Beast Tribe Guides for All FFXIV Expansions

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This page contains information about Beast Tribes in Final Fantasy XIV. Beast Tribes are unique races that Warriors of Light can gain reputation with, helping them with their exception circumstances and receiving rare rewards along the way. Here, you will find information on the different Beast Tribes of Eorzea.


Beast Tribes

There are a handful of unique races across Eorzea. Those races who live apart from civilized society are referred to as Beastmen, and they live in groups across the land. Some are friendly and some are hostile, but they all have their own unique issues and quests for players to undertake.



Beast tribes offer daily quests to players, which reward them with beast tribe currency. Beast tribe currency can be exchanged for rare and unique items at vendors, but players must first rank up their reputation in order to purchase the best items. Beast tribes are not only for Disciples of War or Magic - some wish to enlist the help of Disciples of the Hand and Land! They are a great source of daily experience points, but players can only complete a maximum of 12 quests per day.


How to Unlock Beast Tribes

To unlock Beast Tribe Quests, players must have first completed the main scenario quest In Pursuit of the Past at level 41, after the quest The Heretic among Us. This unlocks five quests located at Grand Company halls which correspond to the five beast tribes introduced in A Realm Reborn. Further beast tribes in subsequent expansions also require main scenario quest completion in those expansions. Specific requirements are listed on each expansion's beast tribe page.



As players complete beast tribe quests, they will gain reputation with that tribe. As they gain reputation, they can rank up with that tribe, gaining their trust and unlocking more items to purchase from the vendor and new quests. Of note is a special mount exclusive to each tribe that is purchased with gil once players have reached sufficient reputation. There are nine different reputation ranks once players have unlocked a beast tribe.

  1. Neutral requires 150 reputation to rank up;
  2. Recognized requires 360 reputation to rank up;
  3. Friendly requires 510 reputation to rank up;
  4. Trusted requires 720 reputation to rank up;
  5. Respected requires 990 reputation to rank up;
  6. Honored requires 1320 reputation to rank up;
  7. Sworn requires 1730 reputation to rank up;
  8. Allied (ARR) or Bloodsworn require a special quest to rank up;
  9. Allied
Reputation tab

Beast tribes can start at different reputations depending on the tribe, and have different reputation limits. For example, all tribes in the Stormblood and Shadowbringers expansions start at Friendly. In addition, the rate at which you gain reputation differs from tribe to tribe. To view your current reputation, head to the reputation tab in the Character window.



Beast tribes currencies tab

While beast tribe quests reward gil and experience, they also reward a unique currency to that beast tribe. This currency is used to purchase items from the beast tribe vendors, although you can purchase some items from vendors with gil. You can view these currencies in the Tribal tab of the Currencies menu. To learn more about currencies, visit our guide.


A Realm Reborn Beast Tribes

The five beast tribes were introduced in Patch 2.1, and they include the Sahagin, Kobold, Sylph, Amalj'aa, and Ixali tribes. The Ixali tribe is focused on crafting and gathering, while the rest are focused on combat. All the information about ARR beast tribes is located on their page, which can be found below.


Heavensward Beast Tribes

The three beast tribes of Heavensward include the Vath, VanuVanu, and Moogle tribes. The Moogle tribe is focused on crafting, and the rest are focused on combat. All the information about Heavensward beast tribes is located on their page, which can be found below.


Stormblood Beast Tribes

The three beast tribes of Stormblood include the Kojin, Ananta, and Namazu tribes. The Namazu tribe is focused on crafting and gathering, and the rest are focused on combat. All the information about Stormblood beast tribes is located on their page, which can be found below.


Shadowbringers Beast Tribes

The three beast tribes of Shadowbringers include the Pixie, Qitari, and Dwarf tribes. The Dwarf tribe is focused on crafting, the Qitari are focused on gathering, and Pixies are focused on combat. All the information about Shadowbringers beast tribes is located on their page, which can be found below.


Endwalker Beast Tribes

Two new beast tribes are confirmed to be coming with the Endwalker expansion, but we are unsure as to what patch they will arrive. They are the Loporrits and the Arkasodara.

Arkasodara beast tribe
Loporrits beast tribe

Allied Beast Tribe Quests

After players have reached maximum reputation with beast tribes in A Realm Reborn, Heavensward, or Stormblood, they can undertake a special Allied Beast Tribe Quest to unite the beast tribes and raise their rank even further. Details of these allied quests are on each expansion's page, and they grant special rewards. No allied quests exist for Shadowbringers.



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