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Hey guys, I just recently started playing Hearthstone and have had some issue with my deck. I bought the BRM thingy and haven't fully completed it yet, I'm stuck on Nef. But that's not what I need help with.


I have been working on a priest deck for awhile now and have come up with the following


Light of the Naaru x2 

Mind Vision x2

Power Word Shield x2

Northshire Cleric x2

Divine Spirit x2

Shadow Word Pain x2

Faerie Dragon x2

Shadow Word Death x2

Blackwing Technician x2

Hungry Dragon x2

Holy Nova x2

Blackwing Corruptor x2

Emporer Thurissan 

Volcanic Drake x2

Stormwind Champion x2



I've had great success with it, just wondering if anyone has a suggestion on making it better.

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Since you're new I'm assuming you don't yet have Naxxramas or many rare/epic/legendary cards? Under that assumption, I'll suggest some BRM cards and common cards that may be helpful.


First, I would suggest replacing Mind Vision and Light of the Naaru with cards that are more reliable, as neither of these cards are likely to get you card advantage consistently. Thoughsteal is similar to Mind Vision but gives you two cards instead of one, so you instantly end up one card ahead. You could also consider Twilight Whelp as a good one-drop, since with all the dragons your are running you have a good chance of making him a 2/3.


To strengthen the dragon synergy you could add more dragons from BRM such as Dragonkin Sorcerer (which combos well with Power Word: Shield and Divine Spirit). Divine Spirit, now that I mention it, is also situational. I run one in my priest deck that I sometimes play on big Taunt minions or Maexxna, but it can lead to card disadvantage if the minion is Silenced or Hexed or Polymorphed, etc. You may want to run only one.


Or if the dragon synergy isn't working out consistently, you could consider removing the creatures that rely on having dragons in your hand, Blackwing Technician and Blackwing Corrupter, and replace them with creatures that are stronger on their own. For instance, Chillwind Yeti and Sen'jin Sheildmasta are both very strong cards for their mana cost.


You can also try Temple Enforcer in place of Stormwind Champion. While not strictly better I think it synergizes better with the Priest's hero power. Stormwind is great if you have multiple creatures in play before putting him down (thus allowing you to take advantage of the buff immediately), but that's sometimes hard to do. With Temple Enforcer you need only one creature in play beforehand, and the +3 Health buff makes it more likely for that creature to survive a trade that turn, which leads to card advantage.


You said you've been having success, so I wouldn't make any dramatic changes. Just try one small change at a time and test it out several games before drawing any final conclusions.These are just some initial thoughts that I hope you find useful. Keep having fun!

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I have dropped

Northshire Cleric

Stormwind Champion

And added

Twilight Welp

Dragonkin Sorcerer

The deck has remained unchanged aside from those cards and has done pretty well. I have considered dropping Light of the Naaru for Inner Fire but I'm unsure of how it would synergies with the deck overall.

What do you think?

Also, I do not have Naxx yet and most of the cards I do have are from the basic card packs, I have very few cards at this moment.

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Inner Fire is like Divine Spirit: Very situational. I would advice against dropping the Northshire cleric. You are very low on card drawing opportunities in your deck. How about including cards like gnomish inventor? Thoughtsteel was already mentioned, or acolyte of pain, of course only if you have them. Stormwind is a card I would not use in this deck, rather the boulderfist ogre as a big drop.


Just a few thoughts from my side, it all depends a little bit on what other cards you have.

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Northshire Cleric is one of the best Priest cards in the game so I would definitely leave her in. You generally want to play her when you can heal at least one minion on the same turn, thus drawing a card instantly, or protect her behind taunts so that you can get the card draw multiple times. I had actually envisioned you swapping out Light of the Naaru or Mind Vision for the Twilight Whelps (not the Cleric).


Generally with Priest you want to include a bunch of high health minions that can survive attacks and then be healed. That's why, as Horn suggests, Boulderfist Ogre and Gnomish Inventor are good basic cards to include. For this same reason, Blackwing Corrupter and Volcanic Drake don't seem to fit the mold quite as well as they have low health for their mana cost (they can both be killed by a 4-mana Yeti or Piloted Shredder, which are very popular cards), although they hold some value in this particular deck due to the dragon synergy. Faerie Dragon has the same issue with only 2 health, and he's not likely to set off the battlecries for Blackwing Technician or Corrupter since he costs less mana, so he's another top candidate to switch out.


Inner Fire and Divine Spirit go hand in hand as they can combo well together, but due to their situational nature they can often cause card disadvantage or be dead cards in your hand.


I think it's okay to take out the Stormwind Champion, but I would definitely still leave in a big body like Boulderfist Ogre or perhaps another dragon like Drakonid Crusher or Nefarian (once you win him). Also, if you love Priest then I highly suggest you get Naxxramas. That set has some awesome cards for Priest, including one of the best 3-drops in the game, Dark Cultist.

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I'm currently saving up gold so I can unlock Naxx.

I'll test more variations of the deck and keep working on refining it. Should I take out Blackwing Corrupter and put something like Azure Drake?

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I'm currently saving up gold so I can unlock Naxx.

I'll test more variations of the deck and keep working on refining it. Should I take out Blackwing Corrupter and put something like Azure Drake?


If you have Azure Drake then I think it would be a great switch, especially if you're not getting the Corrupter's battlecry consistently (which seems likely to me since Chromaggus is your only late-game dragon). Azure Drake replaces himself in your hand with the card draw, plus the Spell Damage +1 can combo nicely with Holy Nova. You could also consider leaving one Corrupter in and replacing one of the Volcanic Drakes with the second Azure Drake.


The drawback with Blackwing Corrupter and Volcanic Drake is that they're both situational. The Corrupter needs a dragon in your hand and a good target on the board in order for it to be worth the mana cost. Volcanic Drake is a poor 6-drop, so in order to get good use of it you need to be able to take out multiple minions the turn you play him. He can be awesome when that happens, but it may not happen the way you want it to every time.


Azure Drake, on the other hand, is always a good drop. He instantly replaces himself in your hand. Plus he's no less vulnerable than the other two because they all have the same health. I think it's a strong switch, so definitely test it out.

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