Blackrock Foundry (Mythic) for Healing Priest

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Disc:   This is a very straight forward healing fight for Disc, with or without healing assignments/groups.  Pre-pull get spell_holy_powerwordshield.jpgPower Word: Shield up on your tanks and max stack your spell_holy_divineillumination.jpgEvangelism if you have 2pc bonus.  If you do not, make sure you spell_holy_powerinfusion.jpgPower Infusion to get to max stacks asap in preparation for the first spell_fire_flameblades.jpgInferno Slice about 10seconds into the encounter.  Continue with PI on CD for the duration of the fight.  ability_priest_archangel.jpgArchangel as soon as you can and start PWS the first soak group, when the spell_fire_flameblades.jpgInferno Slice goes out, hit them with your ability_priest_archangel.jpgEmpowered Archangel spell_holy_prayerofhealing02.jpgPrayer of Healing and ability_priest_cascade.jpgCascade.  If you are not using stacked healing assignments, after the Cascade change your PWS coverage to the second soak group and continue to maintain Evan Weave and PWS on your Tanks.  When the second spell_fire_flameblades.jpgInferno Slice goes out move your PWS coverage to the last soak team.  You will follow this pattern for the whole fight. AA on cooldown and EAA PoH > Cascade in-line with any spell_fire_flameblades.jpgInferno Slice for the rest of the encounter as well.  Use the chaining inv_misc_volatileearth.jpgOverhead Smash portion of the encounter to regen Mana, if needed*.  Otherwise continue to hit the lowest health raid members with PWS and EAA PoH the Tank/Melee group. Rinse, repeat, loot.




There are other Priest approaches to this encounter based on Healing Comp, Raid DPS, and Strategy to name a few.  When there is something that works better for your team please share it.  Conversely, if there is something mentioned here that does not work with your make up please share it so people do not unnecessarily bang their heads against a wall.




Disc:   ability_vehicle_oiljets.jpgRetched Blackrock goes out 10seconds into the fight but is completely avoidable.  That being said, along with prepull spell_holy_powerwordshield.jpgPower Word: Shield on your Tanks you might as well spell_holy_powerinfusion.jpgPower Infusion > PWS your slow moving ranged members after you max out your spell_holy_divineillumination.jpgEvangelism stacks (you know who they are).  Your first ability_priest_archangel.jpgEmpowered Archangel spell_holy_prayerofhealing02.jpgPrayer of Healing > ability_priest_cascade.jpgCascade can go out with the 6bf_retched_blackrock.jpgAcid Torrent cast on a ranged group followed by PWS coverage on your Ranged for the entirety of this phase.  The CD between 6bf_retched_blackrock.jpgAcid Torrent will prevent your PWS from overhealing so spam to your Mana Heart's content!  Just don't forget to maintain your Evangelism to get max AA > EAA PoH > Cascade, all on CD.


It doesn't matter which group you are assigned to for Phase 2, your job will be to prevent anyone dying from inv_misc_volatileearth.jpgEarthshaking Collision.  With some positioning practice you will still be able to max out your Evangelism stacks and pump out your EAA PoH > Cascade.  Goes without saying to PWS your lowest health targets and Tanks.


Rinse and repeat, that is it for this fight!  The better your DPS is at 1) Damage and 2) Avoiding ability_vehicle_oiljets.jpgRetched Blackrock, the easier this fight is to heal.  Cooldowns on your tank for 6bf_retched_blackrock.jpgAcid Torrent will be handled by your Healing Lead and the better the CD rotation the less there will be to heal. 




There are other Priest approaches to this encounter based on Healing Comp, Raid DPS, and Strategy to name a few.  When there is something that works better for your team please share it.  Conversely, if there is something mentioned here that does not work with your make up please share it so people do not unnecessarily bang their heads against a wall.


