All Dawntrail Raids for FFXIV

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New raids will be introduced in the Dawntrail expansion. This page serves as a hub to all the raids coming in Dawntrail, including Savage, Alliance, and Ultimate raids. This page may contain heavy spoilers for the main scenario, so be wary.


Dawntrail Raid Hub

Dawntrail will introduce a new raid series, Alliance raid series, and Ultimate raids.

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New Normal and Savage Raid Series

New Raid The Arcadion FFXIV

Dawntrail will introduce a new Raid series, The Arcadion. Though not much is known about the raid, it seems to be set in the same location that Solution Nine is at, given the futuristic scenery inside the promotional image. In addition, two unknown-as-of-yet Ascians, Altima and Deudalaphon, are speculated to be involved somehow due to the Ascian mark appearing on the image.


New Alliance Raid Series

New Alliance Raid Echoes of Vanadiel FFXIV

The newest Alliance Raid series will be based on Final Fantasy XI. Titled Echoes of Vana'diel, players will step into Vana'diel to explore the world of the acclaimed MMO predecessor to FFXIV. The specifics of the raid were not discussed, but with twenty years of content there are sure to be great boss battles and gear players can acquire. The first tier of this raid will be released in Patch 7.1.


New Ultimate Raids

New Ultimate Raid Futures Rewritten FRU FFXIV

At least one new Ultimate raid was announced for Dawntrail. Ultimate-level raids are the pinnacle of difficulty in FFXIV, and with the challenge comes true prestige and an equivalent "Legend" title that is rewarded to players who conquer these grueling encounters. At least one new Ultimate raid has been announced for Dawntrail. It is titled Futures Rewritten (Ultimate) and the raid will be based on Ryne and Gaia's story in the Eden raid throughout Shadowbringers.



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