Omni-Gearing for Caster Jobs

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This page contains all of the information for gearing multiple jobs that fall under the Caster role category.


Omni-Caster Best-in-Slot

The differences in preferred substats prevents there from being a true omni-BiS set for casters. Black Mage prefers higher amounts of Spell Speed while Red Mage tries to avoid it as much as possible. Summoner doesn't suffer from Spell Speed as much as Red Mage does, making it a workable "second caster" for Black Mage mains, but the damage from running Spell Speed Summoner has fallen too far behind Critical Hit-focused builds over the past few patches. As such, there is no longer a high-Spell Speed BiS available for Summoner as of patch 6.4.

It is possible to have two of the same pieces of gear by placing the duplicates in your Chocobo Saddlebag or retainer, but this often requires extra work that will only be necessary for the most dedicated players. Instead, most players will have to choose whether they want to main Black Mage, or one of the slow casters first. Below you can find links to each job's Best-in-Slot pages.

The buttons linked below will lead you to the job specific gearing pages.


Low Spell Speed Caster Gearset (Red Mage and Summoner)

This gearset can be used for either Red Mage or Summoner. If playing Summoner, you can replace the weapon and use the same melds for a 2.48 set, or use Caviar Canapes instead with one SPS meld on the Summoner weapon for the 2.46 set.


High Spell Speed Black Mage Gearset

This gearset is recommended for Black Mage only. This set has no overlapping pieces with the Low Spell Speed set except for the ring, so you won't have to re-meld every time you swap between casters.



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