Blast Furnace:




Beastlord Darmac:


Assuming Cruelfang > Ironcrusher > Dreadwing


Disc:  Max out your spell_holy_divineillumination.jpgEvangelism on pull with spell_holy_powerinfusion.jpgPower Infusion, or max it prepull if you have your 2set.  ability_priest_archangel.jpgArchangel asap then ability_priest_cascade.jpgCascade when your BossMod inv_spear_06.jpgPin Down cooldown is at 2.  Follow Cascade with a queued up ability_priest_archangel.jpgEmpowered Archangel spell_holy_prayerofhealing02.jpgPrayer of Healing on your Tank/Melee group but if the inv_spear_06.jpgPin Down AoE does not effect that group, /stop casting and hit the appropriate raid group (my team centered healers in the room and we all were in G4, so my fallback EAA PoH goes off on myself).  During the entirety of this encounter, spell_holy_powerwordshield.jpgPower Word: Shield any raid members that get the ability_ghoulfrenzy.jpgRend and Tear debuff as long as your Mana can sustain it.  Max AA and Cascade will be up again for Cruelfang's first ability_warlock_howlofterror.jpgSavage Howl.  AA as soon as it's ready, then Cascade with 2 or less seconds on your BossMod for ability_warlock_howlofterror.jpgSavage Howl, follow it up again immediately with a EAA PoH on your Tank/Melee group.  Cascade will be up again for the second ability_warlock_howlofterror.jpgSavage Howl, 2 seconds out from the CD fits well with recovery.  Sidenote w/ 2pc at the second ability_warlock_howlofterror.jpgSavage Howl; if you have it then your AA and Cascade will be up for consecutive ability_warlock_howlofterror.jpgSavage Howl as long as you are using it on CD.  If you do not have it or forgot to stack Evangelism prepull then you will be just a couple seconds behind on the second ability_warlock_howlofterror.jpgSavage Howl.  Do not AA without max stacks or EAA PoH after everyone is back up to full health just for the spell_holy_devineaegis.jpgDivine Aegis.  AA at max then hold the EAA PoH for the next inv_spear_06.jpgPin Down AoE that goes out as you did on pull.  


For Ironcrusher, begin to line up your EAA PoH and Cascade for the first spell_nature_earthquake.jpgTantrum.  This phase, the damage is negligible and you are most efficient just hitting the Tanks with PWS and lining up EAA PoH and Cascade with every spell_nature_earthquake.jpgTantrum.  Comfortably maintain the amount of ability_ghoulfrenzy.jpgRend and Tear PWS targets you have, or select those only with the longest duration.


For Dreadwing, the encounter continues where Ironcrusher left off, in that most of the damage that is going out is a product of how aware your DPS are.  Continue with the efficient overlapping of spell_nature_earthquake.jpgTantrum with EAA PoH and Cascade.  inv_glyph_majorpriest.jpgGlyph of Purification for the spell_fire_incinerate.jpgConflagration and inv_summerfest_firespirit.jpgInferno Breath debuffs.  


The Mythic only mount Faultline will cause the incidental damage to go up quite a bit as you master healing this fight. For those Mana hoarders it is now safe to start EAA PoH and Cascading on CD, relying more on the other healers to fill up bars when they don't overlap spell_nature_earthquake.jpgTantrum.  As your healing team gets better you can go back to holding your CDs for maximum efficiency.


When Faultline dies your priority healing will be pushed to it peak of this encounter.  Keep PWS up on the Tanks > ability_ghoulfrenzy.jpgRend and Tear > Lowest Health > Melee(Epicenter). AA, EAA PoH, Cascade on CD, until Loot Phase and roll that Mythic WF Chewtoy with a socket!


Your spell_holy_powerwordbarrier.jpgPower Word: Barrier will be called for by your Raid/Healing Lead. PI can be used on CD for the entirety of the encounter.  I chose to take spell_holy_penance.jpgPenance, inv_glyph_majorpriest.jpgPurify, and inv_glyph_majorpriest.jpgPurification Glyphs but spell_magic_lesserinvisibilty.jpgFade in place of Purify also works great while learning the encounters timers.




