Beast Tribes for FFXIV: Heavensward

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This page contains information about the Tribal Quests in Heavensward. Here, players will find out how to unlock tribes, what items they offer, and what rewards they can get from doing daily tribe quests.


Heavensward Tribal Quests

Heavensward is home to three friendly tribes - one in the Sea of Clouds, one in the Dravanian Forelands, and the last in the Churning Mists. They are the Vanu Vanu, Vath, and Moogle tribes. Heavensward tribe quests employ a quest level sync system, where the rewards and difficulty of the quest is scaled to the player's level. You can learn more about Tribal quests on our tribe hub.


Vanu Vanu

A group of refugee Vanu have been given sanctuary by the Zundu of Ok' Zundu, in the form of their own island. Lend your aid to the refugee Vanu Vanu and help them build a new home.



Loth ast Vath has a newcomer, who has yet to find his purpose and thus remains nameless. Over the course of the quests, he realizes his goal to become an adventurer, names himself the deftarm - and wishes to go under your tutelage.



The Moogle Mogmenders have been given the mission to restore Zenith. Assist them rebuild the majestic draconic fortress through crafting endeavours.


Allied Tribal Quests

Allied beast tribe quests can be accepted after completing all main quests for all beast tribes in Heavensward. Once the player has maxed out their reputation with the Vanu Vanu, Vath, and Moogle tribes, as well as completed the Heavensward main scenario, they can pick up the quest When Good Dragons Go Bad at Drydox in Idyllshire (x6.9, y7.2). Completing this quest chain will raise the reputation of all beast tribes to Allied as well as grant the Moonlit Dance emote.



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