Command Missions in FFXIV

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This page gives an overview of the Command Mission system within Adventurer Squadrons. Here, you will find information on how to run Command Missions and the rewards you can get from them.


Command Missions

Command Missions are a feature that allows players to enter specific instanced dungeons with three members of their Squadron. These NPCs can be commanded to do certain actions as the need arises.


Unlocking Command Missions

To unlock Command Missions, the player's Squadron must be Rank 2 or above. They must then interact with the Squadron Sergeant in their Barracks to read an explanation of Command Missions.

You can find more information on the Squadron itself, as well as how the entire system works on our dedicated page, which is linked below.


Eligible Dungeons

Dungeon Name Level Requirement Item Level Sync Company Seal Expenditure
Halatali 20 N/A 1000
The Thousand Maws of Toto-Rak 24 N/A 1200
Brayflox's Longstop 32 N/A 1600
The Stone Vigil 41 N/A 2000
Dzemael Darkhold 44 N/A 2200
The Aurum Vale 47 N/A 2400
The Wanderer's Palace 50 110 2500
Pharos Sirius 50 110 2500
Copperbell Mines (Hard) 50 110 2500
Brayflox's Longstop (Hard) 50 110 2500
The Wanderer's Palace (Hard) 50 N/A 2500
Sohm al 53 N/A 2800
The Vault 57 N/A 2800
The Fractal Continuum 60 210 3500
Pharos Sirius (Hard) 60 240 3500

Entering Command Missions

To enter a dungeon with your Squadron, talk to the Squadron Sergeant in your Barracks. You will be greeted with a list of all eligible dungeons. You must have unlocked and completed these dungeons before being able to enter them on a Command Mission. The party composition (including yourself) must adhere to the standard requirement of one tank, one healer, and two DPS.

FFXIV Command Mission Menu

Completing Command Missions

After entering the dungeon, it will proceed just like a dungeon done through the Duty Finder. While inside the dungeon, you gain an additional Orders hotbar you can use to give your Squadron members orders.

FFXIV Command Mission Orders Hotbar
  • Engage orders your Squadron to attack the targeted enemy.
  • Disengage orders your Squadron to cease combat and regroup to your location. This order is replaced with Re-engage once used.
  • Re-engage lifts the Disengage status.
  • Execute Limit Break orders your Squadron to execute a Limit Break. This will do massive damage on a single target and increase damage dealt by all nearby party members. Execution of this requires all party members to be alive.

To complete a Command Mission, defeat the final boss of the dungeon just like in any other dungeon.


Battle Tactics

Squadron members can be assigned Battle Tactics, which change their in-combat behaviour, as well as granting them a bonus to HP, damage dealt, or a reduction in damage taken. They are Independent, Offensive, Defensive, and Balanced. Each Tactic has a Mastery scale of 1-5, with increased Mastery granting increased bonuses. Only one Battle Tactic can be assigned at any given time.

To increase Mastery, have the Squadron member participate in Command Missions.


Rewards from Command Missions

By completing Command Missions, you receive standard dungeon loot from the completed dungeon and class EXP, as well as EXP for your Squadron members who participated. These Squadron members also have the chance to gain Battle Tactics or gain Mastery for existing Battle Tactics. In addition to this, you can receive rewards from Chemistry bonuses, as well as special rewards such as Grand Company Aetheryte Tickets.



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