Ocean Fishing Guide for FFXIV Patch 6.4

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Ocean fishing in FFXIV is instanced content for fishers almost like a fishing dungeon. Tackle the high seas with other party members to score points and collect rare fish. This guide will have an overview for ocean fishing as well as guides and information about the relevant mechanics,


Ocean Fishing in Final Fantasy XIV

Ocean Fishing is Fisher exclusive content, similar to a fishing dungeon that you can enter with up to 24 players. Upon boarding the boat, you and the party will visit three locations, catch fish to score points and obtain various rewards such as experience points, Scrips, unique fish to put in your aquarium, as well as a range of minions/titles from achievements. This makes it a great way to level up and get Scrips.

To unlock Ocean Fishing, you must first complete the quest All the Fish in the Sea, which can be unlocked with a level 1 Fisher. A second fishing route, Ruby Route, is also available. This is automatically unlocked once you complete the quest Stormblood.


How to Start Ocean Fishing

Ocean Fishing is only accessible every 2 hours of real time. Registration starts on the hour and ends 15 minutes past the hour. During this 15 minute window, you can speak to Dryskthota, who has a quest icon above their head, to queue.

Dryskthota queue for ocean fishing.

Speaking to Dryskthota also allows you to view each available route, as well as the upcoming schedule, making it possible to know what fishing holes will be available on the route.

Many players prefer to use a site called Lulu's Tools due to it being more detailed as well as having information about what achievements and Fabled fish are available. Fabled Fish are rare, difficult to catch fish, worth aiming for as a collectorm offering a 50% point increase if three players catch them.

Lulu's Tools Route List

Gearing and Bait Used for Ocean Fishing

Normally during Ocean Fishing, only your GP matters as a stat. This is because normal fish have no minimum gathering requirements. The only exception to this is the blue fabled fish that require 1800 gathering (2900 in Ruby Route) to guarantee a 100% chance to gather them.

The Brilliant Fishing Rod is therefore objectively your best in slot, due to the unique ability saving you GP. Hi-Cordial Icon Hi-Cordial and Watered Cordial Icon Watered Cordial are also important with watered cordials having a faster cooldown allowing you to squeeze them in around Spectral Currents. High GP food is also recommended, such as Crab Cakes Icon Crab Cakes.

There are three main baits commonly used: Ragworm Icon Ragworm, Krill Icon Krill and Plump Worm Icon Plump Worm for normal fishing. Fabled fish, however, require bait normally used in the open world.


Boat Size

If you queue immediately, you are very likely to get a full 24 person boat. That being said, after the first few minutes your chances to get a full boat decrease massively due to most players already being in instances. This can have several advantages.

Smaller groups (especially if coordinated) increase your chance to proc a Spectral Current while also making it easier for the entire party to catch the right fish to proc the Spectral Current. Additionally, you can intentionally avoid a Spectral Current to increase the duration in the next area of the voyage.


Differences Between Indigo and Ruby Routes

With two routes available, you may be wondering which route is worth going for. One big goal for Fishers is to collect every fish and clear the entire log. If this is your goal, then aim for whichever route has more fish that you need. In terms of scoring, each route offers different benefits.

Route Pros Cons
  • Higher point ceiling, allowing you to get 30k points with skill and experience.
  • Spectral Currents on average offer more points while also being less punishing.
  • Low point floor, meaning bad luck will give you a lot less compared to Ruby.
  • Requires a greater understanding of each fish, their requirements and how to adapt.
  • Voyage missions can be a bit harder to complete.
  • Much larger point range between routes.
  • Higher point floor compared to Indigo so easier to get points.
  • Does not need as many high point fish to score.
  • Glass Dragon is a more common Fabled fish giving you a higher chance at the 50% bonus to your final score.
  • Lower point ceiling making it much harder to get the super high point totals.
  • Missing Spectral Currents is more detrimental to score compared to indigo.

