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Blackrock Foundry (N/H) for Healing Priest

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This first post is for Disc Tips and Tricks for Blackrock Foundry encounters.  Holy Tips and Tricks (work in progress) can be found halfway down in the second post HERE.  


Gruul (Normal/Heroic):


Disc:   This encounter feels very reminiscent of The Butcher from the Highmaul Raid.  Your group will more than likely have to groups soaking spell_fire_flameblades.jpgInferno Slice damage unless you have alternating Tanks that will be using CDs to solo soak it (Seen quite a few Normal kills using this strat).  Build spell_holy_divineillumination.jpgEvangelism on the pull and keep your uptime of spell_holy_powerwordshield.jpgPower Word: Shield on your Tanks at 100%.  When you reach 5 stacks of Evangelism, pop spell_holy_powerinfusion.jpgPower Infusion and proc your ability_priest_archangel.jpgEmpowered Archangel and spell_holy_prayerofhealing02.jpgPrayer of Healing a spell_fire_flameblades.jpgInferno Slice group (make sure your Raid Leader has put them nicely together for you) then ability_priest_cascade.jpgCascade. Assuming they are taking 2 Slices per group you can start PWS covering the current group for one more rotation then begin to pre-shield the other group.  Make sure you are still weaving in ability_priest_atonement.jpgAtonement when spell_holy_searinglight.jpgHoly Fire/ability_priest_flashoflight.jpgPower Word: Solace are off CD to get back up to max Evangelism stacks when ability_priest_archangel.jpgArchangel comes of CD.  Hit the appropriate group with your EAA PoH and repeat the coverage of PWS to whatever extent your Mana can handle.  Make sure you are keeping PWS up on your Tanks and if they are solo soaking, make sure they are topped off prior to each Slice.  The Raid/Heal Lead will call for your spell_holy_powerwordbarrier.jpgPower Word: Barrier on a soak group and save spell_holy_painsupression.jpgPain Suppression for when you Tank calls for it.  After that initial Cascade it can be used pretty much on CD for the rest of the encounter. Your team members are responsible for stepping away for inv_elemental_primal_earth.jpgShatter and no special attention needs to be paid to it outside of your normal rotation, unless you have particularly slow moving DPS.  In this case you might want to hold Cascade or a EAA PoH to line up with their inevitable failure of moving, causing the splash damage to become a concern.  ability_warrior_rampage.jpgDestructive Rampage will not line up with your PI so you will have to get comfortable with how much you PWS coverage you feel you can get away with during this phase.  If you have an EAA PoH come up during this phase, it is usually safe to target a Melee as the recipient to ensure that as everyone is dodging inv_misc_volatileearth.jpgOverhead Smash they will all be in range and benefit from the spell_holy_devineaegis.jpgDivine Aegis.



There are other Priest approaches to this encounter based on Healing Comp, Raid DPS, and Strategy to name a few.  When there is something that works better for your team please share it.  Conversely, if there is something mentioned here that does not work with your make up please share it so people do not unnecessarily bang their heads against a wall.


Oregorger (Normal/Heroic):


Disc:   On pull, squeeze in 1 or 2 spell_holy_divineillumination.jpgEvangelism stacks then spell_holy_powerinfusion.jpgPower Infusion > spell_holy_powerwordshield.jpgPower Word: Shield coverage of the Clothies and Healers in preparation of the first ability_vehicle_oiljets.jpgRetched Blackrock.  When it goes out and you are re-positioned, max out your Evangelism stacks and proc ability_priest_archangel.jpgEmpowered Archangel for spell_holy_prayerofhealing02.jpgPrayer of Healing on the Ranged group for 6bf_retched_blackrock.jpgAcid Torrent then ability_priest_cascade.jpgCascade.  If the movement after the first Retched Blackrock is not clean, you may choose to Cascade as soon as your set to help with the first Acid Torrent but it will not benefit from ability_priest_archangel.jpgArchangel.  Start PWS coverage again, Tanks first.  Shortly, you'll be moving again for Reched Blackrock.  Make sure you are continuing to weave in Evangelism stacks during your PWS coverage to maximize the number of EAA PoH you can get out. This is a great buffer for the Acid Torrent damage.  If your range group is extremely disciplined you will have 0 Retched Blackrock to heal and will only need to focus on shielding for Acid Torrent.  In this casec swap out Ranged PWS coverage for Melee coverage as they deal with 6bf_explosive_shard.jpgExplosive Shard damage.  If you are required to drop spell_holy_powerwordbarrier.jpgPower Word: Barrier in this phase make sure that it is right after you have re-positioned from Retched Blackrock.  It will give you a full duration under Barrier protection from Acid Torrent before you have to move again.  Our group used Barrier on the last stack point before transition to make sure everyone was topped off as we spread out for Ore Crate.  On Normal and Heroic I did test my PWS, while at full health, was enough to keep me alive if I got caught in a 6bf_rolling_fury.jpgRolling Fury (Raid Size 18).  Although you should be avoiding this ability, it is nice to know that if you make a mistake and damage is inevitable, you will at least a chance to survive if you are topped off.  Moreover, if you are taking the spell_magic_lesserinvisibilty.jpgGlyph of Fade along with PWS you are in even better shape.  Our group spread out to set points and destroyed any and all Ore Crate in our areas.  Every time Oregorger hits a wall the raid will take inv_misc_volatileearth.jpgEarthshaking Collision damage.  Anyone in your area that is at half health or lower should be PWS and/or Penanced to make sure they survive.  If your Mana can sustain it, PWS everyone in your area instead of just the injured.  After he picks up enough Ore Crate and the phase ends you will go back to your opening rotation during the stack phase. Rinse, Repeat, Loot!



There are other Priest approaches to this encounter based on Healing Comp, Raid DPS, and Strategy to name a few.  When there is something that works better for your team please share it.  Conversely, if there is something mentioned here that does not work with your make up please share it so people do not unnecessarily bang their heads against a wall.


Blast Furnace (Normal/Heroic):


Disc:   During the first phase of disabling the Furnace Doors, there are only 2 abilities you'll need to watch for.  Players carrying the inv_misc_enggizmos_35.jpgBomb should be be hit with a spell_holy_powerwordshield.jpgPower Word: Shield, as they will most likely take splash damage when it goes off. The second ability is ability_foundryraid_blastwave.jpgBlast, and it will be tracked by your Boss Mod.  Hitting your Tank w/ ability_priest_archangel.jpgEmpowered Archangel spell_holy_prayerofhealing02.jpgPrayer of Healing will be enough to cover everyone in their group.  So proceed to ability_priest_archangel.jpgArchangel > PWS the other raid members in range then EAA PoH a few second out from ability_foundryraid_blastwave.jpgBlast and ability_priest_cascade.jpgCascade just as it is going off.  The first phase continues with this same approach to each ability_foundryraid_blastwave.jpgBlast until the Furnace Doors are disabled.


