How to Obtain The Shishioji Mount in FFXIV

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This page provides information on how to obtain the Shishioji mount. The Shishioji is a legendary auspice and king of the nue. This mount was released in Patch 6.45 alongside the Variant Dungeon, Mount Rokkon.


How to Get The Shishioji Mount

Released in Patch 6.45, the new variant dungeon, Mount Rokkon, brings to us some new mounts and minions. One of which, being the the malevolent auspice Shishioji. The Criterion version of this dungeon is required to obtain this mount. To unlock the Criterion difficulty, you must complete Mount Rokkon. To unlock the Mount Rokkon, accept the quest "Mononoke Aware" from Shallow Moor at Old Sharlayan (x12, y13).

Shishioji Mount

As of right now there are three methods to obtain this mount.


Criterion Dungeon: Another Mount Rokkon

Upon completion of the criterion dungeon, "Another Mount Rokkon", a coffer is given at the end with each player receiving their own individual loot. This chest contains 4 Shisu Coins and also has a small chance to contain the Shishioji Flute Icon Shishioji Flute. This item will grant the player who uses it this mount. For a guide on how to complete this difficult 4-player content, please refer to our guide for "Another Mount Rokkon"

Another Mount Rokkon Guide COMING SOON!

Shisu Coins

As stated above, on completion of the "Another Mount Rokkon" Criterion Dungeon, you will open a coffer containing 4 Shisu Coins. If you are unlucky enough to not receive the mount from your various attempts, 100 of these coins can be traded in to Trisassant at Old Sharlayan (x12, y13) for the Shishioji Flute Icon Shishioji Flute.

Trissasant - Guildship Exchange

The Market Board

This mount is tradeable. Therefore, if you are swimming in Gil, this mount can be yours! The price will vary based on both your server and demand, so your mileage may vary. It may not need to be said, but this could prove to be quite lucrative for luckier players!

Shishioji Whistle Market Board


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