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Sad WW dps, need intervention

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It's become obvious to me that I've been far more fortunate in equipping my toon than actually playing the spec. The alt can be seen here at http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/wyrmrest-accord/Jahik/advanced.


I've just picked up chest piece from flex and am faced with a choice between crit/haste and crit/mastery. I'm currently very haste heavy (at mrrobot's suggestion). I've seen various comments suggesting that haste should be anywhere from 6K - 11K, quite a spread. On another thread here someone suggested 6K as sufficient, then build crit to a 57% DW cap, then dump into mastery.


If most agree with the latter, I'm inclined to choose the crit/mastery piece. The 1,100+ crit from it should get me closer to the crit cap, and whatever I come up short on I make up by gemming out of haste and into crit.  Your thoughts on this line of thinking will be appreciated. 


I already owe you guys my thanks. I never really understood Storm, Earth, and Fire and when I asked folks about it they generally disregarded the attack. I tried it on the dummies in front of the Shrine and saw a huge increase,so I know what you're saying about its usefulness on the Protectors must be true.


I know you're thinking gear is only the tip of the iceberg, and the real culprit is with the execution. I've just opened my account with World of Logs and will be posting some soon. I want take a first look at them myself to see if I really am following the priority posted in the class guide here. Just curious, what would be a reasonable dps count for this level gear?





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Hi there fellow monk,


Logs will help for a better analysis because we can the look at your uptimes and your rotation.


I am not the best at WW but based off your gear and the knowledge i do have i have a few ideas.


Glyph your blackout kick so that you do not have to be behind the target, this will help with positioning.


Your reforge and gemming is a little strange. IMO you need to pick a build and dedicate to it rather than half halfing it if you get my drift.


I would try something like this:


You are just under the 57% crit cap but dont sacrifice much/any haste.


Your current armory sims you at 257,165 dps on a singe target patchwerk fight. Assuming you aren't a robot and you cant just tunnel you could safely expect 220k+ as acceptable.


Again logs will help.


Happy Killing :)

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The choice of your haste-limit has a lot to do with your trinkets and your choice of the t3-talent. If you are using AoC, then you can use Energizing Brew and FoT a lot more and have more energyregen, than with other trinkets. Also you chose ascention, which is also quite a bit energyregen.

Based on these 2 things and the personal preference, people choose the amount of haste.

For example(and this is just my personal opinion and how i feel, while playing WW)

AoC+Ascention=5k--7.5k haste is sufficent

AoC or Ascention: 8-9.5k haste

Without AoC and Ascention: 10k-12k haste


Also, as far as i know, you can reforge for crit beyoned 57%(actually 60%, because of the 3% boss-supression). It loses a little bit of the value after this point, but its still viable.

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Hi Luxinterior,


First off, I'd strongly advise using Chi Brew over Ascension. May be way more annoying and makes energy and chi management a lot more of a hassle but on the other side it provides higher overall dps and for most situations in SoO the burst truly helps. Another upside is you can get Tigerseye Brew up to 10 stacks pretty quickly once you expire both charges. Creating a starting rotation can really improve dps overall and i would recommend when using Chi brew. So here is mine.

Remembering to always start the fight at 3-4 chi by building with expel harm.

Tiger palm --> Rising Sun

Jab --> Blackout or Rising Sun ,if off cooldown, Until you are energy starved, which wont take long.

Chi brew (1st tick) --> Blackout or Rising Sun --> Chi brew 2nd tick --> Blackout or Rising Sun.

Get full chi with any needed jabs before going cray 

Pop energizing brew w/ Tigerseye and unleash as many Blackout/Rising Suns you can do.


Using this strategy alone has improved my DPS overall, as the rotation similarly sets itself up again by the time the next 10 stacks roll around. Other then that, making sure you rarely chi or energy cap is key. Also use Chi brew as often as possible/ aka when your energy starved.

Even with or without, AoC, I keep my monk at 22% haste. Which isn't always optimal, but hes my alt and I don't have any other trinkets. The only time AoC can cause a hassle is if heroism is popped at an importune time forcing me to wait on using energizing brew, to avoid unnecessary energy capping. I'd prefer to have all 3 trinkets for different situations.

As for geming, Mr. Robot does a pretty good job. At around the time you have max'ed 22% haste, 57% crit, you can prioritize Agi gems, since a single point of agility will still rank higher then equivalent mastery (remember secondary double primary). Your agi-stamina gems are worthless. Going over hitcap still give you slight dps increase due to white swing benefits. At your ilvl, just stick with the optimizer.


On another note, I'm excited you've come to learn and love storm earth and fire. Give it a try on Shamans when doing a kite strat, huge dps increase. Another is Thok; when he goes blood frenzy, throw one on Thok while you attack the jailer. Thok doesnt seem to be able to eat the bastards.... maybe because they are wind! Funny, the spirit will actually melee if you cast crackling jade lighting. Make sure your turn him off when blood frenzy is over though. That or you could just melee him after the jailer and be super careful for a little bit more dps.

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