During the second phase, you will need to continue to watch your ability_foundryraid_blastwave.jpgBlast timer and PWS those who get targeted with spell_fire_lavaspawn.jpgVolatile Fire.  If you have the Mana to spare during this phase, which most people will not have the luxury but if you do, ability_fixated_state_red.jpgFixate targets would benefit from a PWS but it is not necessary.  The damage taken from the Slag Elemental can be handled by the non-absorb healers.  In my experience with this fight, it is more beneficial for the absorb healers to focus on not losing anyone during a ability_foundryraid_blastwave.jpgBlast.  After the final Primal Elementalist dies the intensive healing begins.


Keep an eye out for ability_foundryraid_melt.jpgMelt targets and hit them with a PWS.  Primary focus will be on your Tanks, and again, your ability_foundryraid_blastwave.jpgBlast CD timers.  This last phase will be the most spammy part of the fight but don't put yourself into a spot that your are preshielding too many raid members and you end up OOM when the boss is only at half health.  Focus the Tanks, shield ability_foundryraid_melt.jpgMelt targets, and then prioritize only those who are low on health.  spell_holy_powerwordbarrier.jpgPower Word: Barrier right after a tank move to benefit it as long as possible.  This fight is one of the longer ones in BRF so learning to manage your Mana will be extremely important.



There are other Priest approaches to this encounter based on Healing Comp, Raid DPS, and Strategy to name a few.  When there is something that works better for your team please share it.  Conversely, if there is something mentioned here that does not work with your make up please share it so people do not unnecessarily bang their heads against a wall.


Hans'gar & Franzok (Normal/Heroic):


Disc:   Build up max spell_holy_divineillumination.jpgEvangelism stacks on the pull and refresh spell_holy_powerwordshield.jpgPower Word: Shield on your Tanks.  ability_hanzandfranz_bodyslam.jpgBody Slam will occur just over 20 seconds in to the fight and generally targets one of the 3 farthest players.  If you are gaming the Body Slam targets make sure they are pre-shielded.  Otherwise, it is more important that you are getting off your EAA proc for PoH on the Melee and/or Tank group when he returns back from the ability.  When the Body Slam finished anyone that was w/i 12yds of any landing spot will get the achievment_boss_spineofdeathwing.jpgShattered Vertebrae debuff.   Melee is usually the largest concentration to take more damage than others from ability_vehicle_sonicshockwave.jpgAftershock because of Shattered Vertebrae.  You're hitting the Melee group here with the first EAA PoH to buffer this raid wide physical damage. So your pull will mostly look like:  PWS tanks > ability_priest_atonement.jpgAtonement to max stacks > PWS farthest three raiders > ability_priest_archangel.jpgEmpowered Archangel > spell_holy_prayerofhealing02.jpgPrayer of Healing > then ability_priest_cascade.jpgCascade as he jumps the first time to help buffer then entire raid when he jumps back.  That will take you into the movement of the belts.  Remain mindful of ability_garrosh_hellscreams_warsong.jpgDisrupting Roar so you do not get locked out.  For the remainder of the fight you can use Shattered Vertebrae targets as your secondary PWS priority but sill keep the EAA PoH for the Melee group.  Each Cascade after the first is a nice counter measure for Aftershock.  Your spell_holy_painsupression.jpgPain Suppression will be called for by a Tank prior to ability_hanzandfranz_chestbump.jpgCrippling Suplex.  spell_holy_powerinfusion.jpgPower Infusion can be used early but make sure it is available again towards the last 20% of thier health.  If your Melee are particularly good at avoiding the Shattered Vertebrae debuff you can use PI 15 seconds into the pull to put out a large PWS coverage of Aftershock, then again on CD as long as it will be up for the end of the fight.  This is a one phase fight, the only thing that changes is that the damage increases as they get lower in health.  This shouldn't effect your approach to handling each of the abilities, just make sure you have Mana for a more spammy ending to the fight.  Do not each the Poptarts on the conveyor belts, they are a lie.  smile.png



There are other Priest approaches to this encounter based on Healing Comp, Raid DPS, and Strategy to name a few.  When there is something that works better for your team please share it.  Conversely, if there is something mentioned here that does not work with your make up please share it so people do not unnecessarily bang their heads against a wall.


Flamebender Ka'graz (Normal/Heroic):


Disc:  The first minute of this fight is very manageable from a healing perspective.  As Discipline you can keep spell_holy_powerwordshield.jpgPower Word: Shield on the Tanks, build spell_holy_divineillumination.jpgEvangelism stacks in preparation of spell_burningbladeshaman_molten_torrent.Molten Torrent to drop ability_priest_archangel.jpgEmpowered Archangel spell_holy_prayerofhealing02.jpgPrayer of Healing on the tank group when it is maxed out.  Since the Tank group will already have the spell_holy_devineaegis.jpgDivine Aegis buffer for Torrent, hit your other Melee that will be helping to soak this ability with PWS.  The PWS inclusion of Melee will also act as a buffer to avoid accidental spell_burningbladeshaman_lavaslash.jpgLava Slash fire damage.  When your ability_priest_archangel.jpgArchangel comes off CD there will be another Molten Torrent going out.  The frequency of Torrent is such that EAA PoH can be used on the Tank and/or soak group every time it comes off CD.  ability_priest_cascade.jpgCascade can also be used to coincide with Torrent to even further reduce its effect on your soak group.  If inv_summerfest_firespirit.jpgSinge is not getting removed, add them to your priority list for PWS coverage as well as those debuffed with spell_burningbladeshaman_blazing_radiancBlazing Radiance.  Singe and Blazing Radiance CANNOT be dispelled, so be mindful of which debuff is out so you are not wasting a global trying to clear it.  Thre is a Blue post saying the debuffs appearing dispellable on Unit Frames is a known bug.  After seeing this fight a few times you can become better at timing your spell_holy_powerinfusion.jpgPower Infusion with spell_shaman_stormearthfire.jpgFirestorm.  In a perfect scenario your Firestorm rotation will begin with PI 12 seconds out > AA > PWS x 11 > EAA PoH on Tank/Melee group > Cascade before AA falls off.  If your spell_holy_powerwordbarrier.jpgPower Word: Barrier is not called for the Tank/Melee group during Firestorm then it can be used to help the Torrent soak group when you do not have the EAA PoH rotation in place.  This encounter becomes increasingly easy to heal based on the damage taken by your Ranged DPS.  The Tank and Melee soak teams will be taken unavoidable damage the entire fight, outside of that you should only have to heal Ranged that pick up a debuff and to help PWS coverage for Firestorm.  The other healers can handle filling up the incidental damage to Range.  Rinse and repeat your preparation for each ability as she cycles through her Energy Bar then loot shinies before the Oracles get them.


