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This Week's Tavern Brawl Features TGT and Purchased Heroes

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Beginning Wednesday, the Tavern Brawl for the last week before The Grand Tournament goes live will pit players against one another using pre-constructed TGT decks playing as one of either Medivh or Alleria! This is an awesome opportunity to see some of the new cards in action, as well as enjoy the RMT alternate hero characters if you haven't purchased them already.


Here are the complete details from Blizzard:


Blizzard Icon A GLORIOUS Tavern Brawl Begins Wednesday!


Raise the banners and sound the trumpets—one of Azeroth’s grandest events is almost here. We’re celebrating this exciting occasion with a most GLORIOUS Tavern Brawl: the Grand Tournament Match!


Wednesday’s Grand Tournament Match features a thrilling Brawl between two potent forces. One, led by that mysterious master of magic, Medivh, will be packed with minions eager to heed your call to battle and power up with Inspire. Standing against them will be the mistress of the hunt, Alleria, along with a full cadre of master jousters who are poised to grow mighty with each contest won.




Starting Wednesday, just hop into Hearthstone, select Tavern Brawl, and play the Grand Tournament Match to get a taste of the fun that awaits you in the new expansion. Don’t dawdle, because this Brawl is only here until August 24.


After you’ve played the Brawl, join us to discuss your favorite The Grand Tournament cards and possible deck ideas on social media using the hashtag #TGT. You can also check out a preview of The Grand Tournament cards on our official Hearthstone Facebook page.


With this Brawl ending on August 24, it's looking pretty certain that The Grand Tournament will drop officially on August 25, as well. Are you ready for Hearthstone's single biggest card expansion yet?!

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