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Soul Fire timing

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I've recently swapped from Affliction to Demonology as main spec and still in the process of fully mastering the spec.


One thing I noticed though is that the general consensus is to save up Molten Core stacks for CD's / Procs. At this point recommendation is to enter Metamorphosis and start Soul Fire spam. I am probably overlooking something here, but why is it recommended to swap to Metamorphosis for this? As far as I can see Soul Fire is unaffected by Metamorphosis, or am I wrong?

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My bad, I just figured out that mastery increases your damage more while in Metamorphosis, so that was the missing piece really... had overlooked this as nothing about damage increase was in the description of Metamorphosis itself.

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Yeah indeed. Not so easy to understand how everything interplays at first so glad you sorted it. Yes you should be using MC procs on stacks buttttttt be aware though that not all procs are created equal. As your probably know already DS is major and should have the most respect for your SF usage. 

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Yes, I take it that swapping on a good proc makes the Goren Soul Repository the better trinket for demo despite the fact that haste is a better secondary (which would implicate Darmac's being the preferred trinket).

It is still a lot to juggle, but getting there :-)

Added some weakaura's to keep more visibly track of DS so I can build up MC stacks by the time it goes off CD.

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Well my first question is who says haste is a better secondary (for Demo)? Though I do think that a certain level of haste is needed for fury gain/overall dps output. However, with decent gear on BRF fights there often comes a time when you swim in in fury and end up spending a lot of time spamming ToC as there are no more spare MC procs. Haste I gather is almost worthless for ToC and it's not so hot for chain casting SFs either. Yeah you will get more off in a shorter amount of time but you are usually limited on either MC or trinket procs anyhow. 


So yes basically I am one of the people that believe that after mastery it is better to have a balance of stats. This is just a personal opinion and I have nothing to back this up nor do I have a nice balance of stats anyway either.


Ok, I went really off on a tangent there biggrin.png So back to the trinkys. The static Int on DuT is very nice but I really do not like rppm's of haste and a crit proc is much better for dumping fury. So yes overall I will prefer to go BMC and GSR but whether that happens it is a different matter! Again though this is personal opinion and I have seen some sims that say DuT is very slightly stronger and people who prefer that trinket. 


Another thing not to forget is your legendary ring proc. It is pretty strong and should also have attention.

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