There are other Priest approaches to this encounter based on Healing Comp, Raid DPS, and Strategy to name a few.  When there is something that works better for your team please share it.  Conversely, if there is something mentioned here that does not work with your make up please share it so people do not unnecessarily bang their heads against a wall.


Hans & Franz:


Disc:   Depending on your healing team break down, ability_priest_clarityofwill.jpgClarity of Will or ability_priest_wordsofmeaning.jpgWords of Mending will be taken for the encounter.  CoW, of course, if your team is having trouble with Tank deaths.  CoW will have you keeping an 80%+ uptime on your tanks and less time prepping for ability_vehicle_sonicshockwave.jpgAftershock.  The downtime will be caused by /stop casting for warrior_talent_icon_lambstotheslaughter.Smart Stampers and inv_ingot_titansteel_red.jpgSearing Plates.  Keep your tanks alive through ability_hanzandfranz_chestbump.jpgCrippling Suplex and have faith in your healing team to keep the raid up during ability_vehicle_sonicshockwave.jpgAftershock, very straight forward, mind numbing approach but very effective against Tank deaths.


If you are not assigned to Tanks full time and taking WoM you will still keep a 100% uptime of spell_holy_ashestoashes.jpgWeakened Soul on both of them.  Along with spell_holy_penance.jpgPenance pretty much on CD after the first 30-45seconds of the fight.


On pull you will have plenty of ability_priest_atonement.jpgAtonement time and it is not necessarily a requirement to prestack spell_holy_divineillumination.jpgEvangelism w/ 2pc bonus to have ability_priest_archangel.jpgArchangel ready for the first ability_vehicle_sonicshockwave.jpgAftershock.  During your first handling of the warrior_talent_icon_lambstotheslaughter.Smart Stampers as you begin the encounter, you will have about 20 seconds to prep.  Get your ability_priest_archangel.jpgEmpowered Archangel spell_holy_prayerofhealing02.jpgPrayer of Healing off on your Tank group and get as much PWS coverage going out as you can, about 13 seconds out from ability_vehicle_sonicshockwave.jpgAftershock, after popping spell_holy_powerinfusion.jpgPower Infusion > AA.  ability_priest_cascade.jpgCascade as soon as ability_vehicle_sonicshockwave.jpgAftershock goes out and continue the warrior_talent_icon_lambstotheslaughter.Smart Stampers pattern.  After that make sure you have PWS up for the Tank handling ability_hanzandfranz_chestbump.jpgCrippling Suplex and channel Penance on them as they take the damage to help ease the recovery, spell_holy_devineaegis.jpgDivine Aegis are a plus smile.png    Damage is negligible while waiting for the next ability_vehicle_sonicshockwave.jpgAftershock so where you would normally cast AA on CD, get your timing down so that EAA is still up for PoH > Cascade when the second ability_vehicle_sonicshockwave.jpgAftershock goes off.  Most pulls, I only had to hold off AA 10 seconds max to make sure I was still able to get both off.


During the second phase of warrior_talent_icon_lambstotheslaughter.Smart Stampers keep your priority on the Tanks for PWS and Evan Waeve in preparation to AA > Cascade the overlapping ability_vehicle_sonicshockwave.jpgAftershock, I found it more helpful to hold the EAA PoH until the following ability_vehicle_sonicshockwave.jpgAftershock (for our groups DPS this happened after we moved into regular Stamper phase).  The EAA buff had about 3-6 seconds remaining in time to get the PoH off with ability_vehicle_sonicshockwave.jpgAftershock.  If you hit AA > Cascade early, go ahead and EAA PoH at 2-3 seconds of the buff remaing so you are not wasting it.  At that point you'll at least have the DA up to help absorb.


