Astrologian Healer Gear and Best in Slot — Endwalker 6.2

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On this page, you will find the best gear and best-in-slot items for your Astrologian Healer in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker (Patch 6.2).


Astrologian Best-in-Slot Gear Sets (BiS)

This page presents several premade best-in-slot (BiS) gear sets for end-game Savage raiding, as well as explanations that should help you choose the set that best fits your needs. If you are curious about how we create these sets, or if you would like to compare other sets, you can view the Astrologian Relative Damage Calculator.

While you are gearing up, it is a good idea to have a set to work toward so that you can spend your weekly capped Tomestones effectively. However, the stat priorities of these best-in-slot sets do not necessarily apply to progression raiding. Notably, many of these sets include a large amount of Spell Speed and very little Piety (or none at all). This is not generally recommended for progression.

You can find Astrologian's general stat priorities and explanations on the Stats and Melding page.

There are a few things to keep in mind while considering gear sets:

  1. Healers usually must consider their Spell Speed and their Piety to ensure that they do not run out of MP.
  2. Astrologian has so much MP generation that even our highest-damage, lowest-MP sets last significantly longer than the threshold we considered "high-Piety" in previous expansions.
  3. It is extremely important to consider your latency/ping when choosing a gear set. If you cannot double weave during Astrodyne Icon Astrodyne (with Lightspeed Icon Lightspeed) without clipping at a given GCD speed, then a slower set would probably perform better for you.
  4. There is nothing special about any specific GCD speed for Astrologian. Astrodyne naturally introduces variation in your GCD alignment, but Lightspeed gives you such a long weave window for Divination Icon Divination that it should be almost impossible for Divination to drift any significant amount in optimized play, regardless of your GCD speed.

Patch 6.2 BiS Gear Sets - Pandaemonium: Abyssos (Savage)

The sets for this tier are separated according to GCD speed and MP economy. As usual, Critical Hit and Spell Speed scale very well on Astrologian, and we have the MP generation to support plenty of speed.

White Mage, Astrologian, and Scholar have extremely similar sets this tier. Sage is the odd one out because it does not scale quite as well with Spell Speed. If you are looking for an omni-healer set, you can comfortably use one of the slower Astrologian sets or one of the Scholar sets. The slower GCD speed should provide enough MP to be comfortable on Scholar, especially if you use the Tomestone ring variant.

The slower GCD should also minimize damage lost when using that set on Sage due to the slightly reduced efficacy of Spell Speed on Sage. If Sage is your preferred healer, their sets will work fine on any other healer, but any of their sets will translate to an extra safe set on the other healers due to the much slower GCD speed. Ultimately, Sage performs better with a slow Astrologian set than Astrologian performs with one of the Sage sets.


Fastest Sets

These sets provide a base GCD of 2.31. Under Astrodyne Icon Astrodyne, the GCD is reduced to 2.08, which may make double weaving difficult or impossible depending on your latency/ping. If you can double weave under Astrodyne without clipping, these sets will provide the highest DPS. Otherwise, the slower sets will most likely perform better for you.

These sets are recommended for fairly coordinated and optimized environments such as a static raid group. They may not provide enough MP to support extra GCD healing or raises.


2.31 with Crafted Ring

This set was calculated to provide the highest DPS.


2.31 with Tomestone Ring

This is the slightly safer alternative, using the Tomestone ring. It sacrifices about 0.64% damage for a little extra Piety and Vitality. Note that one meld on the earrings is swapped out for an extra Spell Speed meld to maintain GCD tiering without the overmelds from the crafted ring.


Slower Sets

These sets provide a base GCD of 2.40. Under Astrodyne Icon Astrodyne, the GCD is reduced to 2.16, which should make it easier to double weave with higher latency/ping. These slower sets are estimated to provide about 0.42% damage compared to the faster sets, but they will likely perform better than the faster sets if you would clip your double weaves under Astrodyne with a faster set.

The slower GCD also means they provide more MP, so these sets translate well to other healers and should be fairly comfortable in less optimized environments such as Party Finder groups.

