Blue Mage Raid Guide for Brute Justice (A8S)

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This page provides a guide for Brute Justice, the eighth fight in the Alexander raid series. It's intended to be used specifically for Blue Mage. This guide includes strategies catering to the unique party composition, as well as recommended spells.



Sometimes even the most thrilling tale can benefit from slight embellishment, and the wandering minstrel's reimagining of your foray into Midas─while stretching the bounds of believability─proves to be even more invigorating than your memory of it. A memory you must relive in order to compare...


General Notes

This is the fifth fight in the Morbol raid series and is considered by most people to be the most difficult. It's a long fight with tons of mechanics that need to be respected, and it's easy for mistakes to cascade out of control and cause wipes. The main thing to keep in mind for this entire fight is that it is not a DPS check, and mechanics need to be respected above all else.


Raid Guide

This guide is written assuming you have all Blue Mage spells, appropriate gear, and know how to play your chosen role.


Video Guide

If you prefer video format, there is a full video guide available below. The video itself is older, but the strats are unchanged.


Party Setup

For this fight I would recommend having the standard one tank mimic, two healer mimics, and five DPS mimics.


Utility Spells

  • Mighty Guard Icon Mighty Guard
  • Diamondback Icon Diamondback
  • Blood Drain Icon Blood Drain on the DPS off-tank
  • Frog Legs Icon Frog Legs if doing Gavel properly.
  • Devour Icon Devour if doing Gavel properly.
  • White Wind Icon White Wind if doing Gavel properly.

Phase 1: Onslaughter


Onslaughter Abilities

  • Hydrothermal Missile: Moderate AOE damage around primary target.
  • Seed of the Sky: Ground-targeted AOE on random players.
  • Mega Beam: Targets a random player and fires a lethal line AOE.
  • Perpetual Ray: Multi-hit tankbuster that applies a vuln with the first hit.

In this first phase we fight Manipulator Junior, so a lot of the things will look similar. Onslaughter will periodically use Seed of the Sky, so just dodge the floor AOEs. Stay away from the tank to avoid splash damage from Hydrothermal Missile.

For this phase I recommend saving your Moon Flute opener and longer CD spells (Nightbloom Icon Nightbloom, Surpanakha Icon Surpanakha, Matra Magic Icon Matra Magic). Instead, start with Song of Torment Icon Song of Torment, then group up on the tank and use Cold Fog Icon Cold Fog. Hydrothermal Missile is used about 5 seconds into the fight and won't kill anyone, so it's a free Cold Fog proc. After the first Seed of the Sky, Onslaughter will face a random target and use Mega Beam, so just move out of the way.

There will be some more Hydrothermal Missiles and ground AOEs, and then four Steam Regulators will spawn. One DPS will need to be assigned to each corner to kill a regulator. If the DPS leaves the regulator square, dies, or takes too long to kill the regulator it is a wipe. A Whistle Icon Whistle/Tingle Icon Tingle/Triple Trident Icon Triple Trident combo makes really quick work of the regulators. To make things extra spicy there will be Seed of the Sky and Mega Beam to dodge during this. If you're still in your square and Onslaughter faces you with Mega Beam, you will have to dodge while staying in the square.

After the Mega Beam during regulators Onslaughter will start channeling Perpetual Ray. The tank needs to Diamondback and will still need heals for this. Onslaughter should die shortly before or after Perpetual Ray. If not, there will be some more Hydrothermal Missiles and one Mega Beam. If you see a Legislation cast, it's a wipe (we just skip this mech, the DPS check is mild).


Phase 2: Bots

In this phase we will fight the four robots from previous Alexander fights: Blaster, Brawler, Swindler, and Vortexer. They all have abilities that they use at all HP levels and abilities that they use below 50%. This entire phase is all about controlling the mechanics, pushing bots below 50% when stable, and burning them down quickly before they can actually cause problems with their abilities.


Blaster Abilities

  • Brute Force: Mild tankbuster on primary target.
  • Mind Blast: Used at 55%, light raidwide AOE that is interruptible.
  • Mirage: Used at 50%, spawns a Blaster Mirage that when close to Blaster grants both of them a vulnerability down buff.