There are other Priest approaches to this encounter based on Healing Comp, Raid DPS, and Strategy to name a few.  When there is something that works better for your team please share it.  Conversely, if there is something mentioned here that does not work with your make up please share it so people do not unnecessarily bang their heads against a wall.


Kromog (Normal/Heroic):


Disc: The standard opener again applies to this encounter. spell_holy_divineillumination.jpgEvangelism to 5 stacks then ability_priest_archangel.jpgEmpowered Archangel spell_holy_prayerofhealing02.jpgPrayer of Healing immediately. This will cover one group for inv_elemental_primal_earth.jpgStone Breath, then ability_priest_cascade.jpgCascade into spell_holy_powerwordshield.jpgPower Word: Shield coverage. You may choose to spell_holy_powerinfusion.jpgPower Infusion on pull if your group will not be using Hero/Lust to build to max Evangelism quicker. Most Heroic strats prefer to wait until the last phase to pop Hero/Lust. Otherwise, use PI when you pop AA and continue to PWS coverage after the Cascade to prep for the next inv_elemental_primal_earth.jpgStone Breath. Because of the frequency of inv_elemental_primal_earth.jpgStone Breath and spell_nature_earthquake.jpgSlam, AA and Cascade can be used on CD. Your EAA PoH should still be planned during Stone Breath or after Slam. Continue to heal through ability_fomor_boss_rune_yellow.jpgRune of Grasping Earth, fight your SoO urge to ability_priest_atonement.jpgAtonement your hand down. Using Solace/HF and Mindbender are fine. Cascade during this phase as usual but hold your EAA PoH for the breath that will immediately follow. As you get re-positioned after being released from the hand you may need to focus the tank, as all healers, not just yourself will be getting back to their position.

That is the complete cycle of this encounter, it is just healing through inv_elemental_primal_earth.jpgStone Breath and ability_fomor_boss_rune_yellow.jpgRune of Grasping Earth then dealing with spell_nature_earthquake.jpgSlam recovery. Tank damage is continuous and high in comparison to over half the other BRF encounters. I have seen ability_priest_clarityofwill.jpgClarity of Will do well on this fight but only when it was paired w/ another Disc or 2 Pallies handling the Raid damage. In my experience, healing with just 1 Pally, CoW fell far behind and ability_priest_wordsofmeaning.jpgWords of Mending was definitely the more advantageous L100 talent to take. For that reason there is only a WoM kill vid and not a CoW example like Thogar, Maidens, and Flamebender. PI will continue to be used on CD after the opener. spell_holy_powerwordbarrier.jpgPower Word: Barrier will more than likely be used for a stack point during inv_elemental_primal_earth.jpgStone Breath, as called by your Raid/Heal Leader. spell_holy_painsupression.jpgPain Suppression should be used by a tank during the time all the healers are moving to avoid ability_fomor_boss_pillar02.jpgRippling Smash, repositioning after ability_fomor_boss_rune_yellow.jpgRune of Grasping Earth, or at a predetermined ability_warrior_shieldbreak.jpgWarped Armor stack.


I have received a few messages about taking unnecessary damage in some of the strategies (this is one of them). Ex: As you see in the video below, if my health and the PWS is full prior to Rippling Smash going out, I just stand in it to avoid moving out and back in. It looks bad on performance, absolutely, but I prefer to use our Discipline toolkit in most fights to ignore mechanics that would normally cause multiple or all Healers to move. I rarely recommend these approaches to mechanics in the encounter write ups, including leaving it out of this one as well. The handful of ignorable mechanics, usually thanks to PWS, that have existed in WoD, I make sure to state it clearly. All other instances where I CD through or PWS and ignore something is either me just being bad or using techniques I don’t widely recommend to all readers.  



There are other Priest approaches to this encounter based on Healing Comp, Raid DPS, and Strategy to name a few.  When there is something that works better for your team please share it.  Conversely, if there is something mentioned here that does not work with your make up please share it so people do not unnecessarily bang their heads against a wall.


Beastlord Darmac (Normal/Heroic):


Disc:   Like most other encounters, begin by building spell_holy_divineillumination.jpgEvangelism to 5 stacks after Tank spell_holy_powerwordshield.jpgPower Word: Shield are in place.  For these tips I'm guessing most groups that attempt this boss will choose the order:  Cruelfang > Ironcrusher > Dreadwing.  inv_spear_06.jpgPin Down happens pretty quickly into the fight and has an AoE range of 25yds so prior to it going out proc ability_priest_archangel.jpgEmpowered Archangel spell_holy_prayerofhealing02.jpgPrayer of Healing on your Tank/Melee group to trivialize the damage they take. As Pin Down goes out, ability_priest_cascade.jpgCascade to help the rest of the health pools.  Anyone who picks up the ability_ghoulfrenzy.jpgRend and Tear debuff should get a PWS.  Likewise, any unaware player that gets Pinned will require a PWS and most likely a spell_holy_penance.jpgPenance as well.  If you can use spell_holy_powerinfusion.jpgPower Infusion for the first Pin Down to apply PWS coverage AND it will be up in time for Ironcrusher's spell_nature_earthquake.jpgTantrum, by all means do it.  Otherwise, holding PI for Tantrun and covering your raid with PWS then acts as a CD allowing your healing team to hold theirs for a subsequent one.  Sidenote, if you have a raid size larger then 20 then your PWS coverage alone might not be enough.  Eitherway, your preparation will look like this when Beastlord Darmac mounts Ironcrusher: PI > AA > PWS x11 > (Tantrum Begins) > EAA PoH > Cascade > AA Falls off.  Tantrum is every 30 seconds and lines up nicely with an EAA PoH > Cascade.  Ironcrusher goes down, continue to repeat your Tantrum prep.  While you are Evangelism Weaving, hit the Tanks and Rend targets with PWS.  It should be noted that once he mounts Ironcrusher your priority for EAA PoH moves from Pin Down to Tantrum.  Next Darmac will mount Dreadwing and healers will need to be on their dispel game.  Even moreso if your party cannot figure out which end of Dreadwing is the head and repeatedly gets hit by inv_summerfest_firespirit.jpgInferno Breath, which leaves a debuff that should be dispelled.  The other debuff that must be dispelled is spell_fire_incinerate.jpgConflagration. It will cause a disoriented effect and a DoT.  Not only that but it will spread to another raid member within 8yds as they are disoriented and running around like a murloc with their head cut off.  If melee instantly triggers multiple debuffs, spell_arcane_massdispel.jpgMass Dispel then spell_holy_dispelmagic.jpgPurify any remaining debuffs.  When Dreadwing faces a direction for Inferno Breath you have 1 second to get out of the cone attack.  Unless someone is in danger of dying, move, even if it means a stop cast.  If not, not only will you GCD to Purify yourself, you'll need a heal as well.  While on Dreadwing your EAA PoH can be used on CD for the Melee group as they are most likely going to be the victims of Inferno Breath or spreading Conflaguration.  When Dreadwing dies, the Tantrums from Darmac will require a raid CD so holding onto your AA is not necessarily at requirement but it is helpful.  spell_holy_powerwordbarrier.jpgPower Word: Barrier will be called for by your Raid/Healing Lead, more than likely during a Tantrum on Melee.



