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Looking for help in improving dps on imperator. Guild is having issues downing him. Saw other rogues in my ilvl block pulling higher numbers and wondering where I'm wrong.

I probably have issues with getting dance on cd and some rupture uptime. And prob too much hemo. Unsure of what else to look for.

Thanks for any help.

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u are obviously not using your spells right, atleast that's what i think after having a quick look at the times you are using your spells. your first log is quite bad. anything below 85% on your rupture is unacceptable. your second log has got decent uptime bt you use it way too many times i think so you are probably overlapping your ruptures. you don't need to use hemo so many times. only use it when FW is down. When the add spawns start spamming FoK. you didnt use FoK at all. as sub you spam that shit at 2 targets already.


here is the best guide on sub rogues you can find online


hope this helps


Edit: you are also spamming backstab a lot and I don't know why. In my logs backstab and ambush numbers are really close


Edit 2: do you have Shadow Reflection macroed with your shadow dance?

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Common mistakes/advice :

- Don't waste premeditation points. Only use premeditation if you are at 3 cp or less. You may fail if you macro'd ambush with premeditation.

- Try to extend Find Weakness uptime as much as you can. For exemple : don't dance after a vanish ambush. 

- Pool your energy before dance : dance is wasted if you can't get the maximum out of it.

- Don't hemo if Find Weakness is up on your target. Backstab > Hemo in that case.

- Maximize uptime on Slash and Dice & Rupture. 

- Macro Shadow Dance with Shadow Reflection & Trinkets.

- Opener : (-10) Premeditation > (-1) Slice and dice > (-1) Prepot > (0) Ambush > Hemorrhage > Backstab > Shadow Reflection > Rupture > Shadow Dance > Ambush & evisc.


You may check out my UI; it helped some track all important stuff.

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