Brawler Abilities

  • Single Buster: Line AOE tankbuster.
  • Double Buster: Shared-damage line AOE.
  • Single Drill: Used below 50%, single target damage on a random target that increases the closer the target is to Brawler.
  • Double Drill: Moderate AOE damage to closest and furthers players from Brawler. Players caught in the AOE effect will be knocked back and stunned for several seconds.
  • Power Plasma (Gamma/Green Orb): Used at 50%, deals moderate AOE damage when popped by a player.
  • Ultra Power Plasma (Beta/Purple Orb): Used at 50%, deals moderate raidwide damage when it reaches Brawler.

Swindler Abilities

  • Magicked Mark: Mild tankbuster on primary target.
  • Height Check: Gives debuffs to all players and raises/lowers squares in the arena. Red debuff (Low Arithmeticks; vuln in lower left) needs to go to a raised platform, purple debuff (High Arithmeticks; vuln in upper right) needs to go to a lowered platform.
  • Bio-arithmeticks: Used below 50%, heavy raidwide AOE.
  • Enumeration: Used below 50%, puts circles around two random players. Each circle will have 2, 3, or 4 orbs rotating around. The number of orbs indicates the number of players that must be in the circle in order to resolve enumeration. If enumeration is not resolved, players in the circle take large damage (lethal without Diamondback) and receive HP, Healing, and Damage Down debuffs.

Vortexer Abilities

  • Brute Force: Mild tankbuster on primary target.
  • Super Cyclone: Large raidwide AOE and knockback.
  • Elemental Jammer: Used below 50%, does scary things that we will completely ignore by killing Vortexer before they matter.

This is the longest phase of the fight and it is all about controlled DPS. Most mistakes are recoverable and the phase itself is not a DPS race.

At a high level, the phase follows this flow:

  1. Kill Blaster.
  2. Kill Swindler (can be done at the same time as 1).
  3. Push Brawler to 50% and handle orbs.
  4. Push Brawler to 10%.
  5. Push Vortexer to 55%.
  6. Wait for a Brawler mechanic so the off-tank is in Diamondback.
  7. Kill Vortexer ASAP, finish Brawler.

The first two bots that spawn are Blaster in the north and Brawler in the center. Brawler does not move for the entire phase, but the other bots will follow whoever has the highest threat.

One DPS will need to be the off-tank. Their job is to put up Mighty Guard Icon Mighty Guard and tank Brawler the whole phase, facing west (away from the party) and use Diamondback Icon Diamondback for Single Buster and Double Buster. One additional DPS will need to be a drill baiter for Double Drill. Whenever Brawler uses the Double Drill attachment, they will need to run to a corner so they're the furthest from Brawler to bait the damage. It doesn't hit very hard, but if anyone else gets hit they get knocked back and stunned.

Both tanks will take a lot of damage during this phase, especially when the main tank is tanking two robots. It might be worth assigning one healer to focus on each tank.

For the whole phase, neither the main tank nor the off-tank should use White Wind Icon White Wind as it will likely pull aggro on all robots and mess things up.

The rest of the party will burst Blaster. If we can kill Blaster quickly enough, the Mirage won't even become active. This is why we didn't use Moon Flute and held long CDs in the first phase. Use all of these here and blow up Blaster.

If your party cannot consistently burst Blaster quickly enough, figure out why and fix that as it doesn't bode well for later phases. However, for learning (or if you prefer to do it more slowly) you can do it this way:

  • After the off-tank gets threat on Brawler, they can move to where the Mirage will spawn (just south of Blaster's spawn if he hasn't moved). Once it spawns, they can use Frog Legs Icon Frog Legs (Mirage has the same threat as Blaster on spawn) and go back to center.
  • If Mirage becomes active (e.g. hit by an AOE) and is stacked with Blaster, the off-tank can use Frog Legs to taunt Blaster and Mirage, and the main tank can just pull Blaster back using single target abilities. Be ready to pump heals into the off-tank as they will take a ton of damage doing this.

