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[US-Mal'Ganis][H] <Necronomicon> Need Tank, DPS

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Necronomicon is a nearly four year old guild that has been raiding since Dragon Soul. Recently, we transferred to Mal'Ganis and we're looking for more raiders to fill core spots for our main team.


Raid Times: Monday,Tuesday and Thursday 9:30pm-12am Central (server) time.


ilevel: 655+


Currently Recruiting for a Core spot:


Tank: Monk, Druid or Death Knight (Paladin ok)


Healers: Druid, Paladin, Monk



DPS: Monk, Boomkin, Lock, Rogue, Shaman, Death Knight


ALL classes/roles are encouraged to apply!

Looking for: Disciplined people that are motivated self-starters, well-versed in their class/role that have great communication skills, are extensively prepared for fights, and show good awareness and commitment. You must strive to attend 100% of the raids, be on time, ready to go, and know the fights beforehand.

The Team: The team is progression focused while still realizing that people are there to have fun. We like to do things outside of raiding with each other as well such as PvP, old raids, etc. We're not just a raid team, but also a group of friends.


Past Achievements Include:


Ahead of the Curve: Will of the Emporer

Ahead of the Curve: Lei Shen

Ahead of the Curve: Garrosh Hellscream


Get in on the ground floor and help us build our new Mal'Ganis team!

See for more info or to apply.


Guild Master: Rachmaninöv (Tamino#1762)

You may also contact Albinobaby in game.


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    • By ariviata
      Respawn is a guild created by two guilds that became one, who wish to progress relevant content in a non-toxic environment.Expect a laid back environment off-raid times.However,during progression our members are expected to have a great deal of knowledge regarding their class(including spec and offspec if need be) and have the obligation to research encounters on their own before the raid leader goes into detail about it.
      -After joining you will be given the rank Trialist;trial period of 1-2 weeks,depending on performance and other things we may take into consideration.
      We are currently looking for:
      - Healer ( Priest,Monk)
      - Range ( Hunter,Warlock,Mage & Boomkin ) 
      - all other classes will be considered if you prove to be exceptionally good at the class.
      What to expect from the guild:
      - A dedicated GM and officer team who are always there to help out and guide you
      - A mindset to raid hardest content,with a healthy attitude towards the cause and your fellow guildies
      What we expect from you-the raider:
      - To be on Discord during raids,working mic isn't a necessity but it will be of great help in the future
      - Being humble enough to accept that you can always improve and accept criticism if it's meant well.
      - You have to be reliable – meaning attend most of the raids,especially during progress period
      - You have to perform to the best of your abilities and the gear you have equipped
      Raiding times: (progression times may be extended)
      - Wednesday 19:00-22:00 
      - Thursday 19:00-22:00
      - Monday 19:00-22:00
      If you have any questions,feel free to whisper any of our officers or online members.
    • By Persimone
      Perfect Storm remains one of the oldest alliance guilds on the US-Sentinels Server. Long time members have committed years to the development of the culture within our guild. We have managed to minimize the typical drama that creeps into guilds over time. We look forward to spending time with each other, either in raids or other social activities with in the game. Our light raiding schedule allows us to down as much content as possible, while still holding to the belief that WoW should be fun to play, not a second job.

      Our Weekly Schedule
      Tuesday: 7:30-9:00pm server Raid Current Content Wednesday : 7pm Mythic runs Thursday :7:30-9:30pm server Raid Current Content Saturday: 7:00pm server Old Raid Achievement fun runs/other social activities Sunday: 7:00-10:30pm server Raid Current Content Sunday starts the weekly transmog event
      Raiding and other activities are not required, but are an integral part of our guild, and we encourage applicants to make an effort to join the fun!

      What We Provide
      A members only Facebook page updated frequently with videos of our raids, boss strategy videos for preparation, humor and good fun
      Raid Repairs
      Raid buff food
      Pots/Flasks/etc for raid
      Free transmog items in the guild bank for those who like to change up their look
      Minor gearing help for active raiders
      LIGHTHEARTED raiding. You will not be called out, judged on performance, or held to hardcore standards.