There are other Priest approaches to this encounter based on Healing Comp, Raid DPS, and Strategy to name a few.  When there is something that works better for your team please share it.  Conversely, if there is something mentioned here that does not work with your make up please share it so people do not unnecessarily bang their heads against a wall.



Operator Thogar(Normal/Heroic):


Disc:   ability_warrior_rampage.jpgIron Bellow is the main ability that causes the raid wide damage during this encounter and it is pretty spread out.  Even though they pulse back to back, the time between the abilities requiring significant spell_holy_powerinfusion.jpgPower Infusion > spell_holy_powerwordshield.jpgPower Word: Shield raid coverage is such that I prefer take ability_priest_clarityofwill.jpgClarity of Will as the L100 over ability_priest_wordsofmeaning.jpgWords of Mending. That being said, be mindful of the Iron Bellow CD and make sure that you are performing a PWS coverage and ability_priest_archangel.jpgEmpowered Archangel spell_holy_prayerofhealing02.jpgPrayer of Healing rotation to cover the pulses that are not assigned a Raid CD from your Healing Leader (Including spell_holy_powerwordbarrier.jpgPower Word: Barrier). There will eventually be vids of both WoM and CoW. After Iron Bellow the only other noteworthy damage phase of this encounter comes when your raid is split by the two trains in the middle. This is where your Tank will be using their CDs and calling for spell_holy_painsupression.jpgPain Suppression. This encounter looks amazing and am sure is very fun for DPS but from a healing point of view there is just not a whole lot going on here. As long as your group swaps targets and dodges trains properly you will be counting the seconds between split phases and Iron Bellows. Choo Choo!



There are other Priest approaches to this encounter based on Healing Comp, Raid DPS, and Strategy to name a few.  When there is something that works better for your team please share it.  Conversely, if there is something mentioned here that does not work with your make up please share it so people do not unnecessarily bang their heads against a wall.

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Iron Maidens(Normal/Heroic):


Disc: ability_rogue_quickrecovery.jpgBlade Dash goes out fairly quickly, I haven't found away to track all the targets hit if you are not spread out but your Boss Mod will tell you who the initial target is, hit them with spell_holy_powerwordshield.jpgPower Word: Shield. Other than that you are able to build spell_holy_divineillumination.jpgEvangelism to max stacks on the pull. Less deadly but still worth mentioning if you are pugging this encounter is, ability_ironmaidens_bloodritual.jpgBlood Ritual. That target should not eat an entire PWS if your group is handling the ability correctly but if you are having troubles or are with a PuG, better safe than sorry. As a Priest you can take spell_priest_spectralguise.jpgSpectral Guise and use it when you are targeted by Blood Ritual or ability_ironmaidens_ironshot.jpgPenetrating Shot (Ex: 4:40). This will cause the ability to reset without doing any damage, similar to the AIM ability from Paragons of Siege of Orgrimmar Raid. When you push the first boat phase there is not any damage that goes out during ability_ironmaidens_incindiarydevice.jpgDetonation Sequence on the platform except to the tank and anyone who fails at moving from the ability_ironmaidens_bombardment.jpgBomb Impact. Make sure you are keeping the tank topped off as you do the Alpha and Omega Dance. If you do not need to regen mana during this phase then you can put a safety PWS on some of your lesser quality raiders. Melee is most likely to take incidental damage so I focus most of my ability_priest_archangel.jpgEmpowered Archangel spell_holy_prayerofhealing02.jpgPrayer of Healing on the Tank/Melee mixed group and continue to use it on CD. As Penetrating Shot goes out, is a nice time to ability_priest_cascade.jpgCascade. Getting Penetrating Shot is extremely dangerous during Bombardment. If you are in range, and you should be based on solid kill strategy, hit the target and yourself with PWS to increase survivability and spell_magic_lesserinvisibilty.jpgFade if you are carrying spell_magic_lesserinvisibilty.jpgGlyph of Fade.


Up to the last 20% this encounter is very repetitive and predictable. Where Discipline is normally spamming PWS because of the imminent opportunity of any target using the complete absorb does not come into effect until the end of this fight. For that reason I prefer to take ability_priest_clarityofwill.jpgClarity of Will on the Normal and Heroic version of this fight. I will be including a kill vid of both L100 talents, ability_priest_wordsofmeaning.jpgWords of Mending and CoW. During the first 80% of the fight I am stacking CoW on both tanks and hitting the appropriate raid member that are targeted by boss abilities with PWS. Continue to Evangelism weave and EAA PoH proc on Tank/Melee groups. When you push the last 20%, with either L100 selected, then the PWS spam takes over as the amount of raid wide damage goes off the chart. Keep Cascade on CD and PWS on Tanks > Ability Targets > Self. Fade on CD if you are using the Glyph.


EDIT: Removed WoM vid. 




There are other Priest approaches to this encounter based on Healing Comp, Raid DPS, and Strategy to name a few.  When there is something that works better for your team please share it.  Conversely, if there is something mentioned here that does not work with your make up please share it so people do not unnecessarily bang their heads against a wall.




Disc:   The opener that works best for me, and my teams make up, is to get ability_priest_archangel.jpgArchangel up and spell_holy_powerwordshield.jpgPower Word: Shield coverage as many as possible for the first ability_blackhand_demolition.jpgDemolition.  With the time before the first ability_blackhand_demolition.jpgDemolition you are not able to hit AA right away when it is available and still have it up and useful during the duration of the ability.  If you have 4pc, there is no need to prebuild to max stacks, you will have the time to build you spell_holy_divineillumination.jpgEvangelism stacks and hold it for just a few PWS GCDS (Tanks).  Use your Boss Timers for ability_blackhand_demolition.jpgDemolition to dictate your GCD usage: 