Shortly after Blaster dies, Swindler will spawn in the east. Pick it up and start DPSing, but be careful of DOTs as we don't want to accidentally push Swindler. The goal is to get Swindler as close to 50% as possible, wait for a Brawler mechanic so that the off-tank is in Diamondback Icon Diamondback, and then burst Swindler. Below 50% Swindler will use Enumeration, but if we kill him quickly enough we don't have to worry about that. Even if you don't have a lot of Primal spells available, you should Moon Flute to burst Swindler. While Swindler is alive you need to respect Height Check. If you have Low Arithmeticks (red debuff) you need to stand on a raised square, and if you have High Arithmeticks (purple debuff) you need to stand on a lowered square.

One strategy for handling Blaster and Swindler is to burst them together. Full Moon Flute openers on the two of them once Swindler spawns should kill both bots before they have a chance to actually use their mechanics below 50% HP.

Vortexer will spawn in the south. It is likely that Swindler is still alive if you didn't burst it with Blaster, so the main tank will need to pick up Vortexer as well. At this point the main tank will be taking a lot of damage and will require a lot of healing. Tank cooldowns can be helpful especially when pushing Swindler past 50%.

Once Swindler is dead, our next target is Brawler. At 50% it will become nearly invulnerable and spawn two Power Plasma Beta (big purple orb) in random cardinal directions and two Power Plasma Gamma (small green orb) in random intercardinal directions. All four orbs will slowly move towards Brawler. Brawler also starts using Single Drill here. This targets a random player and deals damage based on proximity to Brawler. If he pulls a Single Drill, everyone should get out of center to minimize damage.

The green orbs should be handled by two DPS. They should put up Mighty Guard Icon Mighty Guard and pop the orb. It does big damage in a small radius around the orb. If the green orb reaches Brawler then it pops and deals massive raidwide damage. Orb poppers should watch Brawler and make sure that they don't get hit by a buster while moving towards their orb. Healers will need to heal up these orb poppers as quickly as possible, as the purple orbs resolve shortly after. Orb poppers can also stand in the path of the green orb and use Diamondback Icon Diamondback to take even less damage if the group is struggling with it.

The purple orbs are targetable but not killable. They deal moderate raidwide damage when they get to Brawler. Orbs can be slowed, so one orb should be slowed in order to stagger the damage. Abilities like Bad Breath Icon Bad Breath, Reflux Icon Reflux, and 4-tonze Weight Icon 4-tonze Weight are good for this. Additionally, using Addle Icon Addle, Magic Hammer Icon Magic Hammer, and Bad Breath Icon Bad Breath reduces the damage that the orbs deal when they explode. As with the green orbs, you can use Diamondback Icon Diamondback if the group is struggling with the healing here.

From this point on we want to stockpile our long cooldowns again for Brute Justice. After the orbs die, Brawler becomes vulnerable again. We want to get Brawler down to about 10% health, but not kill it. I recommend not using any DOT effects here.

Once Brawler is at about 10% we switch to Vortexer. We want to get Vortexer to about 55% and then wait for a Brawler mechanic. We want to have the off-tank in Diamondback Icon Diamondback when we push, so no matter what the mechanic is the off-tank should use Diamondback Icon Diamondback. If it's Double Drill, our drill baiter still needs to bait and be healed before we push. If it's Single Drill, whoever it targets will need to be healed before we push. Once our off-tank is in Diamondback Icon Diamondback and everyone is healed up, we will push Vortexer. I recommend using Bad Breath Icon Bad Breath and Addle Icon Addle on Vortexer here since Super Cyclone hits hard. Everyone should be stacked in the south between the wall and Vortexer so that Super Cyclone pushes them into the wall. Below 50% there will be some AOEs on the ground and a Compressed Lightning debuff. As with the other bots, we want to kill Vortexer before dealing with the mechanics. We may see missiles and that's fine, but we should kill before Compressed Lightning goes off. Moon Flute is not needed here, but 30 second cooldown spells can be used for extra damage.

Brawler and Vortexer need to die within about 5 seconds of each other or it is a wipe. If we got Brawler sufficiently low, then it shouldn't be a problem. Kill Vortexer, switch to Brawler, kill Brawler.

Assuming this was all done correctly, then we move onto 🎺Brute🎺Justice🎺!


