Lapis Manalis Full Dungeon Guide

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Welcome to our guide to Lapis Manalis, a dungeon released in Patch 6.3. This guide aims to prepare players for the dungeon so they will know what to expect, with simple mechanic instructions and notes on what to watch out for.



Your quest to find Vrtra's brood-sister Azdaja leads you to Garlemald, where you believe she may have passed through a voidgate. Increased sightings of voidsent in the area lend further credence to your suspicions. In the hopes of narrowing your search for the alleged gate, Alphinaud tells you of an abandoned village in the mountains to the east where Garleans once practiced the reaper arts. But is a portal the only thing you may chance to find there in the heart of the mountain?


Unlock Requirements

Lapis Manalis can be unlocked at level 90 during the main scenario quest. It is the first dungeon players will encounter in Patch 6.3's MSQ and is located in Garlemald. Players above level 90 will be level synced to level 90 when entering, and there is a minimum item level restriction of 570 to enter.


Full Dungeon Guide for Lapis Manalis


First Boss Trash Mobs

The first mobs will spawn upon moving forward on the vehicle. None of the trash mobs in this section are particularly threatening. A miniboss, the Albus Griffin, will spawn after the first pack is killed. It will cast normal griffin abilities, including Winds of Winter which does AoE damage, Freefall which is a large circular AoE, and Golden Talons, a frontal cleave.

After exiting the vehicle, move left up the path to fight more trash mobs on the way to the first boss, Albion.



  • Call of the Mountain: Albion will jump to the middle of the arena and howl, calling a stampede of animals from a thicket on the side of the arena that will run across the arena. This will happen multiple times.
  • Albion's Embrace: A tank buster on the player with highest enmity.
  • Right Slam: Albion will jump to the middle of the arena and cleave the right side relative to where it is facing.
  • Left Slam: Albion will jump to the middle of the arena and cleave the left side relative to where it is facing.
  • Knock on Ice: Albion drops ice blocks onto the ground.
  • Icebreaker: Albion will mark an ice block to be destroyed with a large AoE around it. All players will get marked AoEs and AoEs under them, so spread out to avoid each other.
  • Roar of Albion: Albion emits a large AoE that needs to be dodged by standing behind an ice block.

Second Boss Trash Mobs

None of these trash mobs are particularly threatening. Remember to run through the large mobs so that all mobs are packed tightly together for AoE.


Galatea Magna

  • Waxing Cycle: A point-blank AoE immediately followed by a donut AoE.
  • Waning Cycle: A donut AoE immediately followed by a point-blank AoE.
  • Soul Scythe: The Galatea Magna will face a cardinal edge, and will jump to the edge with a large AoE once the castbar finishes.
  • Soul Nebula: A raidwide magical AoE.
  • Scarecrow Chase: Four waves will emit from the Galatea Magna, and portals will appear with numbered dots indicating the order of which she will jump to them. Once she jumps to the portal, she will shoot line AoEs in the directions that were indicated. These AoEs inflict a vuln stack and a cleansable Doom debuff.
  • Tenebrism: All players are inflicted with the Glassy-eyed debuff, and towers spawn that must be soaked. Players will emit a petrify from their location when the debuff resolves, so all players need to look away from each other.

Final Boss Trash Mobs

None of these trash mobs are particularly threatening.



  • Stygian Deluge: Moderate raidwide magical damage. The first time this happens, the outside of the arena will become flooded.
  • Antediluvian: Bubbles will appear from the edge of the arena and slowly expand. These will do large AoEs under them after they finish expanding.
  • Body Slam: Cagnazzo will jump to the middle of the arena and knock all players back. Make sure not to get knocked into the outside of the arena or underneath a bubble.
  • Hydraulic Ram: Cagnazzo first jumps to the north wall. He then dashes across the arena with small AoEs.
  • Hydrofall: A stack marker that does magical damage.
  • Cursed Tide: Cagnazzo will inflict players with Spring Tide or Neap Tide. Neap Tide will mark players with an AoE that goes off when it resolves, and Spring Tide is a stack marker that goes off when it resolves.
  • Cagnazzo's Power: Cagnazzo will jump to the north of the arena and become untargetable. He will summon four Fearsome Flotsam adds that must be killed. Random AoEs will also appear around the arena.
  • Tsunami: Cagnazzo's ultimate ability that does heavy magical damage. If a flotsam add was not killed in time, the party will wipe.
  • Voidcleaver: Deals moderate physical damage to all players. Each player becomes tethered to an orb, which will shoot conal AoEs at their position.
  • Lifescleaver: Conal AoEs that shoot from Cagnazzo.
  • Void Torrent: A magical tankbuster on the player with the highest enmity.


The item level 605 Manalis set is dropped from this dungeon. It has a level requirement of 90.



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