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Warr ench+ gems

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Hello people. I have question about my enchants and gems. Askmrrobot show me, that i must ench my all items with Mastery and gems too. but i maybe i havent enought critical. I dont know whether tell me robot true or i need all ench and gems on crit. So pls help with this dilemma.


Here is my warr: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/drakthul/Hryzohryz/simple


thanx for answer


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Well I'm no expert but I see on your armory you have like 34% crit.  When you get to that ilvl with 30%+ you switch to mastery because of the fury mastery should give you some more damage.

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      says that I should use the mastery enchants once i pass 25% of critical stirke, but it says with T17 set bonus (is it just out of date, or it is not worth to use mastery enchants with T18?). So the main question is : should I change my crit enchants for mastery, if yes, then tell me which ones? (neck,back,rings,weapons);
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      while at lower gear levels your suggestions seem to be more less correct. once you reach higher gear levels the stat priority changes and with that so does the gems and enchants you should be using. by using http://shadowcraft.mmo-mumble.com/ you can check your gear and what gems/enchants would best suit your rogue. icy-veins seems to have posted hastily a generic overview of stat/gem priorities. especially concerning assassination and combat rogues the gems and enchants suggestion through shadow craft (and mr robot i might add) are not what they suggest on this sight... please icy-veins at the very least inform people that your gems/enchants are not an end all and that using shadowcraft and simulation based applications might give them more insight into what and how to play/prioritize certain stats and whatever
      i'm not trying to say that icy-veins is wrong or that it's not helpful but post 6.0.2 they said they were updated and i like a lot of others came here for help at first it was very helpfull but now that i've obtained better gear the suggestions made are no longer applicable
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      I only attained my 2 set last night so im yet to raid with it.
      Thanks guys eagerly awaiting your replies!
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