Roots Roots target in place for 30 seconds, broken by damage.
Barkskin Icon Barkskin 20% damage reduction for 12 seconds, 1 minute cooldown
Dash Icon Dash Movement speed burst (automatically shifts to Cat Form Icon Cat Form)