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Hello IV Paladin community! Cera here reaching in from the DK side with a question.


I'm in the process of leveling a holydin alt which I plan to raid with in the future alongside my main.

I'm wondering if there's a possible, more preventative pally healing build focusing more on mastery.

Would it be possible to bump mastery up in the stat prio or does it not scale well enough to be considered viable? (Lets say crit>mastery>haste for example)

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You know man, I wish Mastery WAS a viable alternative, but it simply ain't. 


It would seem like a good idea though right? Especially with the Sacred Shield talent. But just IMHO I think it's not as viable. Your throughput suffers a lot because instead of doing a really decent amount of single target healing and dishing out fast spells, the points you're putting into Mastery just aren't enough to put a dent into the meters. Maybe later towards 690-700 iLvls, but in the beginning don't even worry about Mastery too much.


I'd aim for 25% Crit, ~30% Haste, and THEN start putting more gear towards Mastery.


With a Holy Light you'd be doing 22k healing with a 5k bubble, but with everyone's health being around 300k, and incoming raid damage, idk, at ~30k dps, that bubble is literally nothing. You'd be better with dishing out TWO spells back to back than doing bubbles

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So with the switch to Pally healing the raid and beaconing both tanks mastery has lost it's luster as we are no longer single target so it doesn't have a chance to build up. As well, in MoP when we were godly AoE healers it was great too, but now, those big burst heals is where it's at. The damage mitigation just isn't high enough after the nerf to the %'s a while back.

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Ow, that sucks. I like the idea of shielding but dont want to go disc. Was hoping pallies wouldve been the middle ground im looking for.

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Ow, that sucks. I like the idea of shielding but dont want to go disc. Was hoping pallies wouldve been the middle ground im looking for.


It is kind of a middle ground anyway, because of the very same Mastery that the other contributors are telling you not to stack. Paladins are still considered to be absorb healers, less so than Disc, but much more so than any of the other healing specs. And it is undoubtedly a desirable thing that they have this ability, but the baseline amount is sufficient and stacking it on your gear doesn't give you good marginal gains.

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The 25% crit is the Holy Shock softcap during AW I think, but whats the mentioned 30% haste? Is that just a personal comfort level or GCD cap during hero or smth?

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You recive 2x20% crit from AW, 20% from SW(talant) so you need only 20% crit for 100% HS crit.

If your AW glyphed, you got only 2x10 crit from AW, 20% from talant, so you need 30% crit for 100% HS crit.


About 30% haste - GCD cant be lower than 1sec. Base GCD is 1.5 sec. So with 30% haste you got 1.05 sec GCD(1.5*0.7).

But i dont rly think GCD is problem for us, couse we spam HolyLight, and it's base cast time 2.5 sec. Also haste will lower Shock CD, and with 85+ gear we coud start using radiance more often, it cast time 2.5 sec too. Haste also buff EF HoT.


As for me:

crit ~ 30%

haste ~ 30%

multi ~30%

mastery/versa ~0


High crit and haste is clear, but why multi? Couse it easy to stack(only 66 rait for 1%, when crit ~110) and it best stat for ppl who have high crit. Multi for 1k rait give us almost same Hps as crit, with only difference - it not buff shock, but we got AW buff 1/3 of time(1.5 min cd, 30 sec buff) and it will give us ~100% crit for shock.

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Im raiding atm as a Holy Pally and im going with the EF talent and its working like a charm i got enought spirit to spam Holy Light for eternity on the targets with Beacon and i wont go out of mana so. Before every pull i will put the mastery shield on them with max so they have a good absord shield in the begining off the fight.

And as mentioned earlier stack Crit up to around 30% raid buffed and around 28-30% haste then i would go with mastery over multistrike and lastely veritality cause even if its a bad stat for is its an increase to healing

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      16-07-17 : Big improvement for the Druid Healing tool. 
      29-07-17 : Shaman healing tool now supports legendary's and trinkets from 7.2.5
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      Resto Shaman - Healing Tool
      Import string :  https://wago.io/SJAG4cTub        ←
      What's making sound :
      Riptide - off cooldown
      Healing rain - off cooldown
      Resto Shaman - Small Healing Tool
      If you prefer a smaller setup, you might like this one. (But doesnt cover everything)

      Import string :  https://wago.io/H1SpVcaOZ        ←
      Resto Shaman - Usable cooldowns

      Import string :  https://wago.io/S1u7HqpdZ       ←
      Druid - Healing Tool

      Import string :  https://wago.io/H1ZvS9p_b       ←
      What's making sound :
      Life-Bloom - when its about to expire from target

      Paladin - Healing tool

      Import string : https://wago.io/BkQJU96dZ        ←
      What's making sound :
      Holyshock - off cooldown
      Paladin - Usable cooldowns 

      Import string :  https://wago.io/r1jnNOQ8M      ←
      Paladin - Light of Dawn info *additional*

      Import string : https://wago.io/HyrN6y4YZ         ←
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