Charge,Intercept and Heroic Leap Macro needed

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Hey warriors and macro nerds smile.png
I would like to ask for some help, I had a perfekt macro for utility but when I rerolled faction I lost it, so now im asking you for help since I cant find it anywhere.


The macro had Charge per standard, when I shift clicked it changed to Heroic Leap and when I targeted a party/raid member it would Intercept them on use, im not much of a macro person.. I hope someone can help with this smile.png

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my first idea


/assist [target=mouseover]
/cast [nomod,@target,nodead]Charge
/cast [nomod,@mouseover,noharm,nodead][] Intervene
/cast [mod:shift]Heroic Leap

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      Hi all,
      I recently detect some strange stuff with Intercept.
      I never seen anything about applyed debuffs but from my experience you can "intercept" some (every?) debuff.
      That can be usefull but often very dangerous.
      In my case, i use Intercept to help other tank when i'm not actively tanking for resetting my debuff but if i catch it's own debuff it's quite ugly :/