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Item comparison?

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A normalized scale is where the greatest value is given a value of 1 and everything is scaled down proportionally.  In this case, it means that Agility is given a value of 1 since it is worth the most.  Taking value from Azor's hunter guide, Mastery is worth 0.48, Haste 0.47, MS 0.45, and Crit 0.42.  From there you can multiply the amount of stats by their respective weight, adding in the 35/50 of a stat from the gem socket.  You can also use this gear comparison spreadsheet to check, using a slight estimate when adding sockets (it does not support WF atm however).

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    • By Gudmo
      Good day
      I've recently restarted my D3 experience and gone through the last 2 seasons. 
      As many players can connect to I'm not entirely sure what items to keep and which not to.
      I first stacked and compared any legendaries but as the ancient items came along I mostly threw out the normal legendaries.
      Now as Primals are starting to pop up I of course keep all of those, and needless to say I keep best of any unique set item.
      This however is also too much for my meger 8 tabs.
      Is there a guide out there designed to illuminate players on what items to keep (Most useful) and which to throw away (Most useless) ?
      Some items are niche I assume, and some are cross-class useful. Some are only useful for one class and one build.
      But I want most to know what items are utterly and completely useless no matter their rarity.
      I've reviewed this excellent guide by Damien - https://www.icy-veins.com/d3/legendary-item-salvage-guide
      And it does cover alot of what I am looking for but It actually bothers me to see the Set items there as I'd think their mostly a no brainer (At least the class specific ones) and I also agree with many of the comments that many item's are "Cube Only" and thus no need to hoard them.
      Would love to see such a Hoarder's Guide to Diablo 3
    • By x99LedBloons
      I was taking a look at some build here on Icy-Veins and realized that all of the items that are non-recipes, appear to link to broken pages.
      Example: Inarius's Understanding 
      The link for Inarius's Understanding from Icy-Veins links here: "inariuss-understanding" when it should be fully qualified, "inariuss-understanding-P6_Necro_Set_3_Helm"
      Here is a working link: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/inariuss-understanding-P6_Necro_Set_3_Helm
      I believe that Blizzard changed their URL scheme when they released Patch 2.6.0 back in June. Is there a reason why the links don't work anymore or why they have not since then?
    • By Caleine
      Hi everybody,
      I have some questions about stuffs Best in Slot for Rogue Assassination.
      In the guid written by Fury in this link (https://www.icy-veins.com/wow/assassination-rogue-pve-dps-gear-legendaries-best-in-slot).
      He said for head and Chest, you should choose these items:
      Helm: Fanged Slayer's Helm
      Chest: Hide of the Abyssal Behemoth
      But I chose these items, because when you see characteristics and calculate them, it’s better (see below)
      Helm: Lunar-Wrath Headgear (boss: Sisters of the Moon)
      Chest: Fanged Slayer's Chestguard (Maiden of Vigilance)
      In each item, you got Mastery and it’s the second best characteristics, but in items suggest by Fury you don’t have Mastery.
      If someone could explain me, it would be graceful.
      Stat priority:
      1)      Agility
      2)      Mastery
      3)      Versatility
      4)      Critical Strike
      5)      Haste
    • By Vaelkder
      I was trying to discover what the opinion of most people who play Arcane Mage is, regarding trinkets.
      I have four in my bags from which to chose:
      1. Blossom of Pure Snow, ilvl 489 (equipped)
      2. Essence of Terror LFR version, ilvl 483 (equipped)
      3. Light of the Cosmos LFR version, ilvl 476
      4. Relic of Yu'lon, ilvl 476
      From the askmrrobot.com website, it states that both Light of the Cosmos and Relic of Yu'lon are rated more highly and are better to have equipped, rather than Blossom of Pure Snow and Essence of Terror LFR.
      I would like to know what others think, as the Light of the Cosmos and Relic of Yu'lon do not give any stats, but have a "chance" of increasing Intellect for 15 and 20 seconds, respectively, whereas the Blossom of Pure Snow has a fixed Intellect addition of 1,079 with an on-use Critical Strike increase for 15 seconds, and the Essence of Terror LFR has a fixed Intellect addition of 1,021 with a "chance" of increasing Haste for 20 seconds.
      To me, it seems counter-productive to rely upon a "chance" of a temporary Intellect bonus versus a static gain in Intellect, but as I am still comparatively new to WoW and have only played Arcane, I would enjoy hearing the opinion of those who have experience and skill with this Class/Spec.
      Thank you!
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