Phase 3: Brute Justice


Brute Justice's Abilities

  • Transform: Moderate raidwide AOE and knockback.
  • Flarethrower: Heavy cone AOE.
  • Double Rocket Punch: Heavy tankbuster that splits damage between target and one additonal target (if close enough).
  • Short Needle: Light raidwide AOE.
  • Long Needle (Prey): Marks two players as prey and deals moderate AOE damage around them.
  • Long Needle (Stack): Marks one player with a stack marker that deals moderate AOE damage split between all players hit.
  • Super Jump: Targets further player and jumps to them, dealing heavy AOE damage. Secondary targets hit by the AOE will be knocked back and stunned.
  • Apocalyptic Ray: Targets random player and starts casting a multi-hit cone attack that applies a vuln with each tick.
  • J Kick: Heavy raidwide AOE.

Brute Justice starts out with Transform which deals mild damage and has a large knockback. The tank should be just north of Brute Justice and the party should be stacked just east of Brute Justice. This will be our default position for Brute Justice. Everyone should use Surecast Icon Surecast when you see the blue lightning as the bots form Brute Justice.

Once Brute Justice is targetable, the tank should cast White Wind Icon White Wind to get big threat. At this point everyone who can Moon Flute Icon Moon Flute should be using it (including one healer if possible). Brute Justice will open up with a Flarethrower followed by a Double Rocket Punch. The tank should try to learn the timing to have Diamondback Icon Diamondback up for both hits, but the more important one is Double Rocket Punch.

After the tankbusters, we go into the "ring around the robot" phase. Brute Justice will use Short Needle, Seed of the Sky, Long Needle (Prey), and Long Needle (Stack). This is a really good time to use Bad Breath Icon Bad Breath, Addle Icon Addle, Angel's Snack Icon Angel's Snack, and Gobskin Icon Gobskin (before the rotation starts). The way we handle this phase is:

  1. AOEs appear under the party, rotate clockwise to the south point. Flarethrower will hit the tank, so the tank will need to be healed.
  2. Two prey markers will go out at this time. These two players need to get away from the party and each other to avoid overlapping damage.
  3. More AOEs will appear under the party, so the party rotates clockwise again to the west point. The tank should be trying their best to avoid AOEs and end up on the west point if possible to help soak stack damage.

If this was done correctly, then everyone should be alive. Immediately after the stack resolves, Brute Justice starts casting Mega Beam. Everyone needs to dodge the beam but also stay close to the boss. After Mega Beam, Brute Justice uses Super Jump which snapshots the furthest person at some point during the Mega Beam cast. The tank should run to a far corner to be furthest from Brute Justice, and use J Kick Icon J Kick as soon as the Super Jump cast ends. This will prevent others from getting hit by Super Jump and also keep Brute Justice in place if timed correctly. After Super Jump, Brute Justice will use Apocalyptic Ray. Simply get behind Brute Justice to avoid this, but be ready to return to our default position (tank north, party east) quickly.

After Apocalyptic Ray the phase will repeat. If we kill Brute Justice before he finishes two cycles, we skip straight to Intermission 2.


Intermission 1

We skip this. Full stop.

It is way easier to optimize your DPS to make sure you're skipping this than it is to actually learn this. Especially with power creep as new spells are added this should be extremely easy to skip


Intermission 2


Enemy Abilities

  • Mines: Deal damage when stepped on. Indicated by a red circle in the center of a square. It can also be a hidden mine, but the location is indicated by a swirling green/black circle before it becomes hidden.
  • Ultra Flash: Deals lethal AOE damage to anyone in line-of-sight of Vortexer

Everyone should put up Mighty Guard Icon Mighty Guard and stack on the east wall as soon as they see Brute Justice hit 0%. Brute Justice will disappear and use J Kick at the center of the arena before splitting off into the different robots.

The mechanics we need to handle here are: Double Drill, Mega Beam, Mines, Enumeration (sort of), and Ultra Flash.

We need to be wary of mines the entire time. The party should never move onto a mine. If the party gets unlucky and has mines spawn on both the left/right, they will need to step forward to the next row of squares to prevent triggering it for later movement.