      What We Expect
      No drama. Guild chat, raid progression, loot etc will never be allowed to tear the guild apart.
      Main character. We do not accept alts to park in our guild.
      Age: 18+ . Perfect Storm is an adult guild, with adult content in guild chat and vent.
      No begging/mooching. While we are a friendly group that frequently help one another, as any good guild should... we don't give handouts, leveling runs, etc.
      Raid preparedness. Be of appropriate item level for the content and aware of the fight mechanics(via videos on the site/fb page, the dungeon journal, or reading up) before getting to the content.

      What's Next?
      If you believe that you possess the character to be a contributor to this iconic guild, then we encourage you to fill out an application today. Perfect Storm is always on the lookout for mature players that have an interest in enjoying the game while working around life outside the game. A guild is only as good as the members that contribute to it.

      Our Website

      Contacts for more information
      Recruiting Team
      Prew (Prew#1402)
      Shantria (SilentChaos#1499)
      Guild Master
      Persimone (Persimone#1329)
    • By ladora
      <The Lightning Tree> is a tight family like guild looking for some more dps for our raids! We are currently 2/10 heroic Nighthold and are pushing for that aotc
      our raid nights are sunday and monday 9:30pm server to 11pm server. We do mythic plus's everyday and love to have fun.
      we are really looking for people to fit into our little family and help it thrive, its important to us that we all have fun and enjoy each others company.
      add my btag if this is sounds like it could work for you 
    • By Lor
      Sindorei Council, a family-friendly and socially active guild has been active since 7/24/2007 (BC drop), currently 7/7 (H)EN, 2/3 (H)ToV, and 10/10, 3/10(H) NH.  Seeking DPS (notably ranged) for completion of Heroic and preparation for 7.2.    
      We are not a hardcore progression guild - have never been and don't seek to create that atmosphere.  We are an incredibly welcoming social guild with a core raid component of very skilled players who have enough real-life going on that one night/week (occasionally 2) is what we push for.   We've reached our current raid progression on essentially one night/week. 
      Are you a good fit?  If you enjoy playing your class very well, are reliable to be on at the given time(s), yearn for a fun PG atmosphere in Gchat and Discord with mostly adults, and feel like one (occasionally 2) night per week is ideal for the time you want to put into raiding then we may be a good fit for you.  We help others get better and push people to have fun in guild, raiding or not ( be it through Questing, M+, WQ's, Roics, Pet Battles, etc.). We know our members' backstories and strive to make our guild a family.  Very active FB page and Discord.  
      Schedule:   Current main core raid night is Thursday from 7:30 EST - 10:30 EST (Bloodhoof Server time).  Sunday nights are an alternative night for us.
      Progress:  7/7 (H)EN, 2/3 (H)ToV, 10/10 NH, 3/10 (H)NH
      Loot:  All Personal - hand down to people who need 
      - SPriest
      - Boomkin
      - Hunter
      - Another skilled dps that is comfortable off spec as Tank works well also (Feral/Guardian, WW/BM, etc.)
      BTAG: Lorienawk#1319 or Mango#1525.  
      Thanks and Happy Hunting!
    • By conman197
      We are looking for players to fill our raiding roster. We are semi serous guild focused on progression while still having fun and busting on each other. Currently we are 7/7H EN and 7/10N NH(just one raid night). Our raiding schedule is: Tues and Thursday from 7PM to 10PM EST and possibly Monday if need be. We are very friendly guild, fun guild always joking around and having fun while working towards progression. We raided hard during EN and took a break during TOV due to members traveling and our RL/MT having a child. But we are back at it hard for NH. Currently we are in need of RDPS and Healers. We are looking for English speaking players with Discord. You have to be atleast 860ilvl, have time and willingness to learn tactics and improve yourself. If you have not raid before, or you had a long break, dont worry about it. If you are interested in applying feel free to pm me here or on bnet conman197#1628