During this inv_ingot_titansteel_blue.jpgPulverize phase, ability_vehicle_sonicshockwave.jpgAftershock will be going out faster and faster, your spell_holy_powerwordbarrier.jpgPower Word: Barrier will be called for by the Raid/Healing Lead.  Maintain your Evan Weave between your PWS and EAA PoH > Cascade on CD.


The fight will reset after that inv_ingot_titansteel_blue.jpgPulverize phase and you get warrior_talent_icon_lambstotheslaughter.Smart Stampers > inv_ingot_titansteel_red.jpgSearing Plates again.  The new wrinkle will be a inv_ingot_titansteel_blue.jpgPulverize phase that overlaps your inv_ingot_titansteel_red.jpgSearing Plates.  Tanks are top priority as all healers are moving, let your Penance overheal them for safety (if you use the /stop casting for it normally).  Max PWS spam on everyone as they are dodging Plates and Stampers and EAA PoH the Tank group on CD > Cascade.  Learning the dance is the name of the game, position yourself on a 4-corner so you are able to evade any combination of Stampers that comes down.




There are other Priest approaches to this encounter based on Healing Comp, Raid DPS, and Strategy to name a few.  When there is something that works better for your team please share it.  Conversely, if there is something mentioned here that does not work with your make up please share it so people do not unnecessarily bang their heads against a wall.


Flamebender Ka'graz:


Disc:   ability_priest_clarityofwill.jpgClarity of Will is very strong on this fight, and between the Cinder Wolf and spell_fire_flameblades.jpgRising Flames I have found that it is the best fit to my healing team.  Pre-stack it on pull, then on pull, spell_holy_powerinfusion.jpgPower Infusion > max spell_holy_divineillumination.jpgEvangelism > ability_priest_archangel.jpgArchangel with less than 15 seconds until spell_burningbladeshaman_molten_torrent.Molten Torrent.  Once you AA, spell_holy_powerwordshield.jpgPower Word: Shield the Melee to help soak the spell_burningbladeshaman_molten_torrent.Molten Torrent and as it goes off hit the Tank group with your ability_priest_archangel.jpgEmpowered Archangel spell_holy_prayerofhealing02.jpgPrayer of Healing > ability_priest_cascade.jpgCascade.  Keep up CoW and Evan Weave and prep for Cinder Wolf.  Getting Melee covered with PWS helps with incidental spell_burningbladeshaman_lavaslash.jpgLava Slash and spell_burningbladeshaman_molten_torrent.Molten Torrent damage as your healing team will be focusing on keeping ability_fixated_state_red.jpgFixate targets alive.  ability_fixated_state_red.jpgFixate targets are more susceptible to death during this phase than your Tanks are so make them your priority and limit the overhealing by tracking the dubuff on your UI, it only lasts

8 seconds.  Have EAA PoH > Cascade ready for spell_shaman_stormearthfire.jpgFirestorm and pop spell_holy_powerwordbarrier.jpgPower Word: Barrier when your Raid/Heal lead calls for it. PWS low health targets and get your CoW back up as soon as it ends are you are re-positioned.  The encounter resets and you are back to keeping CoW stacked and prepping for spell_burningbladeshaman_molten_torrent.Molten Torrent with PWS and EAA PoH > Cascade.  Along with getting a PWS on the spell_burningbladeshaman_blazing_radiancBlazing Radiance target, this encounter is extremely similar to the Heroic version and can be healed as such.  Keep an eye on your timers and prep for each spell_shaman_stormearthfire.jpgFirestorm and Cinder Wolf first and take any spell_burningbladeshaman_molten_torrent.Molten Torrent EAA overlapping as it comes.  Good luck on Mythic Tier!


Here is a very boring Top Down PoV of CoW talent kill.  tongue.png




There are other Priest approaches to this encounter based on Healing Comp, Raid DPS, and Strategy to name a few.  When there is something that works better for your team please share it.  Conversely, if there is something mentioned here that does not work with your make up please share it so people do not unnecessarily bang their heads against a wall.







Operator Thogar:




Iron Maidens:





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