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Complete Grand Tournament Card Set Revealed

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Between this morning's stream event with Ben Brode and Frodan and a series of posts directly to Facebook in the hours following it, Blizzard unveiled the last of the cards coming in the new The Grand Tournament expansion. A release date was not given, but with every card previewed, it should be coming out very soon!


All of the cards were posted to Hearthstone's Facebook page in this The Grand Tournament album. Some very powerful, unique new cards were included in today's last batches:



New Priest legendary.



New epic Dragon.



New Shaman legendary.


Which new cards are you most excited for? Got deck ideas you're excited to try? Let us know!


All 132 The Grand Tournament cards are now known. The last ones revealed today were insane!

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The Shaman cards look so amazing. 


Elemental Destruction: Cost 3, deal 4-5 damage to all minions (!). I don't care if it's Overload (5), it's still an early game card that can reset the board.


Thunder Bluff Valiant: Cost 5, 3/6 minion, Inspire: Give your Totems +2 attack. I wonder if the +2 attack includes the Totem you just summoned? Doubtful, but if it does, then that's totally ridiculous.


These two cards, seriously... can't wait to play with my new Shaman deck lol

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Elemental destruction is better played on turn 5 or later, to combo with lava shock. The overload would stop you from playing for a turn and the opponent would have time to recover from it.


Yes, tt does buff your newly summoned totem.


I personally like Totem golem the most from TGT Shaman cards.

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