T17 sets vs normal/hc

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item level from Blackrock Foundry on normal is 665.


Is it better to use T17 2 / 4 set bonus with only 665 item level, or stay with 670 / 685 items from Mythic/Hc Highmaul and no set bonus?


I know that T17 set bonuses for rogue are very strong and gives signinifacnt dps increas.


But I wonder is it better to use T17 bonuses with lower item level or stay with no bonus gear but higher item level ?




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I don't know how it is for each class, but i know that some classes T17 normal set is better than having even Mythic pieces in those slots, and i'd think that rogue would be one of those classes, since they have really strong set bonuses.

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Depends on the individual item. In general I would replace any heroic Highmaul gear with normal BRF tier pieces. Mythic Highmaul probably not, but I would still replace it with Heroic BRF tier pieces


Edit: Especially because the BRF pieces have better stats

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