Double Drill is handled the same way as before, only Brawler spawns in the north of the arena. Send the main tank to be close to Brawler and someone (previous Double Drill baiter is fine) to one of the corners. After Double Drill hits, try to heal up the baiters.

Onslaughter will start channeling Mega Beam immediately after Double Drill. There is a 75% chance it will face the party. If it does, step to the side to avoid it. As soon as the beam actually fires (the animation, not the cast bar) hardcast Diamondback Icon Diamondback (no Swiftcast Icon Swiftcast). If you timed it correctly then you will see hidden mines explode, chakrams go flying, Mirages charge, another Mega Beam, and a Single Drill, and Diamondback Icon Diamondback will keep you safe through all of it.

The last thing to deal with in Intermission 2 is Ultra Flash and Enumeration. Vortexer will spawn on the west side of the arena. Ultra Flash will kill you no matter what, even through Diamondback Icon Diamondback, but it only hits people in Vortexer's line of sight. Everyone needs to position themselves so that they are out of Vortexer's line of sight. Onslaughter's legs count as line of sight, so hide behind a leg and you will be safe. The one exception to this is Enumeration. Two circles will appear on random people. This mechanic is quite difficult to solve correctly with Blue Mages, so instead the Enumeration people will need to move away from the group and Swiftcast Icon Swiftcast Diamondback Icon Diamondback. These people still need to avoid Ultra Flash while handling Enumeration.

To recap:

  1. Mighty Guard Icon Mighty Guard up, stack east.
  2. Bait Double Drill.
  3. Dodge Mega Beam, cast Diamondback.
  4. Hide behind Onslaughter legs, Enumerations get away and Swiftcast Icon Swiftcast Diamondback Icon Diamondback.

Phase 4: Gavel

Gavel is quite an infamous mechanic for Blue Mage raiding. In short, Brute Justice will cast Verdict and assign debuffs to all 8 players. Each player needs to make sure they resolve their debuff correctly before Gavel finishes casting about 40 seconds later. If anything is incorrect, everyone dies.


How to Handle Gavel Properly

TL;DR: Toolbox

There will be four tornadoes and four orbs that spawn, as well as two Steam Regulators. When a player steps into a tornado, their HP is set to 1 and they receive the Final Flight debuff which functionally does nothing. The orbs deal moderate AOE damage when touched. The Steam Regulators are the same as the ones we saw during the first phase. If any of these are left up for too long they will blow up and wipe the raid.

Some debuffs will include Final Punishment stacks. Each time you take damage from Brute Justice (orbs and tornadoes count), you lose one stack. If the debuff timer hits zero and you still have stacks, you die.

Here is the full list of debuffs, and how they should be resolved:

  • Final Judgment: Min HP
    • Must have the lowest HP in the party.
    • Includes 4 Final Punishment stacks, so needs to get hit 4 times.
    • This player should pop the southwest, northwest, and northeast orb and then step into the northeast tornado during Gavel cast and not get healed until after Gavel resolves. The 3 orbs and 1 tornado count as 4 hits for Final Punishment.
  • Final Judgment: Max HP
    • Must have the highest HP in the party.
    • Includes 4 Final Punishment stacks, so needs to get hit 4 times.
    • This player should Frog Legs Icon Frog Legs immediately and tank Brute Justice. They should help keep the orb poppers healed with White Wind Icon White Wind. When Gavel is being cast, they must use Devour Icon Devour and be healed up. Melee attacks will remove the Final Punishment stacks.
  • Final Judgment: Penalty I
    • Must have one debuff.
    • Includes 3 Final Punishment stacks, so needs to get hit 3 times.
    • This player should pop the southwest, northwest, and northeast orb.
    • One debuff: Penalty I
  • Final Judgment: Penalty II
    • Must have two debuffs.
    • This player needs to step into the northwest tornado. That's it.
    • Two debuffs: Penalty II, Final Flight
  • Final Judgment: Penalty III (there will be two players with this)
    • Must have three debuffs.
    • Includes 2 Final Punishment stacks, so needs to get hit 2 times.
    • One player needs to step into the southwest tornado, and one player needs to step into the southeast tornado.
    • Three debuffs: Penalty III, Final Flight, Final Punishment
    • After Gavel is cast, these players need to quickly pop the southeast orb to remove their remaining Final Punishment stack and prevent the orb from exploding.
  • Final Judgment: Decree Nisi A (Blue Nisi)
    • Must destroy the blue regulator.
    • Includes 1 Final Punishment stack, so needs to get hit 1 time.
    • This player should quickly kill their regulator (it can be on either east or west), and then pop the north orb on their side (northwest if the regulator was west, northeast if the regulator was east) with the Min HP + Penalty I players.
  • Final Judgment: Decree Nisi B (Red Nisi)
    • Must destroy the red regulator.
    • Includes 1 Final Punishment stack, so needs to get hit 1 time.
    • This player should quickly kill their regulator (it can be on either east or west), and then pop the north orb on their side (northwest if the regulator was west, northeast if the regulator was east) with the Min HP + Penalty I players.