Prior to 14 seconds on Demo timer; PWS Tanks, spell_holy_penance.jpgPenance, ability_priest_flashoflight.jpgPower Word: Solace/spell_holy_searinglight.jpgHoly Fire, spell_holy_holysmite.jpgSmite.  Once you hit 14 seconds spell_holy_powerinfusion.jpgPower Infusion, PWSx6,  AA, Solace/HF, PWSx6, (ability_blackhand_demolition.jpgDemolition Begins) Locate the ability_blackhand_demolition.jpgMassive Demolition landing area > Solace while re-positioning and the first damage will be going out, ability_priest_archangel.jpgEmpowered Archangel spell_holy_prayerofhealing02.jpgPrayer of Healing once set to cover that first Massive (usually on the group that did not get PWS coverage), Locate 2nd Massive landing area > ability_priest_cascade.jpgCascade (While AA is still up), PWS, Solace, Penance (Tank preferably), PWS anyone low prior to the 3rd Massive drops.  Getting the timing down for this opener is predicated on the raid being able to navigate ability_blackhand_slagbombs.jpgThrow Slag Bombs and you relying on your other healers to keep everyone up while you go through the rotation.  The second Demo phase, preferably, will be designated to other Raid CDs (Tranq, DH, Revival) and allow you to keep the tanks topped off and play support with PWS on low health raid members.  If you are in position, you can even get a priest_spell_leapoffaith_a.jpgLeap of Faith off on the tank being targeted w/ ability_smash.jpgShattering Smash, to prevent any unnecessary range issues or  DoT damge.  During this second Demo phase, AA > EAA PoH > Cascade.  As his health drops and transition is coming, continue hitting low health targets with PWS so they don’t die to the AoE as transition begins.  If Cascade is available as he moves to the center use it.  Same with EAA PoH, if its available use it.


As you are falling to the second phase area, you will be in range of some of your team.  If they are in need of a Penance, do so.  If you have Tanks in range, PWS them.  If you were not able to Cascade before falling use it when you land, if Tanks are topped off.  Start building Evangelism stacks in preparation for the team getting smashed into the balcony.  Assuming your Raid Leader has the team going up in the same group, make sure you hit max Evangelism > AA > PWS > EAA PoH them.  Keep the tank up as they maneuver the ability_blackhand_slagbombs.jpgThrow Slag Bombs and position the boss to clear areas for Melee.  Depending on your 2nd Phase strategy, you may or may not be dealing with ability_hunter_blindingshot.jpgHide-Piercing Shot.  If you are using the Soaker Strategy, like we do in the video below to avoid fire dancing, make sure to keep the Soaker in range and keep PWS up on them, Penance if needed.  As the Balcony Team jumps back down, if they went  up without a healer and your AA is available, EAA PoH them.  Otherwise, hold the AA and use it to repeat the same prep you used the first time the Balcony Team went up.  (As you are learning this phase feel free to EAA on CD to keep everything under control; these are tips, not a Blackhand bible)  During the final health push to transition to the final phase AND you are not using a Monk’s Revival (pfft) you will need to throw out as many PWS as you can.  This is to carry enough Raid Members into the final phase, to see it, to learn it, the more members and the more often you see it the quicker you will succeed.  Yes, you will be OOM in the early pulls but it is worth it to get the experience.  As you get closer to a kill the more Mana management will be a priority during the final push into the last transition.


Last Phase! First thing, again, as you are falling use that time to heal or shield the appropriate people.  Build Evangelism stacks are you get positioned and PWS on Tanks. EAA PoH on CD for the remainder of the fight, same goes for Cascade. When the Tanks have PWS, ability_searingarrow.jpgImpaling Throw targets get them next.  Between the EAA PoH and Cascades, PWS until your finger falls off or your Mana Regen fails you.  Don’t get knocked off, zerg, profit!


During the entirety of the fight you spell_holy_powerwordbarrier.jpgPower Word: Barrier should be assigned to certain times of the fight, as called by the Raid/Healing Lead.  P1 – Demolition Stack point, P2 – Balcony Team Smash, P3 – Raid Smash; are the most common uses.  After your opening use of PI, it can be used on CD for the remainder of the encounter. 



There are other Priest approaches to this encounter based on Healing Comp, Raid DPS, and Strategy to name a few.  When there is something that works better for your team please share it.  Conversely, if there is something mentioned here that does not work with your make up please share it so people do not unnecessarily bang their heads against a wall.


UPDATE: New kill vid with proper handling of mechanics as they relate to Heroic difficulty instead of ignoring some in Normal that were causing misinformation for Heroic teams.  Thank you for the heads up.


Reserved for Holy








Blast Furnace:



Hans'gar & Franzok:



Flamebender Ka'graz:






Beastlord Darmac:




Operator Thogar:



Iron Maidens:




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Disc Priest

Overall advice for any encounter during progression while you're learning damage patterns. Do not hesitate to us AA before you reach 5 stacks of evang to benefit from EAA. Take note that this is from my experience and this is what has worked. As time goes on and more strategies emerge this could change. This can also change depending on your heal comp and healing assignment.

Angelic Bulwark, Body and Soul, PW:Solace, Power Infusion, Cascade, Words of Mending

Our raid split our group in half with each group standing on the side of the boss and the OT standing in the group that was going to take inferno slice. Ensure you blanket the group that will soak Inferno Slice with PW:S preferable with 25% AA. Bubble as many people with the debuff as you can before it expires to help smooth out the damage.

Logs - I used CoW for this to help with tank heals, but probably wasn't needed.

Angelic Bulwark, Body and Soul, PW:Solace, Power Infusion, Cascade, Words of Mending

Immediately get to 5 stacks of evangilism as fast you can on the pull. Pop AA and start spamming PW:S on the ranged group in preparation for Acid Torrent. Immediately after Acid Torrent is used, pop PoH to use your EAA on the group that would benefit most. Cascade on CD for this fight. Ensure you put PW:S on the person with Retched Blackrock debuff. For phase 2 toss out shields as often as you can, spot healing with penance and using Holy Nova on the move if players are moving as a group.

Beastlord Darmac
Desperate Prayer, Body and Soul, PW:Solace, Power Infusion, Cascade, Words of Mending
Glyphs: Penance, Weakened Soul, Mass Dispel (or double purify)

This fight gets pretty hectic. Highly recommend doing flame last to help out with heals. Keep PW:S on tanks on CD and penance defensively here. Be sure to PW:S the rip and tear debuff to help minimize damage. Use mass dispel if you can dispel >5 targets otherwise Purify and PW:S the others. As with Twins higher stacks of fire remains priority for PW:S. Be sure to blanket PW:S before tantrum comes out. Best advice for PW:Barrier is on the melee right before tantrum happens.



Flamebender Ka'graz
Desperate Prayer, Body and Soul, PW:Solace, Power Infusion, Cascade, Words of Mending

This fight has a lot of bursty damage and disc fits the niche very well. Pre PW:S tanks and build 5 stacks of evangelism on pull. Pop AA ASAP and wait just keep PW:S up on tanks, use penance where needed. At 8 seconds until Molten Torrent cast PoH with EAA up on tanks/melee group and PW:S the rest of melee. Make sure you cast PW:S on the ranged going into melee to reduce damage. You should already have 5 stacks of evangelism again so pop AA and immediately PoH the tank/melee group again, using PW:S to cover the other melee. Rinse and repeat this as much as you can. When wolves come out, ensure that tanks are covered and PW:S the fixated target to give them a speed boost. Use Pain Suppression on the tank when asked to for breath. Pop power infusion 11 seconds before firestorm and cast PW:S 11 times, followed by PoH and then cascade. After that pop PW:Barrier on the raid and bask in your heals. Rinse and repeat until the boss is dead.




