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Streaming TGT Pack Opening (at least 50)

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On August 24th at 12:45 PM EST and at 1:00 PM EST I will begin streaming a pack opening of the new TGT cards.  I will be opening at least 50 Packs on this glorious day.

The stream will be at the link just below:  

WilliamShat's Twitch Page

I will also post the opening to my YouTube page as well, so if you miss the stream you can check out the results at the link just below:

WilliamShat's YouTube Page

The list of cards most wanted from this expansion in no particular order(and I could be wrong about wanting some of these):



 As for the Rares and commons it should go without saying I hope to have most if not all of them, worst case scenario I don't get one needed to make a particular deck I may craft it.  As for some of the legendaries and epics, not all of them are most haves.  Many of them are wanted just to play around with.  If I don't get certain cards I won't be heartbroken as I don't think this expansion is really going to shake up the meta too much.  I haven't seen anything glaring as being broken but I'm sure if there is we will see if fairly soon after release and then a quick re-balance by Blizzard.  What cards do want, do you agree with my selection of wanted cards?

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