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resto shaman output

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hello and thanks for your time!


i dont personally play a shaman healer, and we have one in our raid group its kind of hard for me to help him much. but he's kind of underperforming on 70-80% of pulls, we're starting to make plans to move to mythic and it would be super helpful not to need an extra healer to off set our weaker ones (sadly i do mean to say 'ones')


Anywho enough with that, here's some logs:



here's an armory:



and again, thanks for your time, any times or tricks you can give would be super awesome!


im sorry there's not alot of information to go off of regarding his cast priority


Unsaveable-LoH's tank

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The current trend is that Resto Shamans are about ~5-12% behind other healers (on average). There were a couple of fights where Mistikk was keeping up, and some falling behind.

From what I saw, there were about ~16 players in the raid? For this you should be able to get by with only 3 healers (On average 1 healer for every 5 players). With 4 healers you'll find that one healer will appear to be underperforming because they're bored. See final note below, but that seems to be the Shaman in Warlords so far. I wouldn't be surprised to see that Mistikk's able to pickup the slack from one of the healers being removed or switched to DPS... especially since it looks like the rest of the Raid's doing great (22k+ DPS all around).

However... In general I would suggest:

- Make sure Earth Shield is up on the tank at all times; they gain a 20% bonus to healing done to them, plus periodic heals.

- Try to keep the Tidal Waves uptime higher. Uptime seems to be about ~60-75% (a few ~85-95% cases); should be closer to ~95-100%. It'll reduce cast time of Healing Wave, and increases crit chance of Healing Surge. combining Tidal Waves + Healing Surge + Earth Shield + Unleash Life can get you some nice big numbers on the tank!

- Try to pop Healing Stream Totem on cooldown. I've seen it used many 4-5 times in a fight, where it could have easily been used 8-12 times?. Costs relatively little mana and provides very good AoE heals. This is definitely critical due to the Rushing Streams talent selected, making the totem even more powerful.

- Try to use the Greater Elements more frequently. If a fight is less than ~7-8min long it might not be possible to use it more than once at a meaningful spot, but an option is to take the fire elemental glyph that reduces the duration/cooldown so that it can be popped more frequently. Alternatively, Elemental Blast is a good talent for mana regen and some extra throughput -- but only if you keep the buff up and cast it every 12s.

- Echo of the Elements talent is a bit clunky, and uptime on it isn't the easiest thing to manage. Ancestral Swiftness will instead provide a 5% haste bonus which will help Riptide, Healing Totems, and Healing Rain.

- Healing Rain could be cast more, especially on fights like Butcher where you're mostly standing still.

- I personally prefer Cloudburst Totem over High Tide, although that might change with tier bonus gear being available. I personally find the throughput gain to be 2x as high.

- Make sure Chain Heal is cast on a target w/ Riptide as they get a bonus!

- You can use Unleash Life to give Chain Heal an extra 30% bonus!

A few other things to consider:

- Some extra Haste can help with throughput, since Mistikk doesn't appear to be having Mana issues. Haste should be higher rated than Crit, and it seems Mistikk has about 2x more crit rating than haste. Ancestral Swiftness can easily add another 5% haste which should see a direct ~5% increase in throughput. Mastery of ~61% is okay for the ilvl; could be possibly around ~65% with some crafted gear that targets specific slots. However, see final though below.

- Resto Shamans aren't a "one button" class. They're not like Disc Priest where PW:S represents 80% of their healing. A Resto Shaman is played well when you see the top ~4-5 heals all representing about 15-20% of healing done. Mistikk's Healing Wave is on average the #1 spell @ about 27%. To me this seems disproportional. Usually my top heals are Healing Stream Totem, Healing Tide Totem, Riptide, Healing Rain, Chain Heal.

Finally, one thing to keep in mind... When healing with a Priest, Monk, and Pally it's really difficult to see a Resto Shaman shine. Resto Shaman's "best" stat is Mastery, which only does anything when players are badly injured. If players are kept at 70%+ most of the fight, via absorbs and HoTs it can be hard for a Resto Shaman to be "useful." They're good for "OMG WE'RE GOING TO DIE!" moments and stack-up-and-heal-for-your-life moments. With other healers keeping player's HP high Resto Shaman's mastery is pretty much useless and they fallback to being a "meh" healer.