If you run with the same eight people and don't have any deaths, then the debuff assignments are somewhat deterministic. Traditionally, the tanks get Min/Max HP, healers get Penalty I + II, and DPS get Nisi + Penalty III. With the same eight people and no deaths, you will always have the same four people get the tank/healer debuffs and the same four people get the DPS debuffs. Within those groups the debuffs are random, however.

If this was all done correctly, then everyone should live. Remember to turn off Mighty Guard Icon Mighty Guard during this phase if you don't need to have it on (Max HP debuff person, orb soakers).

One additional note about this strategy is that failing to handle Enumeration during Intermission 2 (which we do, since we just use Diamondback Icon Diamondback) will apply HP down debuffs to the Enumeration targets. This will not impact the Max HP debuff at all, since the HP you gain from Devour Icon Devour outweighs the HP you lose from the HP down debuff.


How to Skip Gavel Entirely

Since we got access to level 70 spells, we now do enough damage to skip Gavel entirely. Once Brute Justice regains his HP, we have 38 seconds to kill him before Gavel finishes casting. We also need to kill the two Steam Regulators before they explode or they will wipe the group.

The strategy for this is to apply Nightbloom Icon Nightbloom early to get the most benefit from it, use a potion 8 seconds in, and then start unloading on the boss. 15 seconds before Gavel we use Moon Flute Icon Moon Flute, use our highest potency spells, and finish with a Whistle Icon Whistle buffed Final Sting Icon Final Sting. We also need to assign two people to kill the Steam Regulators. If the boss is in the center of the room, these people can kill the regulators with Surpanakha Icon Surpanakha and also hit the boss for a little bit of extra damage.

There are some caveats to this strategy:

  • Everyone needs to finish their Final Sting Icon Final Sting on roughly the same server tick. If anyone dies during the Gavel phase, Brute Justice issues a Final Sentence and wipes the group.
  • This may require some luck with critical hits on Final Sting Icon Final Sting.

The first issue can mostly be mitigated through the use of macros for syncing up timing and going through the finisher rotation automatically. You should avoid using a macro for the entire rotation, though, since macros are inefficient and you will be missing out on a lot of damage this way.

One additional note about this strategy is that failing to handle Enumeration during Intermission 2 (which we do, since we just use Diamondback Icon Diamondback) will apply damage down debuffs to the Enumeration targets. This is not enough to actually impact skipping Gavel, so you don't need to try to resolve Enumeration correctly. Many groups will get hung up on this when it simply does not matter.


Which Strategy Is Better?

Use whichever works for your group. If your group is good at mechanics, Gavel is actually quite easy to deal with. If your group is not good at mechanics, then just skip Gavel. If you plan on doing the Omega fights I would recommend trying to do Gavel the normal way as it will get you more experience doing Blue Mage mechanics, and in the Omega fights there is not a lot we can actually skip or cheese.

If we get even more power creep at level 80 I expect that skipping will become the standard strategy, but for now it's up to you to decide which to use.