Hans'gar and Franzok
Desperate Prayer, Body and Soul, PW:Solace, Power Infusion, Cascade, Words of Mending

This fight is actually really simple and the damage is very predictable. Clarity of Will would be a fantastic talent depending on your raid composition. Keep PW:S on tanks as much as possible and be prepared to use Pain Suppression when a tank calls for it. Use you're EAA PoH on the melee/tank group right before the smash to help smooth out damage. Pop Power Infusion 15 seconds after the pull and blanket PW:S with it. If you are baiting the bodyslam then make sure to cast PW:S before the damage comes out. Dodge plates and fire and this fight is easy.


Operator Thogar
Desperate Prayer, Body and Soul, PW:Solace, Power Infusion, Cascade, Clarity of Will

Its almost like this fight was built for Clarity of Will. Tanks will be taunting off each other at 2 stacks so make sure you're tracking the debuff on your raid frames. When man at arms comes out pop Power Infusion and spam PW:S like crazy. Save your Pain Supression for the split phase and use it on the tank when called. Obviously move if you have grenades on you and pre shield those that do not have good raid awareness.


The Blast Furnace


The iron Maidens


- - - Updated - - -

3 new videos are up. Edited by djriff
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Updated Singe changes to Flamebender based on Blue post 2/4/15.  Singe and Blazing are NOT able to be dispelled.

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we're planning on doing flamebender, kromog, and oregorger tonight. Should have vids up tomorrow if we kill them, strategies at the least.

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Added Note to Blackhand kill:  Attached here as well.



It has been brought to my attention that we did Phase 3 by ignoring mechanics for this video and could be misleading.  This is not recommended and I will make a new vid with proper positioning and handling of Mark of Death P3.  When it is complete I will replace the original one.  By no means is this a guide to kill the boss, the notes provided here and in the Highmaul threads are suggestions and tips for what works for Priests and their healing team make ups, not for raid leaders looking for positioning.

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Updated the Blackhand Heroic kill vid to include proper handling of all the mechanis.  The original vid was on Normal difficulty and allowed a kill while showing the mishandling of mechanics.  Thanks for the catch!

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Updated Blackhand Notes to coincide with video strat. 