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Thanks man, that was loads more information then i was hoping for! This week (assuming we have about 15-16) we'll give it a go with one less healer, and with your advice, see what kind of magic he can pull.


 Again, good point with the healer to raid count, i wasnt taking that in to account at all. only time i heal is on a disco priest and that radio doesn't really affect my absorb cheesing.


i actually chuckled out loud when reading " "OMG WE'RE GOING TO DIE!" moments" :-p


and thank you again for this gold mine of shaman info!

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Pretty much Ditto to everything Robo said. 

Your Shaman is doing relatively fine on the numbers especially for being in a group with 3 other healers of classes all above it.

Definitely safe to assume there's probably a lot of moments where he's sitting around being bored.

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I want to add a bit here :)



1. Your shaman has a Multi enchant on the neck for some reason. Resto enchants are Mastery (mostly) or Haste.

2. In Glyphs he has Grounding Totem which is not really useful in raids, he should switch it to Spiritwalker's Focus for more possibilities to cast on move.

3. There is no reason at all to have Crit gems for resto shaman - he should switch them to Haste/Mastery.


It rather seems to me that he's not sure about resto shaman stat weights and just gem and enchant a bit of everything.

The main secondaries for resto are Mastery and Haste. He shouldn't gem and enchant in anything else.

I would recommend more Mastery for deep healing if your raid is doing Mythic content and maybe more Haste if you are constantly overgearing and doing easy content.



First of all I would talk to Mistikk and ask him whether he is bored or what's going on.


Looking into the Butcher fight I see him highly underperforming, but (!) he do know how to play right - he uses all the raid CDs and personals. It looks like he is not interested to heal the fight, so he just drops an occasional Healing Stream Totem and use Healing Wave on an occasional targets - more than 40% overheal from single target spell in high damage fight is definitely wrong.

It points at one of two possibilities - 1) he's not interested to heal or 2) he does not use healing/raid frames and doesn't have a clue who is injured.


I see the same on the last Imperator wipe - huge overheal with single target heal, very low usage of HST, occasional Healing Rains and Raid CDs...


I will link here a compare of your last Imperator try with my raid kill from the last week.  We have exactly the same healers setup.

Our fight was 1 min. shorter but I did 18.63M of healing against 13.68 of Mistikk's.




Here you can see the difference in amount of casts for Healing Stream, Riptide, Healing Rain, Healing Tide, Ascendance, etc.


Hope, it helps and you are always welcome to ask more questions :)

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Sorry for the slow reply, works been kind of a nightmare the last few days.


he's been getting alot of mixed advice from poeple in game. so that would account for some of the off the wall geming/enchanting.


i've forwarded him to this post, and all of its very awesome suggestions, he said sometimes it feels like there's nothing to heal at points, so we're going to drop a healer for this week (assuming we're in the 15-16 range) and we raid on friday/saturday, so ill have some updated logs,


we did some WA / TMW work with his UI in the last few days to help track his blast CD and application and he's been working with cloudburst,so im excited to see what kind of numbers he pulls this week.


and thanks again guys, that IV community showing off its epic worth again!

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Again, here. I highly suggest/recommend Weak Auras for those very important CDs - HST (huge part of our healing %), Riptide, Ele Blast, Unleash Life, Healing Rain. Those are extremely important parts of our class when it comes to resto. Learn to manage those well and BAM! You'll see a lot of improvement. 


Here is Pandacho's thread on it https://www.icy-veins.com/forums/topic/8106-weakauras-in-wod/


Also would suggest visiting Stoove's blog on it, linked in that thread. His exports are wonderful as well.



I heal with 2 druids, 1 holy priest, and a paladin. Classes well above me. And thanks to all this wonderful advise from these wonderful people I am keeping up.


Good luck!

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