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    • By 1wwmonk
      could you please explain me how badly WW monk nerfed for PvP?
      (Windwalker) Strike of the Windlord now deals 60% damage in PvP. (Windwalker) Fists of Fury now deals 85% damage in PvP. Many thanks in advance.
    • By Pinnique
      Hi there.
      I am rather new to the class/spec. However, do not feel this is an acceptable reason to be doing so oddly/poorly on damage. I am by no means the best player in the world, but I do pride myself on pushing myself. Yet, as a WW, I am really struggling to do that.
      Combat Log
      Rotation: I am using the base one from Icy-Veins. I have tried both Chi Brew & Serenity, and Ascension & Chi Explosion. I found Ascension & Chi Explosion the more fun to play.
      I am the token Monk in the raid, so I have no one to turn to debate with, etc.
      Please, fellow monks, why do leaves fall?
    • By luxinterior
      It's become obvious to me that I've been far more fortunate in equipping my toon than actually playing the spec. The alt can be seen here at
      I've just picked up chest piece from flex and am faced with a choice between crit/haste and crit/mastery. I'm currently very haste heavy (at mrrobot's suggestion). I've seen various comments suggesting that haste should be anywhere from 6K - 11K, quite a spread. On another thread here someone suggested 6K as sufficient, then build crit to a 57% DW cap, then dump into mastery.
      If most agree with the latter, I'm inclined to choose the crit/mastery piece. The 1,100+ crit from it should get me closer to the crit cap, and whatever I come up short on I make up by gemming out of haste and into crit.  Your thoughts on this line of thinking will be appreciated. 
      I already owe you guys my thanks. I never really understood Storm, Earth, and Fire and when I asked folks about it they generally disregarded the attack. I tried it on the dummies in front of the Shrine and saw a huge increase,so I know what you're saying about its usefulness on the Protectors must be true.
      I know you're thinking gear is only the tip of the iceberg, and the real culprit is with the execution. I've just opened my account with World of Logs and will be posting some soon. I want take a first look at them myself to see if I really am following the priority posted in the class guide here. Just curious, what would be a reasonable dps count for this level gear?