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Welcome to the Twisted Vortex experience.

Twisted Vortex is a Horde raiding guild re-formed by a core of experienced players, with the majority of its members based on Kazzak EU, with others on Haomarush, Stormreaver and Tarren Mill. Our main aim is heroic progression and preparation for the release of Legion - but we aren't ruling out Mythic content either. We're currently 8/13 Heroic. We are open to players who don't necessarily want to transfer also. 

We are looking for committed players, who will buy in to the ethos of the guild.

- Be an active member of the guild
- Support and respect each of our members, we don't talk !@#$ to or about each other
- Be open to feedback, and be prepared to act upon it
- Have a good knowledge of your class and role with in a raid, including tactics
- Maintain a high level of attendance - most of us have lives, and we understand that these can have an impact

Things to know about our raiding structure - 

- We raid from 20.30 to 23.30 server time Wednesday, Thursday and Monday.
- Raid invites begin 10 mins before start time
- We use loot council - we aim to be as fair as possible with loot distribution, the council's decision is final. 

Meet some of the team... 

Our Raid Leader 
Yimiko - An experienced raid leader, dating back to Vanilla. Available for all of your raid leading needs. 

The Boss
Hôôters - Paladin until wow dies. 

Head Communications Officer 
Béann - self proclaimed top DPS - lies or delusions? who knows, no one really cares. 

Gear - ideally we want people who are ready to raid Hellfire Citadel Heroic, but we aren't completely insane to think we'll have people with 705 ilvl beating down our door to get in to a raid... so if you are a little under geared and willing to put the effort in to attaining the required kit - then we are more than happy to help you get there as long as we see an independent effort on your part. 
Trial period - there is no set time frame, if we think you are legend after 1 raid - then we'll give you raider rank, if it takes 3 or 4... then well it is what it is. 

What classes do we require?
Resto Druid 

Holy Paladin 
Resto Shaman 

Retribution Paladin 
Feral Druid 
Windwalker Monk 
Shadow Priest 

If you are interested, drop us an email at and we'll get back to you asap! 

Alternately, contact any of the below for more info. 

Béann - BOZZABEAN #2671
Hôôters - HOOTERS #2788
Móneyshot - Eilaan #2512
Snoozlers - FIREDETEI #2965
Nathil - TREY #2214 
Swayvil - RAZYEL #2518


Twisted Vortex EU

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