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Holy Paladin - Help?

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Hi! happy.png

I’m Divinetoots and my hpal heals are less than stellar. L




(Really have your pick on fights. I’ve ranked less than 30 on all fights for my ilvl – Kromog is where the divide between our other healers and myself is quite noticeable though)


So… before I start. I haven’t healed on paladin since WotLK. So basically brand new…especially since I’ve only been playing it about a week. I was playing an arcane mage, and the guild needed a holy paladin… so I volunteered. We had to gear her up quickly – so my prioritization is weak. I have way too much mastery, not nearly enough crit. I’m working on getting her different gear, but in the meantime… My plea of help is more rotation/spells on BRF output outside of gear optimization.


Couple of things  I know I need to work on:

Uptime of EF – Trying to get in the habit of keeping it rolling. On tanks. And me (or mechanically inept guildies) blink.png 

HS on cd – I feel like I try to do this as often as possible, but I know that’s the first thing that is usually mentioned on the posts I have looked at. I’m working on it 


I don’t know if I’m doing anything else that is fundamentally wrong. Are those 3 things really enough to put me so low on our meters?


I’m only 5-10 ilvls short of everyone else - also... no kicking our disc priest to up my heals isnt an option wink.png 


Kinda feel like Hermione in 1st year broom riding class. I’ve read the material… cant get those numbers to go “up”. Any input is super valuable and greatly appreciated.


Thanks again!


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re those 3 things really enough to put me so low on our meters?


HolyShock and EF give you lot of HPS.

I explain a bit why HS is VERY important on CD:

1) Instant cast (you can cast it on move, so whenever you move - press it)

2) Cheap


3) Generate holy power. Hp let you cast EF, wich cost NO mana, have low cast time (like FlashOfLight) and HoT your target.


4) Have x2 crit chance


5) Proc(from crit, but we have x2 crit) fast-cast for holy-light, witch give you more hps, couse HolyLight cast will be faster than FlashOfLight, and for lower mana cost(than FoL).


6) When you use AW(wings), you HS cd lowered by 50% and it raise it crit chance by 20%(10x2), and also AW give you 10% haste wich lower HS cd even more. So you will have like ~80% crit with your gear(20raidbuffed+20AW x 2 couse of HS). So when you press AW your rotation will be HS-HolyLite-HS-HolyLight. If haste not high enough, you just coud cast HolyLight without proc or cast FlashOfLight(or EF).


Now i cheking your BeastMaster fight, and you cast HS 86 times per 9.16 min, it shoud be 120~. Couse of it you miss lot of procs for HolyLight and lot of HolyPower for EF.

I reccomend you set upp weak auras or tellmewhen addons for HS cd chek, it will notify you whenever it off cd.


Also for beastmaster i found - better EF target with dot from Woolf, couse they recive dmg ~30 sec. EF will heal its 100% for this target, and 100% for 2 beacons. Its better than EF tanks. But ofc, if you have HP for DoT and Tanks, you shoud EF both. Also you coud EF with 2HP, couse it will HoT target for lower time, but "tick" will be for same amount of health.


So you understand all right, you need HS, EF more often. But truth is - you forgot press HS lot of times, so as i said before - install some addons for easier track of it. Also most ppl do mistake - they move spell-bar to bottom of screen, so they didnt saw their cd. I dont know how your interface looks like, but it coud be problem.


Also if your guild have money, you coud ask for candle(int+mana use) trinket.

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I must say, when I first came to this forum I was having issues making heads or tails of people advice. Then I stumbled across this little gem and I have since gone and read most of Elarions posts, to which I must say, thank you. I have followed your advise and it has landed me in the top, and if not at least second healing spot in my guild on a consistent basis. I was always so down since we don't have a big raid wide AOE healing CD, but really, with the numbers we can put on just through regular heals, I don't care any more. Haha


I won't lie, I'm still trying to get to the level of ranked pallies that are at my current ilvl but I'm just not there yet. :)

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