Phase 5: Final Justice


Final Justice's Abilities

  • Steam Chakrams: Line AOE and knockback.
  • Link-Up: Applies Compressed Water to a random player and augments abilities.
  • Compressed Water: After debuff wears off, a water tornado spawns that needs to be destroyed by being hit with Flarethrower. Tornado does not appear if the person with the debuff dies.
  • Final Punch: Tankbuster that knocks back (breaks Diamondback) and applies a bind.
  • Final Apocalypse: Similar to Apocalyptic Ray from before but targets the highest enmity player and does not apply a vuln.
  • Final Beam: Similar to Mega Beam from before but splits damage between targets hit and has a smaller knockback.

After Gavel, Brute Justice will jump away and land with J Kick. I recommend putting up Mighty Guard Icon Mighty Guard just to be safe, but Gobskin Icon Gobskin and Bad Breath Icon Bad Breath are good enough here. Most groups will be ready to sting shortly after Gavel as long as they had good DPS uptime during Gavel. This phase is a little chaotic but is actually not too bad overall.

Brute Justice will cast Link-Up which empowers some of his abilities. He will also apply Compressed Water to someone. This person will need to die at some point in order to make later mechanics easier, but not quite yet.

Brute Justice will use Final Punch, a tankbuster that also does a knockback which removes Diamondback Icon Diamondback and also roots the target in place. He follows up with Final Apocalypse, which is like Apocalypse Ray from before except it no longer applies vuln stacks. He then finishes this tankbuster combo with a Final Beam, which is like Mega Beam from before except it splits damage between all targets hit. There are two ways to handle this:

  1. If your main tank is good at managing mana, and has some Super-Ether Icon Super-Ether just in case they need extra mana, they can Diamondback Icon Diamondback the Final Punch and then immediately Diamondback Icon Diamondback the Final Apocalypse and Final Beam.
  2. If the mana is too tight, usually if you see the tankbuster trio a second time, have the off-tank stand to either of Brute Justice's sides and put up Mighty Guard Icon Mighty Guard, use Frog Legs Icon Frog Legs, hit Brute Justice with some ability to maintain threat, and then use Diamondback Icon Diamondback. This should all happen during the Final Punch cast.

After the tankbuster trio we will have Missile Command, which is just like it was during our first Brute Justice phase. In this phase it is generally easier to have everyone spread out early and have the stack marker person use Diamondback Icon Diamondback. There will also be an invisible mine that spawns in one of the four center squares. The Compressed Water person should run onto that mine to get rid of it and die (therefore removing the debuff). If they survive the mine hit, they need to find another way to die even if it means using Final Sting Icon Final Sting.

Once the initial spam ends, Steak Chakrams will spawn around the edges and Enumeration will appear on someone. The person with Enumeration should just Diamondback Icon Diamondback and everyone else should avoid the Chakrams. Diamondback Icon Diamondback can be used to avoid Chakrams if needed.

After the Chakrams fire, Brute Justice will use a regular Mega Beam and a Super Jump. Everyone should be close to him while the tank baits Super Jump as in the first Brute Justice phase. After the Super Jump there will be a Flarethrower, a Missile Command AOE (but without Prey/Stack), and then another tankbuster trio. After the tankbuster trio, Brute Justice will jump away. Apply damage mitigation before he leaves, and put up Mighty Guard Icon Mighty Guard to be extra safe.


Soft Enrage: J Wave


Final Justice Abilities

  • J Storm: Heavy-hitting raidwide AOE.
  • J Wave: Raidwide AOE that applies a damage up buff.

Brute Justice returns with a heavy-hitting J Storm attack. As soon as he lands, turn off Mighty Guard Icon Mighty Guard if you had it up and start hitting the boss. This is the final phase, a soft enrage phase. Brute Justice will start spamming a raidwide ability called J Wave that hits harder each time it is used. Healers can mostly just spam Stotram Icon Stotram to keep people healed up, but may need to switch to White Wind Icon White Wind when the damage gets too high. The tank can also help with White Wind Icon White Wind. Just keep pumping damage into the boss and finish off with any Primals you have and Final Sting Icon Final Sting!


Final Sting

Brute Justice's Final Sting threshold is 25%. Once it is at 25%, apply Off-guard Icon Off-guard, then use Moon Flute Icon Moon Flute, any Primal abilities you have, and finish with Whistle Icon Whistle and Final Sting Icon Final Sting.



  • 26 Jun. 2023: Guide added.
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