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Help with budget building

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Hi! This is my first post, so I apologize for any rules I break accidentally.

I've been playing for about 6 months now and I've had a dilemma: I never know what to put in a deck. For a long time, I've been using Sheng's budget decks but without regular updates I feel like they're lacking substance and ability to compete in this very quickly changing meta. I don't have any legendary cards besides the expansion unlocked ones and The Black Knight, who I decided to hold onto if the meta slows down enough eventually where I can get constant value out of him. I have most of the core rare cards for each class and a handful of the best epics (Shield Slam, Ancient of Lore, Cabal Shadow Priest, Doomhammer, BGH, so forth) so I'm not completely stranded with beginner decks. However, this puts me in an awkward position. I don't want to use the complete beginner/extremely cheap decks that can't compete past rank 15, but I can't use the ridiculously expensive decks like control warrior or freeze mage. I would appreciate if someone could point me to a link(s) that could give me decently competitive budget decks with maybe a couple of epics, and mostly commons/rares + other basic/expansion cards (oh yeah, I have both expansions) for a newbie like me to try out! If those kinds of decks dont exist, I wouldn't mind some tips on how to build budget decks of my own. I always struggle with self-building so I netdeck, but I'm sure it would be a great experience. Sorry for the excessive use of personal pronouns!



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If you want to play competitive decks without spending tons of dust, play aggro. There are plenty of them listed on this site. Sottle posted a Face Hunter deck utilizing some of the new TGT cards that is both competitive and fun. The cost is listed at 1,100 dust:



I've also enjoyed Sottle's low budget TGT Aggro/Rush Paladin deck, which is listed at 1,400 dust:



You can also check out the Warlock Zoo decks (I refer to these as tempo decks, not aggro, but they should still fit your budget). There are multiple varieties to choose from, most between 1,100 and 1,600 dust:



Control decks will generally utilize multiple legendary cards and thus are out of range for a lot of new players (unless you're willing to grow your card collection by paying real money for packs). This is one of the main reasons aggro decks will always be a staple of the meta - there will always be new players who can't afford the control decks and thus need to resort to aggro decks to compete. Aggro decks are also great because they allow you to get more games in during a given amount of time. More games played means more wins and more gold for your virtual pocket!

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