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Malygos Miracle Rogue Wild

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is there any good replacement for Tomb Pillager and bloodmage thalnos?

They are really important for the deck. It will be underperforming without these three cards (2x Pillager and one Thalnos). Playing the deck without them won't have great results. You could try moving the deck a bit more towards the usual proactive dragon style.

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Guest Benji

Sorry to be somewhat of a necromancer but, well, bump. ph34r.png 
I have a question pertaining to making the deck more durable for the growing number of aggro players I face (Maybe the numbers change as I progress to higher ranks, but as of where I stand, the majority of players are using aggro to push up the ladder). As the deck only has two heals in it, I find it rather difficult to hold against say aggro shaman that can seemingly "draw doomhammer, win game". I'm sure Sottle realizes this, as he was playing aggro shaman recently on stream. Taunt creatures like sludge belchers do nothing when faced with a 1 cost silence from shaman, usually resulting in up to 20 points of damage in a single turn (doomhammer+rockbiter weapon+ any 2 of a hundred burn spells aka most of the shaman deck). 
My workaround is currently using Shadowstep (0 cost) to bring back antique healbot and put it back down again. Shadowstep becomes in a way a 3 cost heal.


Pros and cons currently are:



+0 cost. Use any turn, for free. Creature cost is cheaper.

+Works with gadgetzan. Use primarily revolves around the end of the card drawing combo in order to continue drawing next turn if you feel you didn't draw enough.
+Works with Antique healbot. Previously stated, a 3 cost heal.
+Both work together if healbot is already on the field.

+SI:7 Agent. Card becomes an instant "deal 2 damage." Good if you MUST have that two extra damage.

+Even works with violet teacher, if you can deal damage with teacher, return it back, spawn an apprentice, and play it back for two when ready.

+Malygos. Return it to your hand with Shadowstep after using a boardwipe, knowing you will have maly for 7 mana next turn. With Shadowstep, it is not required to draw Emporer before playing him as long as you can play a spell (with +5 damage) before returning it to your hand.



-may be a dead card in your hand if for some reason you have none of the above cards in your hand (8 cards)

-less board control. If you can't kill anything without the targeted creature dying, the card only gives you the creature's effect instead of health regeneration.

-Utility only. No damage whatsoever save SI:7 agent with minimum damage output.

Any advice would be appreciated. I'm assuming Sottle has at least tried this card out before (question?), and if so, I'm wondering why he specifically chose others in place of it. I'll be trying out shadowstep more on ladder, though I either get tired of hearth or should be doing homework instead tongue.png
Thanks, boys. GG

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The main problem lies in the strategy of the deck. The deck and the class as whole does not have enough AoE and stall cards, unlike Mage or Warrior. This causes that the deck is unfavoured in aggro matchup. One of the best option would be moving towards the proactive dragon synergy deck type, as can be seen in Dragon Priest. 

Although Shadowstep has some synergy with the deck, you would have to remove a different card to make space for the Shadowstep. You have cards that you need to stay alive and that make the inclusion of Shadowstep a possibility and then you have combo cards that you need to win the game. There is simply not enough space for the card. You could try it using in place of Tomb Pillagers, because shadowstep works in a similar way as Coin, but you lose a 5/4, which can be often the difference between life and death.

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The free Coins are the thing that basically resurrected the Gadgetzan strategy from the dead, so no, not really, you'd have to look at Oil Rogue instead where the 4-drops are more flexible between Shredder, Teacher, and Pillager.

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Guest QuicksilverX83

I don't have Bloodmage or Pillager so I replaced with 1xHeadcrack and 2xQuesting Adventurer. Thoughts? The Adventurer is often a win condition if I don't draw the Malygos.

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