For more specific info on each route and how to effectively score, please refer to the information below:


Ocean Fishing Mechanics

Below is an explanation of each mechanic regarding Ocean Fishing, such as scoring advice, Voyage Missions, point bonuses and unique buffs.

General Scoring Advice Voyage Missions Point Bonuses Wildlife Encounters Spectral Currents Fisher's Intuition

General Scoring Advice for Ocean Fishing

To score well in Ocean Fishing, you firstly need to understand what skills are worth your GP to gain points.

  • Double Hook Icon Double Hook and Triple Hook Icon Triple Hook are important skills, allowing you to catch multiple fish in a single cast. These fish can then also be large, giving you double points on all fish caught on that cast.
  • Prize Catch Icon Prize Catch guarantees that the next fish will be large and pairs incredibly well with Double Hook Icon Double Hook and Triple Hook Icon Triple Hook. During Spectral Currents, you may want to chain these together to potentially catch seven large fish at once. This can get you over a thousand points if done on the right fish. If you have a Cordial and Angler's Art stacks ready, you can even do this a second time netting you around 3000 points on just two casts!
  • Identical Cast Icon Identical Cast guarantees the next fish will be what you just caught, which can be used on high value fish. Can not be used on fish if their window has ended, such as Spectral Fish.
  • Patience II Icon Patience II and the corresponding skills give you large fish, but at a heavy GP cost, while also meaning you can not Double Hook Icon Double Hook and Triple Hook Icon Triple Hook due to the Inefficient Hooking status. This is generally only worth it to build Angler's Art stacks or for experience if leveling.
  • Thaliak's Favor Icon Thaliak's Favor is by far your best use for your Angler's Art stacks, allowing you to stockpile hundreds of GP for later use.

On top of skill usage, you need to also consider your Voyage Missions and point bonuses available. At the end of the third stop, your points will be multiplied against a range of factors and bonuses to give you your final score. This can more than double your points, Scrips and experience.


Ocean Fishing Voyage Missions

When you first begin Ocean Fishing, you will be given three Voyage Missions. These provide a bonus at the end of your third stop giving you additional points towards your score. It is always worth aiming for these when possible.

To an extent, these missions are predictable or can only appear on certain voyages, allowing you to gain practice and optimise how and when you spend time aiming for these compared to aiming for other point bonuses.

The first mission is always the same on a specific route, the second mission is always the same and the third mission will always require you to catch a number of weak, strong or ferocious bites. The amounts required for the third mission will change depending on the route, but are the same every time on that route.

First Mission Second Mission Third Mission
Catch Sharks: 0/5 Catch fish rated ★★★ or higher: 0/5 Catch fish with a weak bite (!): 0/X
Catch Crabs 0/13 Catch fish with a strong bite (!!): 0/X
Catch Fugu 0/13 Catch fish with a ferocious bite (!!!): 0/X
Catch jellyfish or Crabs 0/7
Catch Shrimp or Shellfish 0/17
Catch Shrimp or Squid 0/19

Point Bonuses When Ocean Fishing

At the end of your ocean fishing journey your final score will be calculated based on the score you recieved and a collection of bonuses for meeting various objectives, such as finishing Voyage Missions, scoring a certain amount of points or catching specific fish.

The full list of objectives are:

