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Following up on a post from early April regarding Heroes of the Storm matchmaking changes, CM Spyrian noted on the Heroes forums today that an additional Quick Match matchmaking rule has gone into place - one that will attempt to pair teammates and opposing teams based in part on their amount of Quick Match experience.


The full text of the post follows, but the gist of the rule is that for players who are queuing alone or in small parties should see an improved level of comparable game experience when playing Quick Match, at the potential cost of slightly longer matchmaking times. It will not prevent players from seeing some diversity in levels of experience altogether, but it sounds like a meaningful improvement.


Here is Spyrian's post:


Blizzard Icon Quick Match Update - July 16, 2015


Since our previous blog on matchmaking was released, we’ve seen an increase in the amount of feedback stating that veteran and new players are being matched together. This can result in friction within the team as new players struggle to keep up with their more experienced teammates and opponents. While we’re excited to see so many new players entering the Nexus, we also want to reduce the likelihood that players with widely differing levels of experience will be matched in the same game.

To help address this, we’ve created an additional rule for matchmaking in Quick Match that will take each player’s total number of Quick Match games played into account when creating teams. This rule has already been implemented, and we expect that you, your allies, and even your opponents, will now be matched more closely in terms of Quick Match experience.

The new rule will not prevent all instances in which new players can be matched with veterans. As an example, this can still occur when a party’s members have mixed levels of Heroes of the Storm experience. Additionally, this change may result in increased Quick Match queue times as the matchmaker searches for players with a similar number of games played to your own.

While this change for Quick Match does not address all of the Heroes community’s concerns about matchmaking, we are still listening to your feedback, monitoring internal data, and continuing to work on further improvements. For now, we’d like to encourage you to play a few Quick Match games, and then head back here to the forums to let us know how it went.

Thank you very much!


Have you noticed a difference in the distribution of skill/familiarity with the game of your Quick Match teams/opponents? Thoughts on this change?

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The crew I play with had definitely noticed an increase in que times. I am not sure if we have enough experience to judge whether the quality of opponent has balanced. We are still so new we get games against absolute noobs with no MOBA experience, as well as teams that are highly organized and coordinated. I think we are at a disadvantage que wise by going in with 4.

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      Niche tier
      Warrior Assassin Support Specialist Cho'gall Cassia (new) Tyrande+ Abathur Stitches Cho'gall   Medivh Tyrael Illidan   Murky   Nova   Sgt. Hammer   Tracer   The Lost Vikings   Tychus   Xul       Zagara Niche tier heroes have niche application on certain maps or for certain team compositions. They are generally picked to "round out" your team composition when your team composition is missing out on key components, such as a "jungler" (mercenary camps), a solo laner, or solid waveclear.
      Bottom Tier
      - Bottom tier Heroes are deemed to be either considerably weaker than the majority of other Heroes, or much more challenging to play properly. Although they may situationally shine, these Heroes are generally avoided by most players.
      Monthly metagame assessment
      It seems I'll have to remove two tiers for our next tier list because the game is probably in the most balanced state it's ever been. Here's to hoping it'll last because such states are great for experimenting with team compositions without feeling like you're missing out on picking or banning that one overpowered guy. What might be the cause of such a state, though? On one hand Blizzard has been (relatively) steady with the nerfs. On the other hand - and I feel this is the most important reason here - there has been an overload of e-sports, notably with HGC, to teach players how to draft.

      There isn't all that much to say today, so I'll go over the new heroes and some of the more notable bounces. Cassia's a good pick against melee-assassin-heavy team compositions, especially if your team is running their own blinding effects for that extra synergy, but she doesn't really fit in a meta that's looking to be defined by warriors and supports. This is mostly due to her limited sustained damage and keen vulnerability to crowd control. Niche tier.
      Genji's looking balanced to me, though he is very difficult to play well, and tends to be quite counterable. On top of this, since he's an Overwatch fanboy favourite, I think his win rates are going to start out really low until we have braved the initial wave of juvenile excitement that drowns him. It should be noted that two of the heroes he does really well against - Tracer and Tychus - are both out of meta themselves, meaning he might not find a place until they do. With abysmal waveclear and mercenary camp claiming, I can't really justify picking him over some of the other melee assassins. Still a good Genji is a good Genji, and the hero's surprisingly fun. Viable tier, barely.
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      The first batch of hotfixes for Heroes 2.0 has arrived and the annoying bug that didn't make new talent prompts to display properly has been fixed.
      Blizzard (Source)
      Bug Fixes
      Fixed an issue that could cause the game client to crash. Text found on the Gem purchase page in the Korean game client will no longer appear truncated. Corrected a translation error on the Veteran Loot Chest reward notification screen in the Taiwanese game client. User Interface
      Draft Mode: The Collection screen is no longer accessible to players in draft lobbies. In-Game: Fixed an issue in which New Talent prompts could fail to appear upon reaching the next Talent tier. In-Game: Fixed an issue that could cause Party Frames to disappear during Tutorial games. Portrait: Progression portrait border art will no longer persist on players’ portrait borders in the chat window after switching to Hero or Team League borders. Portrait: Grand Master rank lightning effects will no longer appear on non-Grand Master players’ portrait borders after switching from a party containing a Grand Master player to another party. Profile: Grand Master players’ rankings will no longer appear truncated in their profiles. Profile: Losses will now be correctly displayed in the tooltip that appears when hovering the cursor over Heroes’ win-rates on the profile’s statistics tab. Rewards: Players will now correctly receive notification that they have earned 1,000 Gems as a reward for reaching player level 5.