The 2.40 sets are good choices for an omni-healer set. The version with the crafted ring will provide a little more damage, and the Tomestone ring variant will provide a little more MP for safety.


2.40 with Crafted Ring

This slower set should offer the best DPS for players who cannot double weave under Astrodyne without clipping. It also offers a little extra MP compared to the fast sets.


2.40 with Tomestone Ring

This is the slightly safer alternative, using the Tomestone ring. It sacrifices about 0.61% damage compared to the previous set for a little extra Piety and Vitality. Note that, compared to the crafted ring set, the headpiece melds are swapped to Spell Speed and the food is swapped to Carrot Pudding.


2.43 Extra-Safe Set

This is our extra-safe set with a slower GCD and extra Piety from using the Abyssos gloves. It offers the most safety of our premade sets and should be able to comfortably support multiple raises and plenty of GCD healing. It sacrifices about 1.89% damage compared to the "2.31 with Crafted Ring" set, or about 0.83% damage compared to the "2.40 with Tomestone Ring" set.


Patch 6.05 Gear Sets - Pandaemonium: Asphodelos (Savage)

The standard version of each of these sets uses a crafted ring. It provides better damage because the Tomestone ring has unwanted Piety. We also provide alternate versions of each set in case you want to use the Tomestone ring. It is the most efficient place to gain Piety if you need it, and it gives some extra Vitality, which provides an extra 389 HP.


Spell Speed Focus

With a base GCD of 2.32, these are the fastest sets. This means that they are also the least ping-friendly. Under Astrodyne Icon Astrodyne, your GCD is reduced to 2.09, which may cause clipping when double weaving, depending on your ping. For reference, I clip with a ping of about 90ms. If you want to use one of these sets, please test the speed for yourself first. Otherwise, consider one of the slower sets.


Spell Speed with Crafted Ring

This set was calculated to provide the highest possible DPS.


Spell Speed with Tomestone Ring

This is the alternate version of the previous set, which uses the Tomestone ring. The melds on other pieces are the same, but the food is changed to Sykon Cookie.


Critical Hit/Spell Speed Balance

These sets replace some of the Spell Speed melds with Critical Hit, optimizing around stat tiers as much as possible. They both have a GCD of 2.13 under Astrodyne Icon Astrodyne, which gives you a little more room for double weaving.


Balanced with Crafted Ring

This set has a base GCD of 2.36 and uses Pumpkin Potage for the food. It is calculated to provide about 0.38% less DPS than the Spell Speed Focus set above (in theory), but if you cannot double weave under Astrodyne with the faster set, this is likely better for you.


Balanced with Tomestone Ring

Using the Tomestone ring reduces the GCD speed to 2.37. It is expected to provide about 0.22% less DPS than the version with the crafted ring. To clean up the stat tiering, two Spell Speed melds are replaced with Critical Hit, and the food is changed to Thavnairian Chai.


Critical Hit Focus

These sets follow a more typical stat priority, mostly melding Critical Hit, Determination, and Direct Hit. Spell Speed melds are used only to clean up the stat tiering to minimize waste.

These sets transfer to White Mage and Sage better than the previous sets. Astrologian does better with a Critical Hit build than White Mage and Sage do with a Spell Speed build, so this may be ideal if you frequently switch between these jobs in high-end content. (Scholar can reasonably use any of these sets, but it will not be as forgiving with MP.)


Critical Hit with Crafted Ring

This set has a base GCD of 2.44, which is reduced to 2.20 under Astrodyne Icon Astrodyne. It is expected to provide about 0.51% less DPS than the Spell Speed Focus set (and about 0.13% less DPS than the Balanced set).


Critical Hit with Tomestone Ring

With the Tomestone ring, the set has a base GCD of 2.45, which is reduced to 2.21 under Astrodyne. This version of the set is expected to provide about 0.18% less DPS than the version with the crafted ring. The only thing that changes from the crafted ring version is the ring itself. The food and all other melds are unchanged.



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