Eureka Orthos Floors 31-40 Guide

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This page provides information about floors 31 through 40 of Eureka Orthos including enemy information and boss advice.


Eureka Orthos Guide for Floors 31-40

From floor 31 onwards, all avoidable damage will one-shot players. On floors 31-40, the Accursed Horde will take the form of a Silver-tinged Sack Icon Silver-tinged Sack, and Mimics can spawn from Silver Coffers. You can expect 3-9 kills to be required to proceed between floors, 4-6 Treasure Coffers per floor, 5-7 rooms per floor and 2-3 enemies per room outside of Treasure Rooms, which will have significantly more Coffers and enemies.


Floors 31-39

EO Floorset 4 Banner

As the first floorset of the challenge floors, mechanics from individual enemies will be more complex than those on the story floors. As always, enemies without significance are excluded from the table below.

Enemy Aggro Abilities Floors Notes
Orthoiksalion Sight
  • Wind Spout: Telegraphed circle AoE.
  • Tailwind: Grants a 100% Damage Up to one enemy for 1m.
31-33 Immune to Bind and Stun.
Orthos Mirrorknight Sight
  • Double Hex Eye: Omnidirectional Gaze AoE. Inflicts Stun for 20s if hit.
  • Knowing Gleam: Telegraphed circle AoE.
31-34 Patrol. No Immunities.
Orthos Shabti Sight
  • Death's Door: Telegraphed line AoE.
  • Spellsword: Telegraphed cone-shaped AoE.
31-34 No Immunities.
Orthospider Sound Particle Collision: Late-telegraph point-blank AoE. Inflicts minimum for 20s if hit. Immediately followed up with Needle Spaser, which is lethal to players with the minimim debuff. 32-35 Immmune to Sleep.
Orthos Lamia Sight Circle Blade: Telegraphed point-blank AoE. 33-36 No Immunities.
Orthonaga Sight Cursed Gaze: Telegraphed cone-shaped Gaze AoE. Inflicts Slow for 1m if hit. 34-36 Patrol. Immune to Bind.
Orthotaur Sight
  • 111-tonze Swing: Late-telegraph point-blank AoE. Inflicts knockback on players hit.
  • 111-tonze Swipe: Late-telegraph cone-shaped AoE.
35-38 Immune to Bind, Heavy and Stun.
Orthopredator Sight Haste: Grants permenant Haste to self. Acts as a soft enrage. 36-38 Immune to Bind, Heavy, Sleep and Stun.
Orthochimera Proximity
  • The Dragon's Voice: Untelegraphed donut AoE.
  • The Ram's Voice: Untelegraphed point-blank AoE.
36-39 Immune to Bind, Heavy, Sleep and Stun.
Phantom Orthoray Sight
  • Forearming: Late-telegraph 180-degree frontal AoE. Can be LoS'd.
  • Atmospheric Displacement: Late-telegraph point-blank AoE.
36-39 Patrol. Immune to Bind, Heavy, Sleep and Stun.
Orthoempuse Sound Kneeling Snath: Inflicts knockback on the targeted player. Will resposition before casting. 37-39 No Immunities.
Orthos Reptoid Sight
  • Berserk: Grants a 200% Damage Up to self for 12s. Only used outside of combat.
  • Rear: Telegraphed point-blank AoE.
37-39 No Immunities.
Mimics Proximity
  • Infatuation: Inflicts Pox for 10 minutes. Can be interrupted.
  • Deathtrap: Telegraphed point-blank AoE.
31-39 Silver Coffers. Immune to Bind, Heavy, Sleep and Slow.

Floor 40 Boss - Twintania Clone

The fourth boss of Eureka Orthos, and the first of the challenge floorsets. Planning and careful movement may be required in a group, but the mechanics are relatively easy for solo players.

Boss Rotation Quick-Guide:
  1. Twister
  2. Meracydian Cyclone → Squall → Turbine
  3. Twister
  4. Meracydian Squall → Twisting Dive
  5. Twister
  6. Meracydian Cyclone → Squall → Turbine
  7. Repeat from third Twister

The arena is a circle, with an outer ring that inflicts a 15s DoT if entered. Upon the boss finishing the cast of Twister Twister, player positions will be snapshotted and small AoEs will appear in those locations, lingering for a few seconds. Any player still in the same position when the AoEs spawn, or any player walking into an AoE, will cause it to explode in a large radius around itself, killing all nearly players and knocking them back as well as killing the initial player. It is recommended that players who attempt this with a group have the party spread out around the boss, and begin to move near the end of the castbar in order to avoid both their own AoE and those of other players.

After using Twister, the boss will then cast Meracydian Cyclone, causing multiple AoEs to appear around the arena and remain until the next two mechanics have resolved. The pattern of these AoEs is always the same, though they may be oriented differently. This is followed by Meracyidan Squall, which targets two players with baited circle AoEs four times in a row. The boss will then move to the centre of the arena and begin casting Turbine, a knockback that cannot be negated.

The easiest way to resolve this sequence of mechanics while maintaining uptime is to have all players stack up and move as a group, beginning at max melee range on the side of the boss that has an isolated cyclone at the wall and standing directly adjacent to one of the two cyclones in the centre. After dropping the first AoE, move adjacent to the other central cyclone, then drop the second AoE before moving inside the hitbox of the boss to drop the third. Drop the fourth AoE adjacent to either of the central cyclones, and move into the empty space remaining next to the the other one. The fourth AoE will resolve before the knockback, so you have plenty of time to position correctly to be knocked back into the safe zone.

After this, the boss will use Twister again, followed by another Meracydian Squall, this time targeting all four players. The boss will then go untargetable and appear at a random position on the side of the arena, casting Twister Twisting Dive. Once this cast has completed, the boss will dive through the middle of the arena and once again spawn Twisters at the locations players were in when the castbar completed.

The easiest way to resolve this is to split the party into pairs, with two people going to the left of the boss and two people going to the right. Two players should end up closer to Twintania, and two further away. Starting in the centre, each player's first AoE will be baited on the same location, and they will slowly move out towards their assigned spots. The dive will resolve at the same time as the fourth AoEs do, so you can use the timing of the third AoE to know when to begin moving to avoid dying to your own Twister.

After this point, the boss will begin to loop mechanics, casting Twister before following up with Meracydian Cyclone, Meracydian Squall targeting two players, and Turbine. As a solo player, you will only need to deal with one set of Squall AoEs instead of two or four, and will not need to worry about running into Twisters left by other players, so this encounter will be notably less dangerous than it would be in a group.

On a DPS, you can expect a kill-time of about four and a half minutes, or faster with the aid of a Pomander of Strength or Demiclone Generator. On a tank or healer, you can expect a kill-time of about seven minutes under the same conditions.



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