Dragonsong's Reprise Ultimate (DSR) Guide for Alternate Timeline Thordan

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This page contains detailed information and strategy about the high-end Duty "Dragonsong's Reprise (Ultimate)", commonly abbreviated as DSR, specifically for the portion of the fight dealing with the second Thordan encounter.


Phase 5: Dark Thordan

Pre-fight preparation:

  • For this Phase, Thordan will be buffed by Light of Ascalon, causing him to deal more damage with his attacks.
  • Tanks beware: Thordan's auto attacks cleave in this phase as well.

Dark Thordan Toolbox Resource

For Wrath of the Heavens, please reference this Toolbox for a detailed view of how the mechanic is handled.

For Death of the Heavens, please reference this Toolbox for a detailed view of how the mechanic is handled.


Dark Thordan Strategy

Our second encounter with Thordan, this phase is set up very similarly to the first phase where you fought him. Downtime trio-type mechanics separated by a short burst window. The main thing to keep in mind is Thordan should not be killed during this phase. Upon dropping below 3% health, Thordan will drop to his knees and beg for mercy. You need to spare him to progress to the end of the fight. By killing him, you will be able to see the next phase, but once both dragons die the raid will wipe.

Thordan will also cast a self buff on himself. Even though his attacks are the same from phase 2, they deal approximately 20% more damage than before. Mitigate appropriately.


Wrath of the Heavens

  1. Prior to this mechanic, Thordan will auto attack the tank twice. Reminder: These cleave.
  2. Thordan will now leave the arena and two knights alongside the dragon Vedrfolnir will appear on any cardinal of the arena. Treat this cardinal as relative North.
  3. The two knights will tether two random players. Have these players move opposite of the knights.
    • Tip: Move a single floor tile towards relative south to give other players more space.
  4. A single player will be marked with a blue overhead marker, the same blue marker as in Strength of the Ward during Phase 2. Have this player move North West.
    • Tip: Move a single floor tile towards relative South to ensure you do not get clipped by the knight's dive.
  5. The rest of the players will move East and spread out in a line along the wall of the arena.
  6. A slight moment after the knights dive through the arena, and twisters will appear below every player. Make sure to move into the arena as the dives go off to dodge these.
  7. A warrior and a mage will appear on either relative North or relative South.
  8. Two random players will now be given a Lightning debuff. Call out whether you will take the left or right safe spot for the next part of the mechanic.
  9. A random player that is not marked for the knight dives or defamation will be given a green overhead dive marker. Have this player move against the wall where the Black Mage Knight appeared a moment ago.
  10. Stay spread and wait for protean baits to go off.
  11. A random player that received lightning no debuff or overhead marker will be given Liquid Heaven baits. Keep moving, dropping five puddles of fire behind you while keeping the safe spot clear of AoE. Ensure you are underneath the Warrior Knight after the final puddle drops.
  12. A random player who received the knight dives, defamation, and green dive marker, but who is not tagged with lightning, will be given Pyre baits. Keep moving, dropping four puddles of Pyre behind you while keeping the safe spot clear of AoE. Ensure you are underneath the Warrior Knight after the final puddle drops.
  13. The Warrior Knight will finally do a donut AoE around him. Ensure everyone is underneath him to avoid this. Have the Lightning debuffed players stand on the outer sides, while all the other players stand on the inner side of the donut safe spot.
    • Tip: Use the previous lightning call outs of Left or Right to dictate which lightning goes where.
  14. After Wrath of the Heavens is finished, Thordan will appear and cast Heavenly Heel and Ascalon's Might. These are the same tank busters you encountered in Phase 2, though they do a bit more damage in this phase.
  15. Thordan jumps away again, starting Death of the Heavens.

Death of the Heavens

  1. A Warrior Knight will appear on the inner circle of the arena. Treat this Warrior as your new relative North.
  2. Quickly line up in eight man conga line horizontal from East to West.
  3. Four players are given Doom, while four players are given no debuff. You can resolve this by doing the following:
    • Have the outer doom marked players move to East and West, just on the outer edge of the middle grey ring of the arena.
    • Have the outer non-doom players move to the wall East and West.
    • Have the inner doom marked players move to the North East and North West intercardinals. Stand a singular tile more towards relative North.
    • Have the inner non-doom players move to the South East and South West intercardinals. Stand a singular tile more towards relative South.
  4. A dragon and two knights will now dash through the arena. As soon as this dash goes off, move to dodge twisters spawning underneath you.
  5. Make your way to the middle of the arena while dodging a expanding Earth Donut AoE from the Warrior.
  6. Spread out loosely around the Warrior and prepare for PlayStation markers.
  7. These PlayStation markers need to go to very specific places as the players that did not have doom during the previous part of the mechanic dropped cleansing puddles for the dooms. Resolve the mechanic by having all Dooms plant relative to their starting position. East and West Doom players will always bait the "O" marker (this can be achieved by simply being the two furthest players apart before the markers appear above players' heads) and the North East and North West Dooms will take their respective sides on the Southern half of the arena.
  8. Just before the knockback, Thordan and another eye will cast Dragon's Gaze from outside of the arena. Ensure you are looking away from both as you get knocked back.
  9. Get knocked towards the edge of the arena. Have the doom marked players move to pickup the cleansing puddles. Stay spread for the Heavensflame AoE.
  10. Eight meteors will spawn around the arena. Kill these before they explode. It is recommended to kill three of these using a Caster or Ranged Limit Break. Aside from that, prioritize killing the meteor next to the spot where you go knocked back to. It is possible to hit four meteors with Limit Break, but the positioning is rather precise. It is also easier to achieve with ranged Limit Break than it is with the caster variant.
  11. Thordan will reappear, casting another raidwide and another set of tankbusters before going into this enrage cast. Once Thordan drops below 3% HP, he will stumble and fall to the ground. Players can choose to spare him at this point and should do so. If you kill him here instead, you will wipe to an enrage after the next phase.


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