Cataclysm Classic Protection Paladin Pre-Raid Gear

Last updated on May 19, 2024 at 00:00 by Sellin

On this page, you will find the best pre-raid gear for Protection Paladin in Cataclysm Classic.


Protection Paladin Pre-Raid Gear Set

The gear listed on this page is considered to be the best gear you are able to obtain before entering a raid instance. The items highlighted on this page will mostly follow the stat priority of the ProtectionProtection Paladin spec, which is as follows:

  1. Mastery
  2. Stamina and Strength
  3. Armor
  4. Expertise Rating (26 Expertise Cap)
  5. Hit Rating
  6. Expertise Rating (56 Expertise Cap)
  7. Dodge and Parry

For more information on the best available gems and enchants, check out our Enchants and Gems Guide.


Pre-Raid Gear Table

Slot Item Source
Helm Reinforced Bio-Optic Killshades Icon Reinforced Bio-Optic Killshades
Engineering Icon Engineering
Neck The Lustrous Eye Icon The Lustrous Eye
Justice Points Icon Justice Points
Shoulder Pauldrons of Edward the Odd Icon Pauldrons of Edward the Odd
World BoE drop
Cloak Wrap of the Great Turtle Icon Wrap of the Great Turtle
Guardians of Hyjal
Chest Chestplate of the Steadfast Icon Chestplate of the Steadfast
Justice Points Icon Justice Points
Bracer Alpha Bracers Icon Alpha Bracers Hit
(H) Halls of Origination
Gloves Fingers of Light Icon Fingers of Light
(H) Halls of Origination
Belt Hardened Elementium Girdle Icon Hardened Elementium Girdle
Blacksmithing Icon Blacksmithing
Legs Reinforced Sapphirium Legplates Icon Reinforced Sapphirium Legplates Parry
Valor Points Icon Valor Points
Boots Boots of Sullen Rock Icon Boots of Sullen Rock / Gryphon Rider's Boots Icon Gryphon Rider's Boots
Dragonmaw Clan / Wildhammer Clan
Ring 1 Red Rock Band Icon Red Rock Band Expertise
Ring 2 Umbriss Band Icon Umbriss Band Hit
General Umbriss
(H) Grim Batol
Trinket 1 Lifebound Alchemist Stone Icon Lifebound Alchemist Stone
Alchemy Icon Alchemy
Trinket 2 Mirror of Broken Images Icon Mirror of Broken Images
Baradin's Wardens / Hellscream's Reach
Weapon Elementium Fang Icon Elementium Fang
High Priestess Azil
(H) The Stonecore
Shield Blockade's Lost Shield Icon Blockade's Lost Shield
World BoE drop
Libram Stalagmite Dragon Icon Stalagmite Dragon
(H) The Stonecore