Updated Furnace notes to coincide with Heroic strat

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      Hi, my name is Caperfin and welcome to my guide! When you think of a priest dealing damage in raids, a shadow priest is assumed as the staple and path to follow. However, a lot has changed over the years and the most peculiar way to deal damage has sprung up. It offers an increase in damage in comparison to a shadow priest in the later portions of the game.
      Table of Contents
      Introduction Race Profession Buffs Debuffs Mana-gement Gear + Enchants Talents Rotations _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
      It will come as a shock to many players but a priest affiliating with the Discipline and Holy specialisation will be the avenue that yields the best results for a damage dealing priest. But there are standards and guidelines to follow that this guide will try its best to illustrate to help you on your journey. Before continuing, its important to remember you are not only going a certain route but also playing a class that demands a great deal of effort for players to recognize in a raid. We have the capability to not only provide a decent amount of personal damage but also the capability of supporting other teammates. Although, people will be amazed at the amount of damage you deal, they will chastise you if you fail to aid an ally that translates to the death of a raid party. Speaking of damage the most casted spell in our toolkit will be Smite which is where we get our name: "Smite Priest" a spell that causes Holy damage. The appealing part about Smite is all bosses in World of Warcraft do not have a resistance to Holy damage, therefore, our holy friend can deal damage without any burden.
      Races play a big part as we are grasping for any amount of extra efficiency possible. I suggest Priest on the Alliance faction because they have access to the exclusive Paladin class and their talent ability: Sanctity Aura and Improved Seal of the Crusader and its related spell: Seal of the Crusader. Next, let's see the most beneficial race within the Alliance. We are gifted with three possible races, that each offer different kind of advantages: Human, Dwarf and Night Elf. Although, I don't suggest a Horde race, I will still highlight the best race within the Horde. Lets breakdown each race to see their potential.
      Gun Specialization: Guns skill increased by 5. Frost Resistance: Frost Resistance increased by 10. Find Treasure: Allows the dwarf to sense nearby treasure, making it appear on the minimap. Desperate Prayer: Instantly heals the caster for 1324 to 1563. Stoneform: While active, grants immunity to Bleed, Poison, and Disease effects. In addition, Armor... Fear Ward: Wards the friendly target against Fear. The next Fear effect used against the target will fail... What does this mean?: Dwarf can be advantageous to get into a guild or raid quickly because of Fear Ward. This translates into getting more gold and gear quicker whether it be healing gear or damage dealing gear, this is a great way to get your foot in the door for you eventual transition into a full time damage dealer later on.
      Diplomacy: Reputation gains increased by 10%. The Human Spirit: Increases spirit by 5%. Mace Specialization: Skill with Maces and Two-Handed Maces increased by 5. Sword Specialization: Skill with Swords and Two-Handed Swords increased by 5. Perception: Dramatically increases stealth detection for 20 seconds. 3 min cooldown. Desperate Prayer: Instantly heals the caster for 1324 to 1563. Feedback: Any successful spell cast against the priest will burn 105 of the attacker's Mana, causing 1 Shadow... What does this mean?: In a raiding environment, Human will out-damage other races but in a unique scenario that will rarely be performed by most people. (addressed in the Talent section)
      Throwing/Bow Specialization: Skill with Throwing/Bow Weapons increased by 5. Regeneration: Health regeneration rate increased by 10%. 10% of total Health regeneration may continue during combat. Beast Slaying: Damage dealt versus Beasts increased by 5%. Hex of Weakness: Weakens the target enemy, reducing damage caused by 20 and reducing... Berserking: Increases your casting and attack speed by 10% to 25%. At full health the speed increase is 10% with... Shadowguard: When a spell, melee or ranged attack hits the caster, the attacker will be struck for 116 Shadow damage... What does this mean?: Going Troll is the optimal race within the Horde for dealing as much damage as possible on a target, they especially excel on bosses categorized as beasts. If you never plan on raiding and want to remain in 5/10mans, Undead is the way to go.
      Other Races
      If you are dead set on going another race or faction. This isn't to say you should be forced to play a certain race, rather that you should be aware of the differences and make the according decision that aligns with your preferences.
      During the harsh and lengthy process of leveling, select Herbalism and Alchemy. A valid case can be made for also having a lvl 5 alt stationed permanently in a major city to disenchant unwanted items through mail and store items at a bank for later use. Back to the subject at hand, herbalism contributes convenient reagents for alchemy and a strong source of revenue for our eventual endgame professions. It also prevents players from spending an exorbitant portion of time pestering strangers in Orgrimmar to craft potions. The objective is straightforward, gather a substantial supply of gold and a bank chock-full of fruitful potions the raid might need, such as: Mageblood Potion, Limited Invulnerability Potion, Major Mana Potion, etc... Next, I advise dropping Herbalism once the quantity of gold in one’s bags is overflowing and adopt the late game profession: engineering to scoop up a few useful tools, such as: Goblin Sapper Charge, Field Repair Bot 74A, etc... Finally, for secondary professions, I urge grabbing all of them as they all provide valuable assets. In terms of fishing, you can farm those elusive Stonescale Eels that are highly contested after for Flask of the Titans. First aid grants bandages for healing that don't require any mana to use.
      As you probably know a character can have a theoretical cap of 32 beneficial buffs. The limit may differ from server to server or what is acknowledged as a buff. Also, some buffs are unobtainable due to certain patch restrictions or unable to stack with others. On a side note, I suggest installing NirkBuffRemover/NBR and Buffalo to help with overall buff management and ease of mind. Down below is a table of relevant buffs, separated into sub groups to better highlight their usefulness. Although, there is no strict order, you should still prioritize getting world buffs before obtaining other buffs.
      A few example buffs:
      Atiesh, Greatstaff of the Guardian: +2% spell crit to all party members within 30 yards. (Can't stack with Moonkin Form) Rallying Cry of the Dragonslayer: +10% spell crit & +5% melee. +140 Attack power,  Slip'kik's Savvy: +3% Spell Crit. Moonkin Form: +3% Spell Crit.  
      Wisdom of Agamaggan: +10 Intellect for 30 min. Headmaster's Charge: +20 Intellect. Arcane Intellect: +31 Intellect.  
      Warchief's Blessing: +10 mana regen every 5 seconds, +15% Melee Haste, +300 Hp. Mana Spring Totem: +10 mana every 2 sec. Mageblood Potion: +12 mana per 5 sec. Innervate: Increases Mana regen by 400% for 20 sec.  
      Flask of Supreme Power: +150 damage done by magical spells & effects for 2 hr. Only 1 flask can be active at a time. Greater Arcane Elixir: +20 dmg dealt from spells & abilities. Traces of Silithyst: +5% dmg to melee, range and spell damage dealt. Power Infusion: +20% spell damage & healing for 15 sec. Sayge's Dark Fortune of Damage: +10% damage.  
      Songflower Serenade: Increases a melee, ranged, or spell to crit by 5%, +15 all stats. Mark of the Chosen: 2% chance when struck in combat of increasing all stats by 25 for 1 min. Spirit of Zandalar: +10 move speed, +15 all stats. Mark of the Wild: +384 armor, +16 all attributes,+27 all resistance.  
      Blessing of Blackfathom: Increases intellect and spirit by 5 and frost damage done by 15. Alliance Only:
      Sanctity Aura: Increases Holy damage done by party members within 30 yards by 10% _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
      Mind Control Buffs
      I wouldn't be thorough if I didn't mention the wonderful world of Mind Control buffing. It is possible for an alliance priest to use their basic shadow spell: Mind Control or someone with the engineering to create and use the head slot item Gnomish Mind Control Cap against players of the opposing faction. For that duration the mind controlled Horde character is now considered an Alliance player. This allows the character to receive buffs from paladins. In the many guild raids I’ve taken part, we'd have 2-3 players log onto to their lvl 60 pallies and level 60 priests and stationed themselves near the raid entrance or zone for mind control buffing. Before undertaking this endeavor, be sure that the server allows for the Mind Control possibility and find out its exact limits. Tip: Try and get Fear Ward from a dwarf priest and if survivability is not and issue get Curse of Recklessness from a horde warlock as well.
      Greater Blessing of Wisdom: +45 mana per 5 seconds. Note: Icon vanishes if Mana Totem casted but effect remains. Greater Blessing of Kings: +10% to all stats for 15 min.  The fun doesn't stop there. It is also possible for a priest of any faction to Mind Control certain mobs which can be controlled to dish out beneficial buffs to all raid members. In order, to fully utilize the duration of these buffs, its advised to have warlock be ready for immediate summoning.
      Fury of Ragnaros: From Twilight Emissary in BRD, he increases the magical damage dealt by an ally by 25 for 30 min. Resist Arcane: From Scarlet Medic in Plaguelands, increases Arcane resistance by 78 for 1 hr.  Resist Fire: Scarshield Spellbinder in BWL, he increases an ally's Fire resistance by 81 for 1 hr.  Dark Whispers: Increases the Shadow damage dealt by an ally by 35 for 10 min from Vile Tutor in the Eastern Plague Lands. Special Event Buffs
      On an ending note for buffs, we can also get buffs from special events/holidays. An example, is The Midsummer Fire Festival a seasonal event that celebrates the hottest season of the year. It starts on the (earthly) northern summer solstice, and lasts about two weeks (mid-late June to early July, usually). The next ones are Love is in the Air, Lunar Festival, Wickerman Festival and Scourge Invasion that all feature some useful buffs for tanking. It is possible for the Love is in the Air Capital Gift Collection buffs to be stacked with each other, ask around to find out its exact limits. The following buffs are separated by their event.
      Stormwind Gift Collection: Increases Intellect by 30 for 1 hour. Undercity Gift Collection: Increases Intellect by 30 for 1 hour.   Thunder Bluff Gift Collection: Increases Stamina by 30 for 1 hour.   
      Midsummer Sausage: Increases damage done from spells by up to 23 for 1 hr.  Bonfire's Blessing: 30% chance to deal 60 Fire dmg on any melee, ranged, or spell attack. (works outside only) Fire Festival Fury: Increases critical strike percent and spell critical strike percent by 3% for 1 hr.  
      Celebrate Good Times!: +10% to all stats for 30min.  
      Elune's Blessing: All stats increased by 10% for 1hr.  
      Invocation of the Wickerman: Increase health & mana regeneration by 25% and Stamina by 25%.  
      Soul Revival: Increases all damage caused by 10% for 30 minutes.
      In conclusion, let's compile all of the buffs we have seen.
      Here is a screenshot of the best buffs, we can get for our means: https://i.ibb.co/nkLqvMH/plplp.png
      Here is a screenshot of realistic buffs, we can get for our means: https://i.ibb.co/1QsZL7P/io.png
      Having as many debuffs on the boss as possible is of paramount importance to dealing damage. Therefore, our interests are heavily tied to the release of patch 1.7, due to its extra 8 debuff slots introduction totaling to 16 debuffs. All debuffs on the list below benefit us in damage and are assumed to be at their maximum rank/talent improvement.
      Imp. Shadow Bolt (Warlock): Shadow Bolt critical strikes bolster Shadow damage dealt to target by 20% until 4 non... Curse of Shadow: Reduce Shadow & Arcane resistance by 75 & increasing Shadow & Arcane damage taken by 10%.  Shadow Weaving (Priest): Shadow damage spells have a 100% chance to cause your target to be vulnerable to Shadow damage. This vulnerability increases the Shadow damage dealt to your target by 3% and lasts 15 sec. Stacks up to 5 times.   
      Gift of Arthas: If an enemy strikes the imbiber, the attacker has a 30% chance of being inflicted with disease that increases dmg taken by 8 for 3 min. Lasts 30 min.   
      Nightfall: Spell damage taken by target increased by 15% for 5 sec.   
      Seal of the Crusader: Judge an enemy for 10 sec, increasing Holy damage taken by up to 140. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
      When Smite Priests are talked about, they are often associated with going out of mana quickly. However, this is an outdated notion involving a lack of information or commitment from players to rectify. This isn't to say they never run out of mana, but rather that it is greatly exaggerated. Of course, the shorter a boss fight the better. Below is a list of mana regenerative items, you should look to acquire.
      In order of granted mana:
      Major Mana Potion grants a good chunk of mana and drops throughout the world quite often. Major Rejuvenation Potion quite expansive but also grants health.  Demonic Rune converts health into mana. Lily Root is created from a neck item and saves on time, money, etc… (the single root will disappear after 1hr.) Night Dragon's Breath takes care of mana & health. Very easy to acquire so get a large amount and place them in the bank.  As you familiarise yourself with a fight and the limits of your raiding partners, it will come intuitively what is the best to use. Its worth mentioning some items don't share a cooldown, thus can follow each other in quick succession. 
      Here are the two different cooldown categories:

