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Need help building deck for Tournament later tonight.

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Okay so I have a tournament starting tonight and I need help building a deck or two. I don't have any of the good legendaries. What I do have is foe reaper, thermaplugg, cairne bloodhoff, emperor tharussian, grommash hellscream, and deathwing. Any help would be appreciated!

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Decks you can get with these cards: 
Face Hunter, Patron Warrior, Aggro Warrior, Aggro Druid (if you sap Boom for something else), Secret Paladin (the aggro one), Aggro Paladin (aka Eboladin), Inner Fire Priest, Bloodlust Shaman, Grinder (without Sylvanas). I might have forgotten a few decks.

The best 3 decks would probably be Face Hunter, Aggro Secret and Aggro Paladin. However, I wouldn't expect much from it as you will probably face Full Budget decks.


I also recommend disenchanting the useless legendaries and crafting Boom or Sylvanas. Foe is too slow, Thermaplugg is too bad, Cairne is too slow, Deathwing has too severe drawback. This gives you exactly 1600 dust to make a single legendary.

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Sorry for the late reply lol, but I'd rather not join the cancerous face hunter crowd. But I'll look into aggro paladin. I also disenchanted thermaplugg and made Dr.boom! Thanks for the help.

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      I've been playing for about 6 months now and I've had a dilemma: I never know what to put in a deck. For a long time, I've been using Sheng's budget decks but without regular updates I feel like they're lacking substance and ability to compete in this very quickly changing meta. I don't have any legendary cards besides the expansion unlocked ones and The Black Knight, who I decided to hold onto if the meta slows down enough eventually where I can get constant value out of him. I have most of the core rare cards for each class and a handful of the best epics (Shield Slam, Ancient of Lore, Cabal Shadow Priest, Doomhammer, BGH, so forth) so I'm not completely stranded with beginner decks. However, this puts me in an awkward position. I don't want to use the complete beginner/extremely cheap decks that can't compete past rank 15, but I can't use the ridiculously expensive decks like control warrior or freeze mage. I would appreciate if someone could point me to a link(s) that could give me decently competitive budget decks with maybe a couple of epics, and mostly commons/rares + other basic/expansion cards (oh yeah, I have both expansions) for a newbie like me to try out! If those kinds of decks dont exist, I wouldn't mind some tips on how to build budget decks of my own. I always struggle with self-building so I netdeck, but I'm sure it would be a great experience. Sorry for the excessive use of personal pronouns!
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      Here's the deck:
      Explosive trap Ironbeak owl
      Scavenging hyena Nerubian egg
      Animal companion x2 Ironfur grizzly
      Deadly shot Questing adventurer
      Kill command x2 Chillwind yeti
      Unleash the hounds Defender of argus x2
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      Light of the Naaru x2 
      Mind Vision x2
      Power Word Shield x2
      Northshire Cleric x2
      Divine Spirit x2
      Shadow Word Pain x2
      Faerie Dragon x2
      Shadow Word Death x2
      Blackwing Technician x2
      Hungry Dragon x2
      Holy Nova x2
      Blackwing Corruptor x2
      Emporer Thurissan 
      Volcanic Drake x2
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      Okay, so I've been playing for a couple of months now, and I'm enjoying the game quite a bit. But I'm afraid I'm stuck. I've finished the arachnid quarter in Naxramas, and have beaten the class challenges. I appear to have topped out, as I get absolutely crushed in Heroic mode, and have only reached level 17 in ranked play. I find myself hovering around 20-18 most of the time. I've DE'd cards that I never use and have crafted a few others. I have 80 dust to spare. I fear that the cards in my deck are insufficient to carry me any further. I am currently sitting on only 550 gold. Should I spend the gold on more cards and hope I get some that can improve my overall decks, or should I save up and attempt to go through the next quarter in Naxramas? I'm a dad of two kids so almost all of my disposable income goes to their welfare, meaning that spending actual cash on card packs is a rarity, so making the correct decisions in-game is crucial to me. I fear that no matter what decision I make I'll end up with buyers remorse.
      Any kind of advice would be appreciated. I'll be more than happy to "give back" to future n00bs like myself once I start to get better.
    • By MatejSK
      Hello folks,
      after some hiatus, I decided to give this game a 2nd try. But I ran into a big problem - I just can't win. My win rate is maybe abour 20-35%. Bigger problem is - I can't tell what am I doing wrong. And I would appreciate some help.
      I am sure I have bad decks. 
      I try to have cards for each stage of the game (so I won't end up with hand full of 5+ crystal cards at the beginning), but often I end up with 5-7cards in hand that I can't play. Either they are too expensive for that round or are just not viable at that moment.
      Thing is - I am a F2P player so I have only limited number of good cards. I tried to copy some of the cheap decks here on Icy Veins but I don't have at least half of those cards. And then maybe even if I built those decks I would lose since I would play them bad.
      Maybe what I need is some article or webpage that explains cards, says which one is good, which is bad, what synergizes with what... because if I try to make my own deck, I feel good about it in Deck Manager, then I take it to Casual mode and lose 3 or 4 times in a row with it - feeling like my deck is pure BS.
      EDIT: I like to play Priest, secondary Paladin. Here are my decks:
      Priest deck
      Paladin deck
      As I mentioned before, I play for free. Maybe I am wrong, but it feels like at least 30% of my losses are because enemy has stronger cards. I lost to so many bad players, who obviously didn't know how to play those cards properly (even I could tell) and still they won just because no matter what I did, no matter what they did - their deck just steamrolled over my cheap cards.
      Lately I feel that I can only win if I meet another f2p player or if my enemy is unlucky and draws bad cards for several rounds. In another words - I win only few games, but from all wins I feel like it is 10% skill, 90% lucky draws.
      I'm a bad player
      I am sure I do plenty of mistakes, but I can't tell. Yes, sometimes after I use card I realize what I did wrong and try to learn from it, but what about those 1000 other mistakes I did, but couldn't see (therefore I can't fix them)? Do you have any advice how to get better? Do you know about any good learning YT channel or something? Because just by playing, not seeing problems, I get only frustrated but not better at the game. Or maybe I should watch some streamers....?
      And 2 more questions
      Adventures - before I quit the first time, I opened 2 levels of Naxx adventure. This time I opened 1st level of BrM. As a f2p player it is hard to get those 700g for another level. For that gold I can get 7 packs of cards. What do you suggest - should I get all BrM cards? Or better to finish Naxx? Or should I just leave it and get as many card packs for 100g each, as I can? I don't wanna waste gold, but spend it efficiently.
      Quests - which ones should I do? In current state of my win rate, it is nearly impossible to complete "win 5 games with class X or Y" quests. Also from time point of view - win 5 games for 60g (+10 for 3 wins) is ineffective compared to "win 2 games with class X or Y". If I win 5 games I get 70g, so I am getting 14g per win. If I complete "win 2 games" quest, I am getting 20g per win. But here on IV, I've read some article that said I should do "win 5" quests and change all "win 2" quests. So - which quest are the most effective ones? Which should I do?
      Thx for reading and any help would be much appreciated.
      PS: excuse my English, not a native language of mine 
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