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wow Blizzard Highlights February WoW Events

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In a post that will hopefully be the first of many, Blizzard has given special recognition to a number of time-sensitive in-game occurrences happening in World of Warcraft during the month of February. Check out the complete details!


1. Love Is In The Air [Feb. 2 - Feb. 16]


The annual Valentine's Day world event launched yesterday and will run for two weeks. In addition to the rewards introduced in previous years after the event was redesigned in 2010, new this year are:

- ilvl 635 amulets from the Shadowfang Keep event boss Apothecary Hummel;

- a new toy, the inv_staff_52.jpgTrue Love Prism; and

- the Lovebird Hatchling pet.


If you've never done the event, we have a thorough guide to completing all of the V-Day content.


2. Blackrock Foundry Opening


Blackrock Foundry is open on Normal and Heroic difficulties today. You can check the raid release schedule and our boss guides for more information.


3. Darkmoon Faire [Feb. 8 - Feb. 14]


Surprises abound as the Darkmoon Faire returns! The content remains the same as it has been previously, but if you haven't completed it already, a range of battle pets, mounts, transmog, and heirlooms are available by enjoying the Faire.


4. Lunar Festival [Feb. 16 - Mar. 2]


Unchanged this year, the Lunar Festival returns after Love Is In The Air ends, celebrating the Chinese New Year. You can enjoy it again or for the first time with our complete guide on how to complete this event.


5. Seasonal Pursuits


Blizzard was kind enough to point out that now is a good time to make sure you've caught a Snowy Owl, as this battle pet can only be obtained during Warcraft's winter months (and is one of only two battle pets with such a restriction, the other being the Qiraji Guardling during the summer).


6. Patch 6.1


Finally, Blizzard reminded everyone about the ongoing 6.1 PTR. We have previously posted the full patch 6.1 notes, as well as instructions on how to log on and test the PTR for yourself!


Would you like to see Blizzard continue with these kinds of monthly content suggestions/reminders? Is there further content that should have made the list?


Blizzard's original post can be found here.

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