      My personal recommendation is to have a diverse pool of the items featured in this section to cater to any situation that might arise. Not only are there items that can help with mana but also Buffs that we previously looked at. If you are looking to maximise mana regeneration also consider equipping an MP5 gear set in between mob pulls, check out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H0-17Sp62eI to learn more. You can also take it a step higher and equip Circle of Flame.
      Unfortunately, the gear we desire is also desired by other casters. Therefore, I suggest acquiring this type of gear while assuming the role of a healing priest in the raid. However, I will still provide a comprehensive gear list for all phases. The interesting part about gearing is that 4 pieces of our BIS gear can be acquired within Phase 2 of Classic World of Warcraft. Down below is a url to a spreadsheet with a plethora of options for proper gearing.
      Gear Spreadsheet
      Enchants similar to gear need to be tailored for our purposes.
      Enchant Spreadsheet
      For the sake of generality and simplicity these talents setups assume a server between patch 1.9 - 1.12 and taking part in a serious guild who are confidently clearing raids.

      https://classicdb.ch/?talent#bqMhsVVVoctt0db The typical talent setup for a Smite Priest. If were looking to do the most damage possible it is technically possible to withdraw a point from Power Infusion and place it in Spiritual Guidance which deals more damage but would require other priests to cast Power Infusion on you (this is unrealistic but possible) for the duration of the boss fights. In this RARE situation being a Human yields more damage because of their bonus in Spirit.

      https://classicdb.ch/?talent#bqMhsVVVoctt00bZh The improved version of the talent setup displayed above that helps further with mana but requires some coordination and may not be for everyone. The following actions are purely a showcase of the highest dps possible. Basically, before the boss is pulled, Hearthstone to a major city sign yourself up for a Battleground, find an enemy player to kill and trigger Spirit Tap immediately ask for a summon near the raid entrance, enter the instance, get summoned once again to the raid's location and immediately have the boss pulled.
      The following rotation will assume a simple tank-spank raid boss with very minimal movement allowing our holy friend to freely cause havoc unhindered. The following rotation is split into several sections to better highlight the course of action. Naturally, if you are unable to accomplish certain aspects of the rotation, simply weed out what you can.
      Pre-pull: Equip Hand of Edward the Odd and attack an Unconscious Dig Rat, until the weapon's "chance on hit" triggers. If you are unaware of the rat item, refer to the Dig rat video and Doomguard video on how to take advantage of these weird items. The moment the effect is triggered the tank should be pulling the boss. Pulling: Optimally, we would want to cast Shadow Word: Pain but it will depend on the Raid Leader decision. Activate Limited Invulnerability Potion, cast Smite constantly until Curse of Shadow and other similar debuffs are on the boss. The moment all debuffs are on the boss, activate your spell damage trinket, cast Inner Focus, cast Power Infusion on yourself and cast Mind Blast each time its off cooldown. (BUT if Seal of the Crusader is on the boss cast non-stop Smite instead.) Continue through the boss fight by casting Smite and Mind Blast when it's off cooldown. Situational: Try and keep Inner Focus for low mana situations, if mana is not an issue and Seal of the Crusader is not active save it for a MB. If moving is required in a boss fight, use Goblin Sapper Charge while moving & Crystal Charge once again if moving is needed later on. Also, if mana permits it cast Power Word: Shield or Renew on teammates who will foreseeably take damage. In a similar vein, If you mismanage your mana, use Goblin Sapper Charge/Crystal Charge and Magic Candle and start wanding the target. I also suggest to keep on you Faintly Glowing Skull which scales with spell damage, shadow related buff, debuffs, potions, etc... if you are aiming to make other people in your raid jealous. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
      Thanks for reading!
      I hope you enjoyed exploring one of my favorite classes in World of Warcraft. If you are left with some lingering questions after having read the guide, feel free to swing over to the Discord and I would be more than happy to answer them. I will be continuously updating this guide as we learn more about Classic WoW.
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      This thread is for comments about Zalae's Burn Priest deck.
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      Inevitable Destiny   (H)Corrupted Destiny guild Skywall/Drak'thul US realm😎   Corrupted Destiny IS one of Skywall's oldest and largest standing guilds - very active with a large player base! We’ve always got something going on: mythic dungeons, normal runs for alts, Island Expeditions, Warfronts, Incursions, Transmog runs (aka 'Chu's Shopping Trips), Raiding, Brawler’s guild activities...  Even random activities like fishing at Darkmoon Faire while standing on water and wearing a fish head side by side!! All adult guild 18+ years old. 
      Raid-wise we are 9/9 N Dazar'alor and have members with 9/9 H experience. Our raid schedule currently is 5:30pm PST (8:30pm EST) to 9pm PST (11pm EST) Thursday and Monday. (Subject to change as we try to accommodate more members).
      We have an active FB page and Discord server that is up to date on ALL game info as it happens, and of course fun stuff... as it happens as well!
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