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Links to gear on Diablo III site are broken

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I was taking a look at some build here on Icy-Veins and realized that all of the items that are non-recipes, appear to link to broken pages.

Example: Inarius's UnderstandingInarius's Understanding 

The link for Inarius's Understanding from Icy-Veins links here: "inariuss-understanding" when it should be fully qualified, "inariuss-understanding-P6_Necro_Set_3_Helm"

Here is a working link: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/inariuss-understanding-P6_Necro_Set_3_Helm

I believe that Blizzard changed their URL scheme when they released Patch 2.6.0 back in June. Is there a reason why the links don't work anymore or why they have not since then?

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Added a working link.

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2 hours ago, Arkpit said:

Interesting that the hover works and showing the item but clicking the link does not O_o

Yeah, the hover is an Icy-Veins database call to grab their data. It is cached on their website. An external call out to the Battle.net site will not work. I have put together a spreadsheet of all the weapons and armor with their correct links.

You can check it out here.

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Thanks for the report! We indeed cache the tooltip DB. We used to use the tooltips directly from Battle.net but it would create problems when Battle.net was under maintenance.

I last updated the DB when patch 2.6 was released, so they must have changed something afterwards. I'll run an update now and this should fix everything.

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This should all be fixed now. Blizzard changed a lot of stuff in the armory after 2.6 was released and I hadn't caught these changes (this was done after the patch, because nothing had really changed on patch day).

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