Objective Requirement Bonus %
Ocean Fishing Amateur Complete one mission during an Ocean Fishing Voyage. 5%
Ocean Fishing Enthusiast Complete two missions during an Ocean Fishing Voyage. 10%
Ocean Fishing Fanatic Complete three missions during an Ocean Fishing Voyage. 20%
Small Fish in a Big Pond Score 2,500 points or higher. 10%
Big Fish in a Small Pond Score 5,000 points or higher. 20%
A Rare Catch Catch a ★★★★ fish. 10%
Catch of a Lifetime Catch a ★★★★★ fish. 20%
Fabled Fishers As a party, catch 3 or more ★★★★★ fish. 50%
Give a Man a Fish Catch 15 or more fish when a Spectral Current is present. 10%
Teach a Man to Fish Catch 35 or more fish when a Spectral Current is present. 20%
Bream Team: Galadion Bay As a party, catch 10 or more different fish in Galadion Bay. 10%
Bream Team: Southern Strait of Merlthor As a party, catch 10 or more different fish in Southern Strait of Merlthor. 10%
Bream Team: Northern Strait of Merlthor As a party, catch 10 or more different fish in Northern Strait of Merlthor. 10%
Bream Team: Rhotano Sea As a party, catch 10 or more different fish in Rhotano Sea. 10%
Bream Team: Cieldalaes As a party, catch 10 or more different fish in the Cieldalaes. 10%
Bream Team: Bloodbrine Sea As a party, catch 10 or more different fish in the Bloodbrine Sea. 10%
Bream Team: Rothlyt Sound As a party, catch 10 or more different fish in the Rothlyt Sound. 10%
Favored by Llymlaen Cause a Spectral Current to occur. 10%

Achivements such as "Teach a Man to Fish", "Big Fish in a Small Pond" and "Ocean Fishing Fanatic" overwrite the previous iterations of that achievement. You would get 20% for completing all three voyages, not 35%.

There are also additional objetives that require an entire party to focus on with coordination. These also give achievements and moreso for the achievement than the score bonus they offer. Your time is often spent better focusing on the other objectives listed above.

Objective Requirement Bonus % Title
Jelled Together As a party, catch 150 or more jellyfish. 20% Jellyfish Fanatic
Maritime Dragonslayers As a party, catch 100 or more seadragons. 10% Sea Dragoon
Certifiable Shark Hunters As a party, catch 200 or more sharks. 30% Shark Hunter
Octopus Travelers As a party, catch 150 or more octopodes. 20% Octopus Traveler
Balloon Catchers As a party, catch 250 or more fugu. 30% Balloon Catcher
Crab Boat Crew As a party, catch 250 or more crabs. 30% Deadliest Catcher
Sticking it to the Manta As an individual, catch 25 or more manta. 20% Manta Maniac

Wildlife Encounters

Randomly, Dolphins and Seagulls can visit the boat. Their appearance can provide three different buffs, with Seagulls providing the Gullstorm buff and Dolphins providing Cetaceous Speed. Dolphins will also provide Auroral Flipper if a Spectral Current has not appeared yet. There is nothing you can do to influence the chances of them appearing.

Buff Duration Effect
Gullstorm buff iconGullstorm 90s Increased large fish chance.
Cetaceous Speed buff iconCetaceous Speed 90s Increased GP regeneration rate (+10/tick).
Auroral Flipper buff iconAuroral Flipper 120s Increased Spectral Current trigger chance.

Spectral Fishing Currents

When catching specific Spectral Fish, for example Spectral Megalodon Icon Spectral Megalodon, you have a chance to change the enviroment on the boat. This is called a Spectral Current.

A Spectral Current completely changes what fish are available, as well as making the fish much faster and incredibly valuable for your points. This is where you gain the majority of your points. Rare Fabled Fish are also available during this time, if you meet certain requirements.

Ocean Fishing Spectral Current

Spectral Currents have a small chance to occur at each stop when the spectral fish is caught. This chance per person increases as less players are on the voyage to help with balancing. A Spectral Current can occur as long as there is more than 1:30 left at your current stop.

A Spectral Current is normally 2 minutes but the duration can change based on certain factors:

  • If a Spectral Current does not occur, the next current will be 3 minutes as well as the chance of a Spectral Current appearing increasing.
  • If a Spectral Current has to end early due to running out of time at the current stop, the remaining time will be added to the next Spectral Current.

Fisher's Intuition

Fishers Intuition is a buff that can appear if you catch specific fish. This buff then allows you to catch another different fish otherwise unavailable that is generally quite hard to catch. This also rewards purple scrips.

There is always an intuition fish available when fishing normally and sometimes during a Spectral Current. The intuition during a Spectral Current however are also known as fabled fish and require specific baits not normally used during ocean fishing.



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